8 legendary AV actresses who were active in the 1990s

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The AV industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past 20 years, including thinning of mosaics, improvement of picture quality, and direct rise of actress ratings. Even VR AV has gradually become popular in the world. But some people think that the previous AV is better, right? Last time I introduced the AV actresses of the 1980s, this time let’s take a look at the actresses who were active in the “1990s”!

Japanese old driver Japanese old driver

It was 1990 when Chibi Maruko was aired in Japan!

8 legendary AV actresses who were active in the 1980s

Hello everyone, I am an old Japanese driver! AV continues to introduce high image quality, and now it can be enjoyed through virtual image VR. This time I want to introduce AV girls who are a bit outdated, but have been active in the “1980s”…

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9 legendary AV actresses in the 1990s!

Sakura Tree Lui (Sakura Tree Lui)

Hoshino Hikari (Hoshino ひかる)

Shiraishi Hitomi

Asaoka Meiling


Asakura Mai (Asakura Mai)


Ai Iijima

Kawashima and Tsumi (Kawashima and Tsumi)

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9 legendary AV actresses in the 1990s!

Sakura Tree Lui (Sakura Tree Lui)

Date of Birth: March 8, 1969

Measurements: B86(D), W59, H86

Activity period: 1989~1996

Sakura Tree Luyi can be said to be the AV actress representing the entire 1990s. People in the world call him the “AV Queen.” It is said that as long as 1,000 AV works can be sold at that time, it is considered a hot work, but her works are Reached a sales record of breaking 10,000.

Sakura Tree Luyi debuted in 1989 and burst into popularity in 1990 the following year. By the way, it was Toru Murakami who was well-known as the “AV Emperor” who discovered her charm in the early days.

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Hoshino Hikari (Hoshino ひかる)

Date of Birth: December 14, 1970

Measurements: B:82(D), W52, H82

Activity period: 1990~1991

Hoshino Hikaru’s event period was from 1990 to 1991. Although the event lasted only about a year, it was still known as a legendary actress. There were only 8 performances, but he was able to break the sales of “30,000” with his debut. Record, it can be said to be a super best-selling actress, Hoshino Hikaru is popular because of her cute face! She is even called “angel” among fans. The event period is extremely short, but it has become a legend with an overwhelming appearance. If it is compared in modern times, it is like “Momotani Erika.”

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Hello everyone, I am an old Japanese driver! Do you know the legendary AV actress who debuted in 2013 and retired after less than one year of activity? Her name is “Erika Momotani”. With an idol-like cute appearance, but also…

Shiraishi Hitomi

Date of Birth: December 25, 1971

Measurements: B:82(C), W58, H85

Activity period: 1990~1995

Hitomi Shiraishi made her debut in 1990. With an idol-level appearance and a good character like a eldest lady, she gained popularity. She retired soon after her debut. However, it was a pity to retire like this because she was too popular, so she retired in 1991. He made his debut again, and after his return, he will naturally show his love in the AV industry.

Shiraishi Hitomi’s reason for debuting in AV is actually related to Hoshino Hikaru who was just introduced. They were born in the same school, and Hoshino Hikari was the predecessor of Shiraishi Hitomi. At that time, Shiraishi Hitomi said, “That’s the world where Hoshino Hikaru, a well-known beautiful girl in school, came from. If it’s such a place, I would also like to try and see”, which became the opportunity for his debut.

Asaoka Meiling

Date of birth: April 18, 1970

Measurements: B: 83 ©, W58, H85

Activity period: 1991–1993

Asaoka Meiling is a well-received orthodox beautiful girl actress, not only in AV, but also in general TV dramas, showing her popularity. Asaoka Meiling has both appearance and acting skills, in addition to the first-class AV technology, her skill is intense oral sex with lustrous sounds.

In addition, the old driver also found her IG, and can see her recent photos in it. Although she is about to turn 50 years old, she is still very beautiful.


Date of birth: September 15, 1975

Measurements: B:85, W60, H88

Activity period: 1995~1999

Shiro Asami was an entertainer, and then debuted as an AV actress. In the artist era, she was famous for her innocent roles. She often endorsed ads for cosmetics or beverages. She also appeared on TV programs regularly. Surprisingly, she was actually popular when she was popular. Announced his AV debut. It is not uncommon for people such as Takahashi Seiko or Mikami Yua to switch from celebrity to AV, but it is quite rare in Shiro Asami’s time.

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Asakura Mai (Asakura Mai)

Date of Birth: November 8, 1972

Measurements: B:88(E), W59, H86

Activity period: 1992~1995

Mai Asakura is an idol-like cute face and noble temperament actress. From the time of her debut, she is very calm and makes people unable to feel the freshness of the newcomer. The former major league player “Matsui Hideki” was asked in an interview “ Who is your favorite actress?”, he immediately replied in an upright manner, “It’s Mai Asakura!”, and this interview was also called a legend. Mai Asakura became Yoshihara’s bubble bath lady after retiring. It is said that she was a very popular lady who could not make an appointment at that time.

Date of birth: June 18, 1970

Measurements: B: 82 (E), W55, H80

Activity period: 1990~1996

あいだもも was originally an exclusive photo model for the most famous adult magazine “PLAYBOY”, and later became an AV actress. She features super beautiful breasts, breast shape, nipple color, and size. From today’s perspective, it is also a perfect breast.

By the way, after the resignation of あいだもも, the well-known Japanese actor “Kimura Takuya” publicly stated on the show that he was a loyal fan of あいだもも. Based on the fact that Kimura Takuya was at the peak of popularity at the time, with his blessing, あいだもも even retired after his retirement. Four years later, it still received much attention. After that, あいだもも used “タクヤに愛をこめて” as the title, which means “For Kimura Takuya”, released AV works again, and achieved another debut.

Virgin king virgin king

It was the actress that Kimura Takuya liked! Hey!

Ai Iijima

Date of birth: October 31, 1972

Measurements: B:86(D), W56, H85

Activity period: 1992~2007

Iijima Ai is probably the most famous AV actress in Japan in the 1990s. The AV performance lasted only two years from 1992 to 1994. After that, she became popular due to her cheerful personality and boldness and became popular on TV shows. One of the celebrities of the team, it is better to say that there are more people who didn’t know Ai Iijima was originally an AV actress. After that, Ai Iijima suffered from severe kidney disease, and after retiring from the entertainment industry, he died at the age of 38.

Kawashima and Tsumi (Kawashima and Tsumi)

Date of birth: August 8, 1979

Measurements: B:86(D), W59, H85

Activity period: 1998–1999

Kawashima Kazumi debuted in 1998, and announced his retirement in 1999 the following year. There were very few performances. However, the 30th anniversary of the AV birth was held from January to mid-March 2012 in the “Voting of Popularity of AV Actresses of the Age”. Among them, he was selected as the fourth place. The reason for the high votes is that Kawashima and Tsumina have a special atmosphere that other actresses don’t have. Although they are cute, they have a mysterious sense that they don’t feel very close.

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