A Latvian woman had plastic surgery just to look like a “sex doll”

3 min readMar 2, 2022


Many doll-obsessed people will buy more dolls to satisfy their hobby, and the top goal of all doll makers is to create dolls that are so realistic that they are indistinguishable from real people. Not only do they have female dolls but they also have male dolls which can be very helpful for our sexual needs, they have a variety of types to choose from which can be anime sex dolls, elf sex dolls, life size sex dolls and so on, so you can choose what you want according to your interests.

Latvian woman gets plastic surgery just to look like a sex doll 2

Since the advent of sex dolls, factories that manufacture them have spared no effort in developing more realistic skin, hair, eyes, stronger joint structures, sound and heating functions, as well as artificial intelligence add-ons for today’s intelligent age. All this effort and research is aimed at imitating people in life, but one woman from Latvia has had an unexpected operation.

Latvian woman has plastic surgery just to look like a sex doll 1

Victoria Wilder, 30, spent $50,000 of her boyfriend’s money on cosmetic surgery to become what she calls the “perfect adult doll”. Starting at the age of 25, Victoria began having surgery on her breasts, buttocks, lips, nose and other parts of her body to make herself a living, breathing sex doll.

Victoria says that when she was a child living in a small village in her native Latvia, she had a desire to emulate a lifelike sex doll. I loved the look and perfection of the humanoid sex dolls,” she says. They are so bright, sexy and bold. It’s an indelible image in my mind.”

From the beginning, she would find many pictures of sex dolls online, sketching out their shapes and painting them with various clothes and shapes. As an adult, she began to learn about make-up and, through that amazing technique, she dressed herself up to look like a sex doll. But this was not enough for her, just as her quest for art was the ultimate, and she began to have the audacious idea of why she could not “become” an erotic doll.

A Latvian woman gets plastic surgery just to look like a sex doll

Fortunately, she found a boyfriend who was willing to pay for the surgery. His name is Simon, a successful Italian businessman and sex doll collector. He has been looking forward to the advancement of the sex doll industry and hopes to create dolls that are infinitely more intimate with people in the future. Victoria’s idea gave him a new inspiration.

According to Victoria after her surgery, her boyfriend Simon loves her life-size sex dolls and says she will continue to transform herself. She said, “I’m sober now. I’m a sex doll that walks on its own. Simon is proud of the attention I’m getting online.”

If no one else has such a bold and surprising idea in the future, Simon can claim to be the most authentic owner of an erotic doll in the world. However, is Victoria now the closest thing to a human sex doll, or the closest thing to a sex doll?




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