2021 teaches you how to buy sex dolls in Mexico

4 min readOct 12, 2021

If you want to buy sex dolls in Mexico, either from any part of the Aztec country, you should know that in our online sex doll store we ship sex dolls to Mexico and many other countries/regions.

Generally speaking, it is difficult for local businesses to sell products from foreign stock in a country where importation is difficult for the buyer due to tariffs, customs procedures and taxes.

Therefore, in the case of sex dolls, the most common place to buy sex dolls in Mexico, at least so far, is international online stores.

Where to buy sex dolls in Mexico

There are a number of online stores that sell sex dolls and ship to Mexico and many other destinations. However, most of these stores are in English and communication can be difficult.

If you are from Mexico and want to buy your sex dolls, get the best prices in Spanish and full support in our online store. We will be with you and accompany you during the shipment of your dolls.

How the purchase for shipment to Mexico works.

Basically, the doll is ordered to be manufactured according to the characteristics chosen by the buyer, then the sex doll is sent directly from the country of manufacture (usually Asia) to Mexico, and then the carrier delivers the doll to Mexico. The exact destination specified by the buyer.

Delivery of these dolls is always 100% discreet. The carrier will not know what is in the package.

The seller (online store) and the manufacturer are responsible for managing all procedures and taxes required by Mexican customs to facilitate the delivery of the sex dolls.

Despite the administrative complexities of importing products in Mexican countries, they do not pose much of a problem compared to other Latin American countries, especially if we add most South American countries.

For this reason, we at lovedollshops.com guarantee to buy sex dolls and ship them to Mexico because we have direct contacts with manufacturers of high quality sex dolls. We have all types of sex dolls whether you want chubby sex dolls, mature sex dolls or young sex dolls or mini sex dolls you will be satisfied here!

Does the price of shipping to Mexico vary?

As you can see in our shipping policy , in some countries/areas outside of Europe, we cannot guarantee to cover all taxes and fees. Fortunately, however, Mexico does not fall under these exceptions, so we do cover these costs.

This way you don’t have to add any extra charges to the price of all our dolls. Our prices include all taxes and shipping charges and will not change even if you visit our website from Mexico.

Due to our company tax issues, you will only see the currency of our prices in Euros.

Some sex dolls will take longer to ship, depending on their manufacturing conditions, because beautiful sex dolls from brands like XY Doll have the option of adding implanted human hair, a manual task that takes more time in the manufacturing process.

What is the payment method for shipping to Mexico?

Through our online store for realistic sex dolls for Mexico, you can pay through PayPal, one of the world’s most secure online payment gateways for every buyer.

PayPal also allows you to pay by credit card (you can use any Visa and MasterCard credit card to make purchases) without having to create an account on one of the payment platforms mentioned above.

Is it legal to buy sex dolls in Mexico?

Quick answer: Yes, sex dolls are legal in Mexico.

A similar situation occurs with sex dolls for toys that mimic the human form, such as Barbie dolls or action figures.

To import sex dolls into Mexico, a health permit is required to prove that the materials do not carry or facilitate the carriage of infectious agents susceptible to human disease. Therefore, the sender or importer must provide official documentation proving health compliance.

The same happens when opening a sex doll brothel in the country, and it is vital to maintain all health permits to prove that it is always complied with in favor of the health and safety of the users.

Getting a sex doll through Mexican customs is not that difficult if you know the procedures. But to avoid tedious bureaucratic procedures, including the submission of these official documents and the payment of taxes and fees, it is best to have a special customs agent in charge of the whole process, because if the corresponding law allows it to import sex dolls to Mexico without presenting them correctly, Mexican customs will confiscate them.

With us, at lovedollshops.com, you don’t have to worry about anything, all this will be covered and you won’t even have to pay any extra fees. Everything is included in the final price.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.