A complete guide to sex doll stores around the world

5 min readSep 28, 2021

Sex has been one of the greatest human pursuits for many years. The sex doll industry has made significant progress and more and more people are becoming more confident in using these dolls.

Thanks to the many discussions about sex dolls, movies and series like Ex-Machina, the stigma has been greatly reduced. As a result, you will find sex doll stores sprouting up all over the world.

Groups who own people’s sex doll gods are definitely increasingly being sex doll stores, etc. The first sex doll store was established in Barcelona in 2017.

Top 5 sex doll stores in the world

Here are some of the most popular sex doll stores you need to know about.

The Dollhouse in Denmark.

Dolly’s Parlour in the UK.

Xdolls brothel in Paris.

Lumidols brothel in Russia.

Bella dolls in Canada.

There are many sex doll brothels for you to choose from. If you want to learn more about these sex doll stores, we have a complete guide for you here; keep reading!

There is a lot of business in sex doll stores

Sex doll store business

Sex doll stores have dolls with their names, skin color, race, height and different breast sizes. They are cleaned and sanitized regularly after contact with customers.

For many reasons, some people prefer dolls to human companions. Some people even prefer going to a sex doll store rather than buying their dolls because having a sex doll at home can be expensive.

Sex dolls Penetration holes

At these sex doll stores, you can freely choose from male dolls, female dolls or transgender sex dolls. They are made of high quality TPE material. This material is the closest simulation of human skin.

You can use them for safe oral, breast, anal and vaginal intercourse. They also have permeable holes that have the seal that most people prefer.

These holes are unique because they have a unique texture that gives you a feeling you can’t get even in actual penetration.

Whatever you like and how you like it

Getting kinky with sex dolls

Sex dolls customers can also ask how they would like to find their sex dolls to wear. Since most payments are made online, there is very little interaction with the staff, so you can spend very private time with the dolls of your choice.

You can interact with the staff online to request how you would like your sex dolls to be dressed, where you would like them to be located, etc. You can pay and visit the sex doll store at the most convenient time for you.

With your own sex dolls, you can fulfill all your sexual fantasies. You can have them as much as you want, but within reason and without violence to them. Whether it’s a full-size sex doll or a torso sex doll

However, some parlors will allow men to use sex dolls to fulfill their violent fantasies. They believe that this is safer than allowing men to fulfill these violent fantasies on real people.

Some living rooms even have male sex dolls that use artificial intelligence technology to operate to satisfy women’s sexual needs. In addition to allowing women to have sex with male sex dolls at sex doll stores, some women also visit sex doll stores to purchase sex dolls for their husbands.

Cleanliness is most important

Sex doll cleanliness

While some people have no problem having sex with a used doll, others will not even touch it. Therefore, sex doll stores strive to always keep it clean.

The parlor uses a special formula for deep cleaning and disinfecting the dolls. Ultraviolet light is also used to kill any bacterial infections that may be left behind.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you take protective measures when approaching sex dolls to reduce your chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Sex dolls are generally easy to clean, which makes it easy for many sex doll stores to maintain them.

How much do I have to pay for a sex doll in my living room?

Sex dolls living room prices

The amount of cash you will pay will depend on the living room you choose. Some may charge more if they have the highest quality sex dolls in the living room, while others have affordable prices.

Sometimes, you will also have to pay more for the living room services you need. In some parlors, you will be charged up to $100 for 30 minutes of sex doll use.

Make sure you are safe when visiting a sex doll parlor

Sex Dolls Living Room Safety

When you visit the parlor of your choice, you should make sure you are safe. Carefully research the neighborhood of the sex doll store and make sure it is a safe neighborhood.

In addition, you should avoid carrying too much cash. Staying sober will not attract criminals who take advantage of people of influence.

Safety also includes knowing more about the parlor you are visiting. Check their reputation, their license, and how clean they are.

Avoid parlors that are not licensed; if you don’t see the appropriate licensing documents, be sure to ask them. A real sex doll will be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Finally, be a good client

Good sex doll customers

Sex doll store owners put a lot of effort into making sure their parlors are running effectively. From getting the proper licenses to making sure the dolls are always clean, sanitized and repaired, parlor owners use a lot of resources to maintain these places.

As a customer, it is your job to try to be a good customer. Try to be kind to the staff and take care of the dolls you can use. Try to avoid damaging the dolls you use.

Each living room has its own rules; try to see that you don’t damage any of them as often as possible. Finally, avoid doing anything that will make it difficult for the staff to clean the dolls.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.