A passion with a fifty-year-old mature woman

7 min readMay 19, 2021

I’m a person who can’t control myself. I can’t help but watch some small porn videos by myself. Generally, I watch small porn videos because I am interested in mature women and think they have more taste. I will watch the video later. , While solving it with my own hands, but the feeling was too unpleasant. Later, I bought a real sex doll by myself. I bought a black sex doll that should be mature. It feels really very realistic and can be very good. I feel that it is a very good sex toy to meet your fantasies and needs. Next, I will tell you a story and passion with a fifty-year-old mature woman.

It was noon on a summer day, and I had nothing to do, chatting online. I searched local netizens and found a woman named Fenggan Lonely. Seeing that the name felt like a bitter woman of Jiu Kuang, I added it. After chatting for a while, I knew that she was at home alone, 47 or 8 years old. Because I prefer mature women, I am even more delighted. After a few casual chats, I said if I could make a video, I didn’t expect that she agreed at the time.

Because many netizens, especially the older ones, are generally more vigilant and won’t be able to video with you as soon as they met, so I thought it was a show at the time. In the video, she is indeed a bit old, but because she is relatively thin, she is not a middle-aged woman with a big belly, and because my wife is not around, I haven’t touched a woman for a long time, so I have a fate.

After chatting for a while, I said that I was just going out to do errands, so why don’t we meet each other? She said yes (it really hits it off). I pretended to be hesitant and said where I would meet, which is more convenient for you. Actually I want to go to her house because she is at home alone. In the end, she said: Why don’t you come to my house. Haha, my heart thumped wildly at the time, and now it’s clear that what I was thinking about will definitely happen.

After asking for the address, I took a taxi to their neighborhood and called her. After a while, a woman came out, and I saw that she was her. I saw her wearing a white cheongsam (it was changed to meet me because no one would wear this kind of clothes at home). To be honest, she was of average figure, but she was still slim and not pretty, but I was It’s the worm that comes to the brain, I really want to go to her! Followed her into her house. Her house is not big, with two bedrooms and one living room. There is a washing machine in the living room. She is doing laundry. She said you sit down for a while and I will finish washing the clothes. I was too embarrassed to come up and went straight to the subject, and quickly said that you are busy with you, it’s okay.

She turned the washing machine around, then came over and sat down to talk to me. We chatted for a while and learned that her surname is Li, a retired employee of a company, and she retired at the age of 45. Her husband divorced her because there was a woman outside. It has been more than ten years since she was divorced. During the divorce, she had a good time with a man, but it didn’t take long for her to find it inappropriate and split again. She has been single for the past two years. . She also has a daughter who has been married out of town. She said that she took me into a bedroom with her daughter’s wedding photo in it. To be honest, I am not interested in her daughter, but I can only praise her beautiful daughter. As soon as I looked up, I saw a wire in the bedroom, a black lace panties hung there, the crotch was still transparent. I took a look and quickly lowered my head, pretending I didn’t see it, but my heart thumped wildly. There was no one else in this house except her. I knew who the owner of this underwear was when I thought about it. I didn’t expect a woman of this age to wear so sexy. Panties.

Then we sat down again and chatted, and I sat next to her for an excuse. I said that I was alone, and I couldn’t even touch a woman, and I tentatively grabbed her hand, but she didn’t even mean to break free. Then I must have an inch. I picked up her hand and put it to my mouth. She chuckled and said that you were bold. Seeing that she didn’t refuse, I let go, put her in my arms, and kissed her lips directly. She closed her eyes and uttered her tongue in a warm response. After kissing for a while, I wanted to put my hand into her clothes, because it was a cheongsam, which was not easy to operate. I said in her ear, let’s go to bed, and she nodded silently.

After the curtains were closed, she brought a roll of paper, and we started to undress. The little wolf was anxious and took off the clothes after three times. She was still rubbing, I said I will help you. At this time she only had a black bra and red panties. I pulled her panties down to her. In fact, it feels best to take off the underwear for a woman. Seeing the most important part she usually protects is exposed in front of you a little bit, that kind of satisfaction is also very exciting. After stripping naked, I lay on her body and kissed her face, mouth, belly, tits and lower abdomen all the way. Her tits were not too big but not too small, just a little sagging. I just listened to her humming sound, very enjoyable. Going further down, she came to her not very thick pubic hair. After taking a bite indiscriminately, she looked at her pubic area. Her labia majora is not very big. Only a small seam is tightly closed because of the secretion of fluid and no Because of the bath, the seams are sticky. I wanted to lick her pussy (Little Wolf has this hobby). I hesitated to see that it was not clean. It happened that she also prevented me from letting me kiss. Maybe she was not used to it, or she didn’t take a bath and knew it was not clean. Right. I didn’t kiss, and got up and jabbed the hard cock between her legs. She gave her thigh a little bit, and I slipped in smoothly. Oh, it feels so good, I haven’t tasted a woman for a long time. She also hugged me lightly, not showing much excitement. Because I haven’t touched a woman for a long time, and she is this kind of old mature woman, her vagina is still very tight, and I surrendered in a few seconds. I said I’m sorry, I haven’t touched a woman for a long time, I’m so excited. She was very calm and said it was okay, I was already very satisfied. Haha, it’s better to be an old woman, it’s really comforting.

After we finished our clothes, she put on the sexy underwear that was hanging, and washed the red underwear. I sat on the sofa, took a sip, thinking of her black lace transparent panties, the stick straightened again. I walked over, hugged her who was standing next to the washing machine, put the meat stick on her hips through the pants, she turned her head, smiled, and said: young people are good.

We took our hands to the bed again and took off our clothes again. There will be no foreplay. Her vagina is still wet. I just plugged it in. This time it will be a great show. I thought about it while worrying. , This can distract attention and enhance persistence (experience, everyone can try). Then the frequency was changed, nine shallows and one deep, eight shallows and two deeps. The sound of her crying in bed slowly grew louder, ah, ah, I’m afraid the neighbors will hear it. After a few hundred strokes, I felt that I was coming soon, so I pulled it out and made her kneel down. She obediently did it. This posture is very attractive, her hip shape is not bad, I shot it in a few clicks.

I can see that she is also very happy. When I left, she held me reluctantly and asked me when I would come next time. In fact, men are all the same, and there is a feeling of emptiness after finishing. I was just that, once the passion passed, this old woman was really ugly and didn’t feel at all. But for the sake of future sexual happiness, I lied and said, I like you very much and come whenever I have a chance.

But unexpectedly, she called her half a month later and said she was going to another place, and then asked her that she always pushed back and talked, and I guess she might have found a wife, so she didn’t bother her anymore. Turned to a new goal.

But it still feels boring to choose. I still think that sex dolls are also very good, and there are different kinds of dolls, such as skinny sex dolls, big breast sex dolls, and so on.




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