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A customer describes his first visit

“I feel bored with hell, I am hungry for hell. I hope that I can fuck someone. I will check Google, maybe there is an adult store nearby. Vivi-Don’t wait,” Vante “ Doll? What is that? Can I rent a sex? Is it in Los Angeles? Interesting is that I will keep this. “

I have passed a few months, the same idea floats the water, just like I am interested in “Vivant Doll”. Coincidentally, I saved money, just happened to have enough money to rent a doll.

“Fuck!” I thought, “I want to shoot in the dark, then go! Can it be?”

With these words, I finally have a chance to dating. I sent a text message on the website and officially confirmed my appointment!

I don’t sure which doll should I choose, because I don’t know what expensive doll will be. Jessica? Pamela? Gregion? My best choice is to trust the owner of renee to me. Hell, this guy knows more than I know, why don’t I trust him? So I did it. I entered the Viwang doll from the back door entrance. I have never been so embarrassing before, what will happen? It is very dark, but a small light is hovering above the back door, and a person stands there. That is the boss, and the person I dating.

“Hello there!”

“Hey, what is good?” I said.

In this way, the owner escorts me into the building! Inside, the owner took me through the building. I am surprised that the internal is divided into 3 main parts. The exhibition room in the front of the building, showing the potential buyer, the bedroom of the doll, sexual intercourse, and the hostess clean and maintain the small area of ​​the ocetes. An unexpected benefit is that in the maintenance area, there is a mini refrigerator, I can drink water, very good! I personally think this small building is very charming, give me an unexpected home feel, or a horny feeling? No matter what my heart is very comfortable.

In the bedroom, I saw Reni. She has two heating elements in the vagina and butt in the heated blanket. This is to heating her body and makes her more real. Her legs are outward, in the eagle show, wearing a pink white knee stockings and lace dolls. I thought Reni looked very cute. Her clothes adds a realistic feeling, but there is no shortcomings.

The owner takes me through the joints of the doll, where the joint is, and how to move the joint correctly. In the room, a small TV is still placed on the wall. On the bedroom, a small TV set for Pornhub, so I can watch my favorite pornographic star while fucking, but hell is too much for me. I would rather focus on real fucking, not watching other people, but I appreciated it. Next to the bed is a bedside table for me to provide three condoms and 6-pack lubricants so as to make me worry.

“So … what should I know before the doll?” I asked.

“Don’t exercise her. Ok, don’t fuck her, but don’t hurt her.”

“I … I think I can do it.” I answered

“Is there any other problem? Oh, just turn off the lights.”

“Oh, I understand. No, I think I am very good, I think I am very good. Be careful!”

“Okay, I will make you. Goodbye.”

In this way, I am alone in the building full of dolls. I have to admit that I am very attractive, but I chose Renee, so I will adhere to Renee. I took her blanket and pulled out her internal heating element. God, I can’t help but tear down the pants to go to the city! Renei is too characterful! I turned off the lights, while keeping the string above the small bedroom, keep the head of warm, romantic and yellow rays.

Reni’s body is very warm, not like a person, but it is definitely enough to increase the real feeling. Smooth skin, soft breast, I personally discovered her body very attractive and realistic. Reni’s internal bones can keep the position I sit. Missionary, standing, casually! The only actual limit is where you can place this doll in what location is your imagination. I have enough complement to her body, is Reni a good person? I took off my clothes, lubricate Rene, push Reni to bed, keep the eagle position, then went to the town! I have no sex toys ready for this!

First of all, her vagina feels great! It is unparalleled with any male hitting hand or torso dolls I have. I will describe the following. Imagine a FLESLIGHT that is about 1/4 inches with a rigid TPE material. The material is indeed bent and is formed around the penis, which is very close, but it has never been discomfort. The inside also has a ridge line, but the texture is different, but the texture feels hard than the vaginal tube, so the vaginal tube will be bent around the penis, but the texture is still stiff, vaginal hand is like an anus is incredible!

I put Reni’s buttocks on the bed and smashed her fastening! I will say that Renee’s anus feels very similar to the vagina, even with similar textures, but her ass is much more than the vagina. I found that her butt was very pleasant, staring at the tight butt, while hitting her. I found that Anal stimulated, but too much for me, I won’t stick more than 10 minutes, but you will bet, I will get my money!

The doll blowjob is also incredible! I put the coat in the bed, Reni sat on the coat, facing her! I will describe it similar to the vagina, but the mouth is not tight, but more aggressive. I think this is also incredible, but it is too exciting to me.

Therefore, I retain it as a vanilla, and put Renee in the position of her initial communication eagle, and constantly pierce her nelective part in the missionary, because that is, I can handle her neutrient for more than 5 minutes. The only way, Renee feels very good! In carrying out a variety of sexual exercises, the sexual dolls of more than 50 pounds are handed over, and they relax with Reni’s sex. The building is very clean, the bed is also very clean, the soft atmosphere is very calm. I am very comfortable, I can relax and focus on making love with Renis.

Try is not cum, I have been insisting. Imagine Reni is the real girl I want to please. I tried that I didn’t have the death of death and 40 minutes, I know that it is time to come! If not, what is the fun? In addition, I didn’t have time. If I pay the use of sex doll, then you better believe that I will make sure she let me cum! This is when I kick a gap and start to beat Reni’s cat! I caught the bed and didn’t retreat! I continued to use my chicken plug into Reni’s cat, I am lost in the direction now, this is amazing! I have almost unable to keep trust, then self-explosion, and the gods are hit hard because my seeds have poured into Reni’s cat! That is the place I close to Heaven!

Time is almost! I got up, began to clean yourself, discard the condom, wash your hands to clean up the grease, put on your clothes, left the main building. However, I still want to talk to the owner to make sure I don’t have anything. I found him exercise in the garage.

“Hey, what is the benefit? I finish it … now?” I asked him:

“You are very good. I will take care of everything. You come in, do your things, then leave.”

“I don’t even need to do anything? When I arrive, I can leave without telling you? Is it so simple?” I answered

“Yes, it is so simple.”

“Wow, I am really touched! Ok, I hope I can come back! Thank you very much for your service, guy!” I replied:

“Yes, my guy!”

Then I am leaving! It is so simple! Honestly, I can’t believe that it is so easy! Customers don’t actually do things. Just cum, cum, cum! That is what you have to do! As the last ruling, I think I suggest you visit this institution. The date is easy, the service is very good, the ocean doll is clean and Operated, this is an interesting experience. If you plan to travel, let’s go! If you like toys and sex, I believe you will like it!

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