Baby circle tips, 3 tips for shooting physical dolls

3 min readAug 21, 2021

Many artists, such as amateur and professional sculptors, painters or photographers, have been using high-quality physical dolls for many years. These artists are fascinated by beauty and reality, and use physical dolls to express themselves and their artistic inspiration. If you like them and want to preserve the beauty through photography, this article should interest you.

Tip 1: What equipment should I choose?

In smartphones, micro-mount cameras have slowly exposed their limitations due to their small lenses and large pixels. Hybrid cameras seem to be a good compromise (larger lens and simple settings). For those who admire simplicity and like settings, you can start with the independent mode, which can guarantee excellent photographic quality. We can find them on various e-commerce platforms, or we can have our own baby photography equipment for only a small thousand yuan on the second-hand mall.

Tip 2: What light source?

As our photographer likes to say, on and off the equipment: “To make a photo a success, you first need beautiful lighting.” If you have some equipment and budget, you can buy some flashes. Nowadays, you can buy a simple flash, a light box for diffusing the light from the flash, and a tripod to hold them for only a few hundred yuan. Of course, you can also purchase a complete kit, which includes multiple more powerful flashes. If the budget is tight, please consider using natural lighting. For example, in a room with large windows, you can get very interesting results. The window will allow light to enter (however, you should avoid too direct light that is harsher).

Tip 3: How to fiddle with the doll?

On this issue, imagination will be the only limit. The photos taken are happy and interesting, and record the joyful moments between you and your physical doll. You can choose different sexy clothes, underwear types and colors. Add beauty by matching accessories such as stockings, boots, and neckbands. Vaguely semi-nude photos, change the pose, angle and lens to increase the femininity of the doll. Of course, different wigs can also create different personality charms. You know, dolls are different from real models in that they can spend a long time maintaining their posture in any situation and will not complain.

Reward Tip 4: Build inspiration

The style of the photo is gradually formed, and the inspiration is even more mysterious. As one sentence says: “Most of the beautiful things in the world are created inadvertently.” If you lack inspiration, the easiest and most effective way is to view the photo photos in fashion magazines or online. The source of inspiration for this approach is huge, and it has many types of scenes to choose from. Real knowledge comes out of practice. Photography is just like that. Only when there are mistakes, tests can make progress.

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