4 strange symptoms related to gender — and how to deal with them

6 min readApr 10, 2021

Certain types of headaches, breathing problems and mood swings may just be the consequences of an amazing sex life.

A woman with a headache after sex

Orgasm or sexual intercourse can trigger some abnormal symptoms. Getty Images

Even if you take wise measures to protect yourself from the biggest and most worrying sexual sequelae (such as sexual transmission or eventual pregnancy), the severity will still be reduced, but it can still be annoying. Whether it’s because you and your lover can’t get enough of each other, or you have a crazy, fierce, yelling-orgasm from the roof, you may not feel the fiery excitement that you expected after all the way.

These post-coital hangovers can occur in truly rare situations, such as transient overall memory loss after intercourse (according to previous research, temporary memory loss and mental confusion). The Mayo Clinic states that medical attention is needed to rule out More serious cases; according to the “family planning” program, common diseases (such as leg cramps after sexual intercourse) can be relieved with some simple stretching exercises, or they can dissipate on their own.

1. Headaches related to sex

You have undoubtedly heard the famous excuse: “My dear, not tonight. I have a headache.” But do you know the gender of when the headache might be triggered? This is real. Headaches may occur during intercourse or orgasm, ranging from tension-type to migraine. According to the National Headache Foundation, there are two main methods of occurrence: If you feel excited during sexual intercourse, muscle contractions in the head and neck may occur, which can lead to headaches. Otherwise, you may feel a severe headache before orgasm, which may be caused by a rapid increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

How do you experience gender-related headaches

As described by the National Migraine Foundation, for most people, a sex-related headache is a temporary discomfort that may never happen again. For others, “headaches usually recur in brief sexual experiences and never relapse, while others rarely see them in their lives,” said Hartford Health Care Headache Center and Professor of Medicine. Said Brian Grosberg. Neurology at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington.

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What to do when you have a sex-related headache

Dr. Grosberg said that if you start to have a headache during sex, “stopping sexual activity or taking on a more passive role can reduce its severity.” Or, if you are prone to migraines, you can treat them with anti-inflammatory drugs or special migraine treatments. If these headaches happen frequently, please ask your doctor to check it.

2. Asthma attacks after sexual intercourse

If your asthma is not well controlled, then sexual intercourse may trigger an asthma attack like exercise. This is because “sex is like walking fast,” explains Sandra Gawchik, deputy director of the Asthma and Allergy Association in Chester, Pennsylvania. “During intercourse, symptoms such as chest tightness, dyspnea, coughing or wheezing may disappear suddenly.” In fact, a small study published in the BMJ Open Breathing Study in February 2019 found that severe asthma may be affected Physical and emotional intimacy in sexual relationships has a major impact, partly because of excessive physical exertion, and partly because orgasm can lead to severe asthma and anxiety bronchospasm and asthma attacks.

How to avoid gender-related asthma attacks

To prevent asthma attacks during sexual intercourse, make sure to control your asthma with medications that are useful to you, and take steps to reduce sexual anxiety through biofeedback or mindfulness training, Dr. Gawchik said. “If you don’t treat anxiety, then you are ready to solve the problem.” Using an adrenergic bronchodilator inhaler (such as Albuterol) before intercourse may help, and changing posture may make a difference . “Being at the bottom can cause problems because your chest will be stressed; try to stand on top or next to you.” Gawchik suggested. If you don’t know you have asthma and have difficulty breathing during or after sex, go to the emergency room.

3. Sadness and sadness or mood swings after sex

After making love, have you ever felt sad, crying or anxious? If so, you are no stranger to post-coital dysphoria (also known as post-sexual depression according to the International Academy of Sexual Medicine). This is a surprisingly common phenomenon: in a study published in the journal Sexual Medicine in December 2015, researchers surveyed 230 women and found that 46% of women had experienced post-coital intercourse at some point. Irritability, and 5% of women often experience sexual dysphoria. Elizabeth A. Grill of PsyD points out: “Sadness, anxiety or irritability after sex can be confusing and uncomfortable, especially for those who are accustomed to experiencing pleasure and intimacy with their partner after sex.” Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Associate Professor of Psychology, New York Presbyterian Hospital.

How to deal with mood swings related to sex

Fortunately, it is usually relatively short-lived. You can take soothing deep breathing methods to relieve this emotional discomfort, and continue to distract yourself by listening to music or talking with your partner about your feelings and other pleasant activities ( Assuming you have close relationships and good communication). The key to correctly handling the latter is to have your own feelings by using statements beginning with “I” (e.g. “After sex, when you don’t hold me, I feel sad”) and ask your request Dr. Grill’s advice ( Need, “I don’t need you to cheer me up; I just want you to listen or give me a hug”). If the feeling of irritability after sex persists or recurs, it is best to talk to a counselor or therapist about why such an annoyance occurs and what measures can be taken to manage it.

4. Honeymoon cystitis (urinary tract infection)

If you experience burning or pain when urinating overnight, increased urgency and frequency, or a pinkish tint in your urine, you are familiar with honeymoon cystitis (even if you are not on a honeymoon). The symptoms stem from repeated episodes of sexual intercourse, which can cause vaginal irritation, including tiny tears in the skin around the vagina and urethra or inflammation of the bladder lining, as explained by Dr. Jill Rabin, Vice President of Education and Development in New Hyde, New York. North Shore University Hospital and LIH Medical Center in Park City are engaged in obstetrics and gynecology research and authored the book “Thoughts on Bladder”. These tiny skin ruptures can allow bacteria to enter the bladder, especially if you wash it off without peeing after sex. Similarly, if you have rectal sex (anal sex) and then have vaginal or oral sex, bacteria can enter the bladder.

No woman can resist this danger: research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that sexual intercourse increases the risk of symptomatic urinary tract infections in postmenopausal women, just like younger women. If you have fever, body aches and chills, and vaginal discomfort, see your doctor as soon as possible, as these symptoms indicate infection. If you suspect that you are irritating the urethra rather than an infection, using over-the-counter products (such as Uristat or Azo) can relieve bladder spasms and pain, and Dr. Rabin is recommended. In order to speed up recovery, please stay hydrated to help clear bacteria and avoid sexual intercourse until the symptoms disappear.

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