8 reasons why sex dolls are popular

4 min readAug 18, 2021

Why are sex dolls so popular? What motivates it? More authentic sex doll toys are being purchased than at any time in recent years. Reallifesize sex dolls are a novelty and were considered taboo a few years ago. But now people talk about it publicly, and more than ever. Due to the following reasons, sales in the global physical doll market will increase significantly in 2021.

1. More authentic products

Thanks to the aggressive manufacturer, adult sex dolls have made many exciting advancements in the past few years, demonstrating brand new production techniques to the public. For some enthusiasts, the perfect customization has been perfected. At the same time, more new styles are constantly being developed to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. More importantly, multifunctional intelligent real dolls came into being.

2. Health protection

Infectious diseases are lesions caused by a variety of serious viruses. In addition, these viruses are very difficult to control, such as HIV. Once infected, drug treatment is ineffective and extremely expensive.

3. Dating costs

How much does a relationship cost? Shopping, eating, watching movies, and giving gifts will be a huge expense. And sex dolls don’t need any gifts, they just need to be cleaned, organized and stored properly. Of course, you can also buy some clothes to dress up. (Note: light colored cloth would be better)

4. Related forums

This is a very important factor! Log in to the largest physical doll forum-TDF, you can see that there are thousands of members, and you can understand that many people are talking about TPE&silicone dolls, including design, material, and so on. In this way, manufacturers quickly understand the market and improve to meet market demand. The customer’s demand for products is endless, and manufacturers are sparing no effort to launch new products, which is why the types, models, and styles of physical dolls continue to appear. The well-known brand WM/SE/YL custom dolls also launched a professional customization service to meet the professional needs. These amazing services and superb technology have attracted more curious people.

5. Acceptance

At first, for most people, real sex dolls are a strange thing. The love doll is regarded as just an object, a sustenance that cannot be satisfied by the spirit of realism. Gradually, with the continuous development of doll culture, people’s awareness of sex dolls has increased, and people realized that it is not only a material object, but also a life pursuit.

6. Give a new identity

You will find that this is a personalized process. It can be seen from all aspects of art and design that people’s fascination with new lovers is another character who expresses himself and explores the same field. This is a perfect portrayal of a dream girl, requiring a lot of effort and emotion. The doll becomes the master’s artistic creation, and the demand for it is a process of artistic creation, and it has been given a new soul role.

7. The Rise of Public Opinion

When people pay attention to new things, they always start with controversy. Adult sex dolls are such a kind of existence, and the public has a lot of discussions on the rationality of this product. Everyone expresses their opinions, so that more people can understand the real doll. The mutual discussion between people makes the topic of realistic dolls mature and rational, and with the increase of cognition, it becomes a hot topic.

8. Single society

The latest data shows that more than half of young people are unmarried, and being single is more common, and it is widely accepted as a reality. Many people prefer to live a single life because they are either too busy to work, or have low self-esteem and fear of socializing. But we cannot rule out the fact that they need emotional comfort and a more relaxed relationship, and love dolls may be able to bring them to them.

in conclusion

In fact, sex dolls play a social role in the world because the conversation about them can be interesting. If the global single rate continues to increase, the popularity of these dolls will make a considerable contribution to social development. For more people, love dolls may be a long-term answer, at least so far. If you want to buy a full-size sex doll of your own or want a mature sex doll, you can go to lovedollshops.com. The dolls above are all high-quality sex dolls, and they also have a lot of free dolls video




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