2021 Love for sex dolls remains a mystery

3 min readSep 9, 2021

Why do people choose real love dolls? Why are they treated as purely sexual dolls, while others love them as much as they love their partners? Why can some people recognize the souls inside and others cannot? So far — in my opinion — these questions have not been properly investigated and, most importantly, they have not been answered.

A real love doll has no real meaning when it is perceived as calm. It doesn’t clean the house, wash the dishes, or move quickly from A to B. A doll is not a game like Pokemon GO. However, it is a global phenomenon.

Who can say why a person likes life-size dolls? There is no standard. There is no age, no specific childhood, no social status, no IQ issues, and it’s not limited to men. It doesn’t even appeal to the “failed relationship” cliché. Because there are countless others. The romantic relationship between the sex doll and the girlfriend, wife or partner is maintained simultaneously. There are many young people who choose mature sex dolls, and many older ones who choose younger sex dolls, and psychoanalysis is quick to dismiss this with terms like “delusions,” “love of things,” and “mental illness. This phenomenon is refuted by terms such as “delusion,” “love of things,” and “mental illness,” sometimes referring to “fear of loss of control” or “sickening conflict. These terms.

True Love Dolls

There are no CTs, brain current measurements, or even the usual hormonal changes. This proves why people decide to like adult dolls. There are no measurable genetic defects or genetic causes. Some people like RealDoll and siblings. There are countless examples of all brothers who can’t do anything with it. I believe that even in the vastness of the world there is an identical twin. I love dolls, but others do not.

The reason I chose to love dolls remains a mystery to me.

Adult dolls may appeal more to those who are imaginative and creative. However, the underrated dolls in the creative fields of art, music, and writers suggest that this doesn’t really account for the appeal of love dolls.

Even my best friend doesn’t care to explain. He is completely different from me, having had a very different childhood, education and life. His experience with relationships is very different and he is more introverted than I am. He loves the Middle Ages, but I love the 80s. He is more extreme politically than I am, looks different, is young like me, has parents and siblings by his side, but we both like our silicone dolls, they see the soul, and I like it for what it is and what it is.

The true love doll relationship phenomenon has nothing to do with “cuddly toys”. Neither he nor I had any cuddly toys. We only had a few when we were kids. It is impossible to explain why people like to play with dolls and why they play with them in a completely different way.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.