Do you prefer silicone sex dolls or one-night lovers?

3 min readJun 28, 2021


In the beginning, many people still had reservations about the behavior of robots, but as artificial intelligence and mechanical behaviors and their feelings improved, they gradually got used to the relationship with robots and began to become emotional friends. The nervousness will gradually disappear.

With the increase in AIDS and sexually transmitted infection rates, many men have become hesitant about the issue of one-night stands. The risk of choosing a one-night stand is too great.

Although silicone sex dolls are clean and there is no risk of infectious diseases, men can have sex with confidence. And you can satisfy your sexual desire at any time. “She” has been waiting for you. It belongs only to you and has never left you. The return on investing in silicone sex dolls is quite generous.

However, when the night passes, the woman will eventually leave you after the night. After that, you have sexual desire and want to have a sexual partner again.

In China, millions of men leave their homes and their families to work in the city, returning home every weekend or less.

However, with the emergence of loneliness, many people feel the need for company.

Some Chinese men who work at home for a long time are buying expensive items such as realistic sex dolls to avoid deceiving their wives.

Thousands of men no longer resort to prostitutes or casual sex. Instead, they buy high-quality dolls made of soft rubber materials that feel like skin, with adjustable hands and detachable heads. And genitals. Has a real female-sized appearance and body structure. They also have a name called full-size sex doll.

In Beijing, a sex shop sells slaves of Miduo. He said that his clients are usually professionals in their 30s and 40s, and he admires their loyalty. He said: “If a married man refuses to see a prostitute and uses a realistic sex doll, wouldn’t it be admirable?”

Some men have an emotional attachment to their actual sex dolls. They call themselves “friends of dolls” and anonymously use online forums to share photos, experiences and suggestions. In recent years, their number has increased from a few hundred to more than 20,000. According to data, the number of sex dolls sold in the past two years has been dozens of times higher than usual. This means that more and more people have recognized and started using sex dolls. Among these people, most of them will be in entities The reason for choosing the mini sex doll among the dolls may be for better collection. At the same time, she will not be as heavy as a full-size sex doll, so that we can use it better.

I have to say that sex dolls have brought us a good welfare for many single men and women. We can use her to solve our sexual needs and dissatisfaction. Male dolls can also serve single women well and satisfy those who desire and dissatisfied. Sexual desire, if you want to know more about sex dolls and doll introductions, you can go to There are more dolls popular science articles. She will teach you how to clean up your dolls. How to choose a doll that belongs to you.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.