3 best male masturbation techniques

4 min readMar 2, 2021

The study found that among men in their 20s, 20.1% of men masturbated more than 4 times a week. Another study showed that the ratio of men to women is not coordinated in the world, especially in Asia, where there are fewer women than men, so many men do not have girlfriends or wives. And these men can only masturbate.

Although men live in different regions, most people masturbate in the same way. There are many methods of male masturbation that can produce various sensations on the cock, some of which can cause explosive and numb orgasms. Here, we will discuss different methods of masturbation using hands, lubricants, household items and male homemade sex toys.

the first method

First, we must start with the classic method. If you are a novice and are looking for a way to get started, then this is the best starting point.

Squeeze the penis with your fist, wrap your fingers around the front, and wrap your thumb on the side closest to you. You may find that your thumb and fingers meet. Don’t use too much force, it’s enough.

Now, just move your hands up and down repeatedly at a steady speed. This creates good friction on the glans and eventually leads to ejaculation. Don’t use too much force.

If you have circumcision, it is recommended that you use lubricating oil. Before you start, lubricate your penis and dominant hand. A man with a foreskin should be in good condition and not lubricated, because the foreskin often stimulates the glans of the penis by moving the skin up and down.

If you don’t want to be naked, this is a fun way to masturbate, but it does require some cleaning, so keep that in mind.

The second method

When looking for a new way of masturbation, you might not have thought that we would mention quality Bordeaux wines, but here we are.

This technique is like using a traditional corkscrew to remove the cork from a wine bottle by twisting and pulling.

Place the palm of your hand on the tip of the rooster and grab your fingers at the spiral angle. Now, when rotating the finger, move the finger upwards away from the rooster. Repeat this action to reach a climax!

This is an unusual technique, but using this advanced method of male masturbation, I experienced very intense ejaculation.

The third method

This is actually very simple, but requires your bed height to be correct. Kneel next to the bed. If you feel more comfortable, put a cushion under your knees.

If the height of the penis is the same as the height of the top of the mattress, place the erect penis on the top of the mattress, place the spare pillow on the top, and press it to the side. Now, gently twitch the cloth back and forth, and enjoy this kind of hands-free masturbation with homemade male sex toys.

If you are lucky, this hands-free masturbation method can lead to coveted hands-free ejaculation. If you don’t want to spoil the sheets, you can use socks or condoms!

These methods are the experience of some seniors and are very useful, but I think after all, this is just masturbation, not as exciting as real people. Now, sex dolls are a good choice. She has simulated skin, beautiful and curved appearance. They even have all the sexual organs of women, and they can even accompany and become human sexual partners.

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