2021 How to avoid sex doll scams

5 min readNov 5, 2021

How to avoid being scammed

Compared to sex toys such as dildos or vibrators, sex dolls are quite expensive. However, the biggest advantage of sex dolls is that they have a human shape and realistic appearance to satisfy people’s sexual needs and desire to have sex with women.

According to the report, sex doll owners are now reporting twice as many weekly purchases as they did before the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition, sex dolls cost between $200-$10,000, so many factories and stores are looking for opportunities to open sex doll businesses and make a nice profit. Sadly, not all love doll manufacturers and retailers are honest. Some of them are legitimate high quality sex dolls, but others sell fake sex dolls (which are harmful to your body) for a quick sale. It’s harder than ever to find a truly legitimate store.

So we’ve come up with the best 6 ways to help you determine if it’s real.

1. Poorly written English

90% of all sex dolls are made in China, and so are sex doll websites. Some of them are willing to spend a lot of money to show a better English site, but others use Google Translate to translate the site into spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. If they don’t take this business seriously, you won’t even be able to read the full sentences of their content.

2. Local warehouses

It is safer to buy dolls from a company that stocks them in their warehouse and ships them from your country/region. It also means they are actually spending their money on the business.

3. Avoid Alixpress and Alibaba

These platforms are flooded with fake sex dolls that lure you in at attractive prices. Some speed sellers give positive reviews and hide negative reviews in order to continue the scam in the first place.

4. Payment methods

Credit card and PayPal are undoubtedly the safest way to pay for your purchases and you will be protected by them and have the option to recover your money if you encounter a scam.

5. Prepare the doll images

Make sure to check the factory images before you buy to make sure every detail of the doll is correct, and if possible, ask them for a factory video to double guarantee authenticity.

6. real buyer reviews

The most important thing is to read real buyer reviews from TDF and get real information from the people they actually bought from. Don’t trust reviews on sex doll sites, sometimes they fake reviews to gain your trust. Here are some reviews of Acsexdolls.

acsexdolls sex dolls reviews

TDF Acsexdolls Reviews

Is Acsexdolls legit?

We are asked this question by many buyers and sex doll lovers on doll forums and we always say, “Yes, we are legit and never a scam.” Some buyers believe us, some don’t. It seems that no matter how many times we explain it, it just makes us more of a scam. The internet is a place full of keyboard warriors, we can’t explain it all and we have no right to ask them to like us.

Cheap doesn’t mean low quality

Yes, we all know that price equals perceived quality, but sometimes they can be overcharged. What’s more, almost all sex dolls sites offer the exact same dolls, and so do we, because these are the best sellers. Because we have a huge sex doll factory that produces and designs our own love dolls, we can reduce our supply chain, shipping costs and bring you more affordable prices. We don’t like the fact that distributors need to stock dolls from the factory so they have to raise their prices to make more profit.

Real buyer reviews from doll forums

Yes, we don’t have a page for our store right now, but we will have one soon. Since we sell sex dolls at lower prices than other stores, most buyers will not believe we are legit. Also, many people keep saying we are scammers and even they don’t buy dolls from us. Here are some real buyer reviews from people who bought sex dolls from us.

Reviews from doll forums

We keep our blog updated

If we were scammers, we wouldn’t bother updating our content or our sex doll stories, it’s a very time consuming task. Although we are a sex doll store, we like to share more useful information and advice with our buyers. Therefore, we update our blog once a week to bring more valuable knowledge.

You always get a quick response

We have the best prices and excellent customer feedback. 24/7 365 coverage service. You can contact us via live chat or email, our service is complaint-free and we always put our customers’ needs as our top priority and help them with their purchases and after-sales service. If you are unable to contact us online, you can always leave a message in our email and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

We have social media support

We have created Facebook and Twitter business pages to gather our customers, prospects and fans to offer comments, share opinions, voice concerns and provide feedback. As a result, we are always posting information to our fans about our interesting links and useful, relevant articles. We would love to contact our customers and hear your feedback. I don’t think scammers have to spend time building a company’s following if they are just looking for a quick sale.

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