Beautiful young woman cheating on confession

9 min readMay 27, 2021

I am a very self-loving person, but many things are often not as simple as we think. Before I went to this company, I heard that our boss is a person with strong sexual desires, and I often watch it when I work. Some porn videos also buy a curvy sex doll to satisfy their needs and fantasies. At first I didn’t believe it very much, but until one day something happened to me, I had to admit this fact.

Under the flickering light of the dim stage lights, regardless of the exposure of my breasts, the nerve cells in my whole body are focused on feeling the strong friction and smash of Huang Zong’s anger, and I am measuring the weight of the attacker. I can’t say how strong Huang’s penis is, because after all, I haven’t had any relationship with other men. But I know very well that Mr. Huang’s penis is definitely more than that of his husband, and it is many times bigger. In the constant swing and friction, I feel that he is a much stronger guy than her husband. My actual experience of that thing is no more than my husband’s little guy, so I can only compare this way, but the result of the comparison makes me very happy: this is definitely not a big guy that ordinary men can have! I clearly felt Mr. Huang’s fully erect penis inserted between the roots of my feet, rubbing against my small holes with his extremely thick penis rod back and forth. I don’t want to control myself anymore, letting my plump breasts be exposed, letting down the strength of my lower body, and teasingly use my naked thighs to gently sandwich the irritating thing he inserted between the roots of his feet, letting myself melt. The virgin’s virgin body shook his bulge on the dance floor, and hugged his broad back under President Huang’s arms. The boat swayed all the way to Grandma’s Bridge.

(Mr Huang is fascinated by my breasts) I feel Mr. Huang’s breathing is getting heavier by my movements. He unbridledly pressed my smooth jade back with his left hand and squeezed my very tall pair with his strong chest. Tits and flattened them, and even forced his right hand into my shorts from behind me, began to unscrupulously grasp and squeeze my smooth buttocks, and let his irritating thing tight against my virgin pussy Together, and rubbing the oil back and forth between the roots of my two thighs. Unexpectedly, Mr. Huang was so lustful, he scratched my bare butt in front of so many people and made a hole in it, so that he could eat enough tofu. I feel uneasy, breathe and cry! But I don’t know how to refuse, because he is my boss after all, and my future depends on him. If I refuse him at this time, he will be furious. I can’t afford to offend him, so I have to use more force on my legs. Don’t let it be too presumptuous by holding his penis.

The music is very long, it seems to never end, I had to let him do whatever he wanted, and the whole ass was touched all over! ! My short vest was still hanging around my waist and my breasts were still exposed. Mr. Huang suddenly hugged my butt with both hands to the beat of the music and picked me up from his arms so that my breasts were facing him. Eyes. I was afraid of falling off, holding President Huang’s head in both hands, and quickly clamped President Huang’s thick waist with my legs. At this time, my virgin cunt was just sitting on the object of President Huang’s anger. Mr. Huang just walked towards the corner of the ballroom with my butt on his back, trying to take me to an unnoticed corner of the ballroom.

I don’t know what he is going to do, just let him do it. As he walked, Mr. Huang pressed his lower body against my genitals, and his eyes were not far from my exposed breasts. From the dim light, he completely saw my fleshy scene, and my virgin body was pulled out by his sword. The swollen big penis rubbed into a sore and itchy, unable to hold on to it, and there was a lot of water. I couldn’t help twisting my body with the beat, my long hair flying, feeling the friction with Mr. Huang’s penis in my private parts, and feeling the rubbing of Mr. Huang’s hands on my butt! Mr. Huang finally put me on the wall in the corner. I saw Mr. Huang’s eyes glaring. If it weren’t in a public place in full view, I think Mr. Huang would definitely not take any consequences and would rape me on the spot. “Again. Mr. Huang couldn’t help his heartbeat speeding up anymore, and his cock swelled up. Lowered his head and kissed my bright and sexy red lips. The lips were so soft that they were heartbreaking. Mr. Huang sucked eagerly, his tongue leaning toward my teeth.

My jade shell is tightly closed, and I can’t help it, but when President Huang forcefully buckles, the position between his lips and teeth has become a defensive position. I can only breathe and let the boss’s deft tongue go straight in, and stir in my own mouth. Recklessly in every corner of the cherry mouth.

Before long, I gradually abandoned my shyness and indulged in the lingering love between men and women deeply kissed. The fragrant tongue was no longer under my control, and I proactively stretched out and tightly entangled with Xiao Hei’s tongue. Opened up in the passionate kiss, Yushou took the initiative to hold the boss’s sturdy head, his body was paralyzed and weak, but it was extremely hot.

Sensitive, naked, tall and crisp chest, clinging to the man’s sturdy chest, his reason gradually blurred, the remaining hold-up in his heart was disintegrated by the long-lasting deep kiss, the man’s unique body odor came in bursts, fresh and unfamiliar. I have been looking forward to it for a long time, the feeling made my whole body tremble with excitement, the raging lust has become a prairie fire, I can’t help but let out a groan of heart shaking.

Mr. Huang kissed passionately, with both hands at the same time, caressing and squeezing my round, firm and elastic jade hips with both hands. From time to time, I twist my body to squeeze and rub against my towering and soft twin peaks, and the already hard and high cock hits my pussy from time to time.

The kiss lasted at least three minutes before it ended! Under President Huang’s enthusiastic attack, I trembled and shook my whole body, panting, my spring eyes seemed to be angry and resentful, and my face was full of confusion and dissolute expressions, and Huang turned his gaze to my breasts. . A little bit of time passed, just when Mr. Huang admired my fully exposed breasts, I was intoxicated by feeling his sturdiness with his thick waist between my legs and responded to his shameless flirtation and rotation. When the mouth, just as the secretion of my virgin’s lower body is getting more and more fast, this 10-minute dance music is finally coming to an end, President Huang suddenly leans forward to hold up my ass, bends forward and straightens with his mouth. Sucking wildly in the depths of my cleavage between my fully exposed breasts, posing a very lustful posture similar to the end of sexual intercourse. When Mr. Huang bent forward to hug my waist, the protruding part of the glans in front of his pants, It happened to be right at the mouth of the virgin hole on the raised hill at the junction of my legs! This is too lustful! Our genitals seem to be making love! ! I want to resist, but I don’t know what happened. I was unable to refuse President Huang’s shameless and slutty intercourse. I also deliberately pressed the small holes of the lower body closer, and straightened my breasts so that the cleavage was close to his big. Mouth, allowing him to maintain this lustful breastfeeding + intercourse position for dozens of seconds, during which he couldn’t help but press his small hole on his big glans through the trousers and gently rub it, deliberately teasing the blood of President Huang. While he sucked my breasts hard, he tried hard to push his hard objects toward my cunt. I only felt that the majestic anger of Mr. Huang under his private parts was in its hardest state at the moment, and it was about to break almost immediately. Out of pants! ! And he seems to be going to insert a hole in the small cunt of my shorts bag at the base of my thigh, so that his penis that is about to break through the pants can be completely inserted. It is undeniable that at that moment I was really excited. If it were not in a public place, I would definitely let Mr. Huang commit adultery! ! For dozens of seconds, it’s like decades later. Mr. Huang’s mouth was wrapped around my already erect nipples and kissed my breast unscrupulously. Our genitals were stalemate across the pants, my lewd fluid secreted a lot, and my underwear was wet. Exactly! ! I really hope that the time will stop here, so that I can continue to be immersed in this comforting and inexplicable passion. In the dry fire, everything is almost out of control, but the music still stops abruptly at this time!

At that time, the feeling was really bad. I hated why the dance music had to stop, and I also hated that I was so emotional.

At this time, the lights in the hall slowly turned on, and Mr. Huang raised his head, but still stood holding my butt and hugging me like this! I remembered that my plump breasts were still exposed, and then my pair of very strong virgin breasts were immediately seen by Mr. Huang, and the bright red right nipple was on his mouth, almost sticking to Mr. Huang’s thickness. On the lips! The congested hard nipples almost felt the heat from President Huang’s rapid breathing! Gosh! The bright red nipples were seen so clearly by Mr. Huang for the first time, so shameful! He quickly wanted to jump off President Huang, but President Huang held my butt tightly to prevent me from coming down. At this time, my breasts were rippling in front of Mr. Huang with the twisting of my body, so lustful! Mr. Huang suddenly held my right nipple with his mouth! I groaned “Oh”, and my whole body suddenly became soft. I had to pinch Huang’s thick waist with my legs and put it on Huang’s body. I freed my hands to hug Huang’s head, so that people in the ballroom would not see this. A state of shame. I subconsciously took a look at the ballroom opposite. Fortunately, the men and women inside were kissing. No one noticed that I was being sucked on my nipples by Mr. Huang in a dark corner. I hurriedly clung to Mr. Huang’s ear and whispered for mercy: “President Huang…enough…don’t…don’t do this…put me down…please…don’t do this…don’t suck…please… …Ah…Ah…It’s so itchy…You stop…Please forgive me…” Mr. Huang still held my butt with both hands, then moved his mouth to my left nipple, and sucked me hard for a while. His left nipple, then raised his head lustfully and admired my pair of plump virgin breasts! My face was already completely red, and my body was wrapped around Mr. Huang, and I quickly put on a waistcoat hung in front of his face. I looked at Mr. Huang shyly, for fear of being laughed at by him. Fortunately, Huang is very decent, he just smiled and watched me put on the vest, and then slowly put me down.

His ability to make love is really too strong. He can almost do all kinds of sex positions. This may have something to do with his frequent viewing of pornographic videos. At the same time, I found that in his office, there are many different physical dolls with big breasts. , Mini, or torso sex doll, etc. I am really scared to see these, I hope it will get better in the future




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