Childhood memories of cheating mother

9 min readMay 12, 2021

Children are very curious, and they often go out to play with things at home. On this day, while my mother was cooking, I ran to my mother’s bedroom again, opened the bedside table, and looked for my “balloon” to blow (everyone knows what it is). Strange! The day after my father left last week, I went to look through it. There were 5 “balloons”. Why did I disappear today? I ran to the living room and bumped into each other, and suddenly saw my mother’s bag on the sofa.

I took a look at my mother’s busyness, so I prankly opened my mother’s bag and got all the contents out… weird. There is a “balloon” in my mother’s bag! I was so happy that I took the “balloon” and rushed to my mother: “Mom badass! I hid the ball in my bag!” My mother’s face was obviously red, and then I snatched the “balloon”…

The teachers are going to a meeting this afternoon, so school ends at 2 o’clock. My mother didn’t come to pick me up, I decided to go back by myself, I was already an older child. It was only a quarter past two when I got home, I took the key to open the door. Strange, the door is not locked! Open the door and see two pairs of leather shoes. I recognized Huang Ming and his mother — they turned out to be at home!

strange! Why is there no one in the living room? There is no one in the kitchen! Or is it talking about things inside? I thought about Huang Ming’s toys — he would give me small toys every time, so I wanted to secretly scare him — I found that I liked him more and more, and I loved playing with him more and more. So I walked to the bedroom lightly and said “Uh…um…

…Huh…oh…” voice! It seems to be from my mother, it is uncomfortable and it seems to be very happy! Huh? Why is the mother and they talking very serious? I am very nervous, I am afraid to annoy them, but my curiosity makes me want to Go to the bedroom.

As I walked towards the bedroom, the voice inside became louder and louder, “Oh…and…hurry up…to…”, my mother’s voice made me tremble!

When I walked to the door, it turned out that the bedroom door was not locked. My heart beat 120 times and I leaned into the door and looked in-my God!

Mom lay naked on the bed where Mom and Dad slept, and Huang Ming was also naked. What is even more surprising is that Huang Ming is pressing on his mother, doing the “push-up” movements taught by the teacher!

Mother was obviously very anxious. Her two legs were tightly wrapped around Huang Ming’s waist, but only one foot was taken off in her pantyhose. The remaining flesh-colored pantyhose was put on her right calf, following Huang Ming’s movements. Fluttering violently one by one.

Mother seemed to be very anxious. The two calves that were originally tightly wrapped around Huang Ming’s waist kept pushing Huang Ming’s buttocks back and forth with her heels, and two smooth and pink jade hands tightly hugged Huang Ming’s neck. “Ah…hurry up…hurry up…I’m coming…”

I was shocked and really wanted to cry. What’s wrong with mom? Why don’t you wear clothes? Is Uncle Huang Ming bullying his mother? However, being overly nervous makes me unable to say a word.

“Baby! Say something nice, otherwise hum…” Huang Ming stopped suddenly, looking at his mother’s hippie smile and said.

“Dying! Are you stopping this time?” Mom said anxiously. “Please! Move!

I love you so much! “

“No! I’ll just intervene if I call my husband and kiss my husband!”

“It’s too bad for you! I have a husband!”

“Forget it! Then let your husband do it!” Huang Ming said as if to get up and leave his mother.

Mother was anxious, and immediately entangled Huang Ming tightly like an octopus, and her lower body also stood up, clinging to Huang Ming tightly, for fear that Huang Ming would get up. He groaned in ecstasy for all the men, “Good husband! Plug me in! Tingting wants it!” As he said, he twisted his lower body and kicked Huang Ming’s ass with his heel.

“Come here!” Huang Ming exclaimed contentedly. Immediately began to open up and down.

“Ah… ah… oh… awesome… good husband… you are amazing… I’m going to die…”

In a few moments, my mother suddenly stiffened all over, and the nails holding Huang Ming were almost embedded in her back.

“Ah~~~ It’s coming… It’s coming” immediately after the mother yelled.

“Baby…you are great…I want to shoot too” Huang Ming’s movements speeded up obviously, holding his mother’s ass with both hands and moving vigorously.

“Oh~~oh~~oh~~” Mom and Huang Ming yelled loudly at the same time, and then, the two seemed to fall apart and slumped softly on the bed.

Mom and the others kept their final postures and didn’t move. They only heard the two people’s sudden gasping, which showed the intensity of their movements just now. After being silent for a while, I saw that his mother’s hand that was hugging Huang Ming’s neck started stroking Huang Ming’s back up and down, and the calf that was originally tightly wrapped around the waist also slipped onto his calf, rubbing back and forth.

“Ming! You are awesome! I’m almost paralyzed by you!” Mother winked like silk, and her mouth was drunk.

“That’s not that you are too charming! My little slut!” Huang Ming said as he moved a hand from his mother’s ass to her mother’s breast, and fiddled with it lightly. Only then did I realize that my mother’s breasts are really big! It’s about the size of my toy ball, round and bulging, so beautiful.

My mother seemed very happy, and she seemed very shy, “You’re really bad!” Mom smiled and cursed, and then took the initiative to move toward her face, spit out her lilac tongue, and kissed Huang Ming passionately.

After seeing the intense scene just now, I was so shocked that I didn’t dare to move. When she saw them kissing very intimately, her mother seemed to be a little excited again, and she made a voice of “Uh…um…um…um”, and began to twist slightly under Huang Ming. I suddenly felt whether my mother was uncomfortable. Just now Huang Ming pressed her mother so hard, her mother must be very uncomfortable, so she yelled. Now mother started to scream again. Will Huang Ming bully her mother again? I was suddenly scared, and when I was nervous, I cried out “wow”!

Only then did they realize that I was standing at the door, so they jumped up quickly. Mom picked up the pajamas on the ground and ran over, Huang Ming quickly looked for his own clothes to put on.

My mother hugged me and asked nervously, “Lele, what’s the matter?”

I continued to cry: “Uncle bullies mother…Uncle bullies mother…”

Mother seemed to be smiling but not smiling. Huang Ming slanted her eyes a little bit shyly. He picked me up and said, “Uncle didn’t bully my mother. How could my uncle bully my mother?” After a while, his voice was very soft. Said: “Mom’s itch, I want my uncle to help mom’s itching!” After that, he glared at Huang Ming with a grinning smile.

Huang Ming wore clothes on the side and smiled “hahaha”.

“Then why do you want to take off your clothes? Why do you want to scream in such an uncomfortable way?” I continued to sob in confusion.

“That’s because my mother’s body is itchy! Uncle can’t reach without undressing. If Lele is itchy, mother will help Lele scratch, wouldn’t Lele scream if she is comfortable?” Mom explained, her voice getting softer and lighter. , His face is getting redder.

“Oh. Mom is very comfortable calling!” I understand.

Mother’s face has never been so red as it is now: “Yes! My uncle makes my mother very comfortable!” Although she said to me, her mother looked at Huang Ming.

Huang Ming laughed “haha”. At this time he got dressed, walked over, took me from his mother’s arms, and said to me: “Le Le Guai! Uncle likes Le Le the most, and he likes his mother the most! Uncle will be kind to his mother. Why do you bully your mother? Lele rest assured, uncle will be more and more kind to her mother and will take good care of her! It will definitely make her happy and comfortable when her father is away!” Huang Ming said firmly, but Looking at mother.

Mother seemed embarrassed: “What nonsense! Who wants you to take care of!” Although mother said so, she seemed to be making a fuss.

“Oh! Mom, uncle takes good care of you. I like uncle’s.” I said ignorantly. Huang Ming is very good to me. He often takes me to play and is very good to my mother. He often helps her with her work. Every time he comes to my house, my mother and I are very happy.

“That’s right! Uncle likes mom too! He likes Lele too! Go and see the new toys that uncle bought you!”

Huang Ming hugged me and went to the living room to play with toys.

Next, because Huang Ming needed to go out to socialize at night, he left without dinner. When I saw him off, I was busy playing with my toys, but I said hello and didn’t send him off. Mother sent him to the door, I vaguely saw Huang Ming hugging his mother to kiss, vaguely heard his mother say: “No more! Happy!” Then Huang Ming squeezed his mother’s ass gently, accompanied by With a “disgusting” laugh from his mother, Zhi went out triumphantly.

Mom closed the door, walked up to me, and asked me: “Lele! Do you like Uncle Huang Ming?”

you still need to ask? Some play, some eat, and it’s good for mom. “I like my uncle the most!” I didn’t even think about answering in the affirmative.

Mom thought for a while, and said quietly: “Mom likes uncle too! Uncle takes care of her when Dad is away.”

After a while, my mother said to me mysteriously: “Lele! Mom told you a secret.”

As soon as I heard it, I immediately got excited, “What’s the secret? Mom, say it.”

The mother whispered, “Don’t tell your father about the uncle’s anti-itching treatment. Because the mother’s itch and the father can’t cure it, the father and mother bet that if the mother’s itch is cured, Lele will not be given pocket money in the future. No, I don’t take Lele to KFC. Because my father said that my mother’s itch was caused by taking Lele to play. So if it gets better, I can’t go. Lele knows that my mother likes to take Lele to play, and so does my uncle. I like to take Lele to play. If my father knows that my mother’s itch is gone, he is not allowed to go. So my mother wants Lele not to tell my father about his uncle to relieve the itch. Okay?”

How can I not play! ! I immediately nodded like garlic: “Uh! Uh!”

Mom seemed to be very happy and smiled triumphantly.

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