A special scene in the cinema

5 min readMay 19, 2021

I am a boy with a strong sexual desire, so I often watch some small videos at home, and learn some sex positions in the small videos, so I can have an orgasm with my wife. I watch small videos with many sex toys to increase the mood. Recently, I just saw a sex doll on the Internet, which is also a sex toy. I think it is very realistic, and it can not only solve my needs but also exercise my ability to have sex, so I decided to buy one that I wanted to try at the beginning I have a torso sex doll, I hope she can surprise me.

I have always wanted to have a field battle in the cinema. After repeated discussions with my wife, I finally tried it at midnight last week. Because I had agreed in advance, my wife put on a set of sexy open socks, which was completely vacuumed. , Then put on a jacket and short skirt to cover it and set off. Because the jacket is thick and the short skirt covers the hips, it is generally invisible under normal circumstances.

This movie is a small show. Each row has 6 seats and 8 rows. There are less than ten people in total. Fortunately, there are only two people in the last row, my wife and me.

After the movie started, he unbuttoned his wife’s coat, broke his wife’s legs, and began to lift her hands. It didn’t take long for my wife to feel it, and the bottom began to become sticky, and it was a water curtain hole in a short while.

So my wife couldn’t bear it, unbuttoned her pants sideways, and started to perform oral sex for me. I took off my wife’s coat and stroked my wife’s smooth back (the sexy body stockings are the kind of open back). My wife’s oral sex has always been very hard, loves to play deep throat, pounding, but in the theater is still relatively constrained, after all, you have to control the sound.

A few minutes later, my wife tried to sit up and do it. Although the bottom of my wife was slippery and easy to enter, she still found it difficult. The seats in the cinema were not as supportive as there were beds, so it was like practicing on parallel bars. Can’t get up.

I tried to change my posture so that I could do the piston movement steadily, but it failed. I wanted to enter back, but I tried it and found that the front and rear seats were not far enough.

Later, I wanted my wife to come to the side, but still because of the narrow position and no focus, it was difficult to continue.

In the end, I wanted to give up, and my wife even proposed to go to the toilet.

So she put a jacket on her wife and went to the women’s toilet.

There was no one in the female toilet, so we chose the innermost one and went in. Due to the relatively new facilities of this movie theater, the toilets are almost tasteless, and even if there is a toilet space, it is quite large.

When I entered the toilet, my wife took the initiative to let me sit down and then ride up to do it. My wife would get a little tired after riding, so she changed her posture and tried standing up. I raised my wife’s leg, facing my wife, and inserted it directly. Go, the wife leaned on the door and enjoyed it.

But after doing it for a while, the door made a noise because of too much movement, so I switched to doing it frontally.

Because the toilet lid was relatively slippery, the old man moved forward and had to press it up. The wife yelled, two shiny black legs dangling in the air, and high heels fell on the ground. In that scene, it was like an AV movie, and the wife was like the heroine.

A few minutes later, my wife really couldn’t hold it anymore, she shouted “Fuck me, fuck me, I’m going to die”, “It’s full, give me, give me”, plus I continuously stimulated my wife’s clitoris, and my wife finally shivered. called.

After the climax, I hit the iron again while it was hot, and finally succeeded in injecting.

After pulling it out, my wife habitually gave me oral sex again and wiped off the remaining semen. (In the past, except for creampie or facial, I usually like to shoot my wife in the mouth, and my wife has the habit of swallowing sperm.) After finishing up, I prepared to go out, but found that there was movement outside, so I did not go out.

I don’t know which movie is about to start or which one just ended. People are starting to increase. I guess it should be the end of the next room. After all, there will not be so many people at midnight. It made my wife and I hide inside, so nervous.

After five or six minutes, people came and felt no one. They were about to go out. When I found a man and a woman kissing at the toilet door, I was forced to go back, and my wife touched up her makeup by the way.

The kissing couple at the door was loud enough, and the woman groaned several times after kissing. I waited anxiously to go out.

About 5 minutes later, nothing happened. My wife called me, we went out and finally returned to our seats safely.

At this time, I touched my wife, and she was actually wet again. The wife said that the kissing couple was too sensible just now, and they got wet again without knowing it… There is no way, this time I can only help my wife with my hands.

When I went back, I found that my wife’s short skirt was so wet. Fortunately, there were not many people, and I couldn’t tell if I didn’t look closely.

After this one field battle, I feel that it is better not to try in the future. The movie theater is too difficult to make love, and it is much more difficult than car shock. In addition, the feeling of being stuck in the toilet is really cheating, although it is very exciting, but if it is found out The catastrophe is over.

Thinking about it later, I still need to increase the sex ability and skills, so that no matter where I can come to the last vigorous sex, I decided to look at the more popular Japanese sex dolls recently.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.