Create a sex doll; create your dream love doll

4 min readJan 8, 2022

Create a sex doll, do you want to create a sex doll of your own according to your interests, let me show you where you can create a sex doll of your own

Create a sex doll at SexySexDoll!

Creating a sex doll to suit your needs? At Sexy Sex Doll, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality love dolls. We offer a wide range of Realdolls to meet the diverse needs of the global market.

However, for some of our customers, this is not enough as they need a sex doll that represents every aspect of their personality.

Who is complaining? No one! In fact, we love working with our customers to create masterpieces from scratch. Trust me! Your smile is our reward.

Create the love doll of your dreams

We offer our customers a “Creative Doll Service” in which you can choose the different attributes and features you need for your dream sex doll. You can choose from the various options we offer for the different sections, such as sex doll heads, wigs, eyes, nipple colours and shapes, nail colours and more.

So, are you looking for a customised masterpiece with all the features you’ve dreamed of? Easy! Let us show you what can be customised and the steps to get a fascinating sex doll, made just for you.

You can visit this page and start making your masterpiece by building a sex doll (or a body build from a 6Ye or Amor doll / a body build from a WM or YL doll / a body build from a DS silicone doll)

Over 100 sex doll body designs to choose from

What can be customised with our ‘Make a Sex Doll’ service?

Body Type — Making a custom sex doll means you will need a set of required measurements. Some common measurements you will need to specify include your desired hip, waist, hips and bust size.

Head — Most sex dolls come with interchangeable heads to help you fiddle with the look of the doll from time to time. Different heads come with different wigs, which means you can also change the colour of your sex doll’s hair. So choose a head that complements the doll’s body and one that highlights his/her origins

Skin colour — go ahead and choose the skin colour/race that appeals to you the most. You can choose between white, black, Asian, Latin and tan.

Eye colour — There are different eye colours for you to choose from. From blue, green, brown and grey, let us make your dreams come true. Create a sex doll with the eye colour you want!

Hair colours — We have a variety of hair colours for you to use including blonde, brown and red. If you would like your dream doll to have a specific hair colour, please specify in the contact form.

Vagina Style — For the convenience of our customers, we offer the option of a built-in vagina or a removable sleeve. As a rule of thumb, removable sleeves are easier to clean than built-in vaginas. In addition, the removable sleeve allows you to convert the sex doll into a mannequin sex doll with penis attachment.

Standard or standing feet — While the standard feet look realistic, the standing feet are fitted with metal strips that allow the doll to stand on its own. So, what are your personal preferences?

Other features you can customise when making a sex doll include areola size and colour, labia colour, pubic hair style and colour, and nail (finger and toe) colour.

Now that we have examined the features that can be customised, let’s delve into the steps to follow.

Firstly, you will need to visit the specific page provided for ordering customised sex dolls.

First select whether you want to customise a full size sex doll, the body or just the head

Fill in the contact form and provide specific details about the doll, including size, skin colour and distinguishing features

Include additional details about the character, including age, personality, height, weight etc

Finish it off by attaching a few pictures of your fantasy doll. It doesn’t have to be a picture of the actual doll; you can also have drawings or illustrations of how you want the doll to look.

You can easily choose the option you require and it will show you the final price immediately! You can proceed to checkout immediately. We will proceed with production. Once she is ready, we will send her photos for approval. If you are happy with her, we will only ship her out. You can see how easy it is to create a sex doll to your specifications.

Pro tip; throughout the production phase we will send you photos of the progress from the model clay to the actual assembly. We do this to ensure that we stay on track and that you are involved in the process from start to finish.

What if I can’t find a suitable body or face in the SexySexDoll product list?

If you can’t find the right body or head in our catalogue, we can also help you design a brand new doll to suit your needs: design your own sex doll! Our team of top-notch doll designers can create an exact replica of the person of your dreams. If you are gay or female, you can even create male sex dolls, anime sex dolls, fantasy sex dolls, Asian sex dolls or black sex dolls.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.