Does he love me or treat me as a friend

4 min readApr 6, 2021

Last month, my girlfriend told me that she had fallen in love. She and her boyfriend were like glue, and soon moved in together. This month, she told me they broke up. I asked her, “Why so fast, have you ever loved it?”

She casually returned to me: “We slept.”

It turned out that they saw the right eye in the gym, and the sky thunder shook the ground, and both of them were very “okay.” As a result, everything happened, except love.

Making love doesn’t make it LOVE. Making love doesn’t make it LOVE.

When you meet someone, start dating, and want to achieve great harmony in life with him, do you have to ask yourself-is this love?

Today, let’s take a look at — —

How to distinguish “sexuality and love”? LUST or LOVE?

Picture|Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Some people may think that sex and love are inseparable. Without physical friction, where can the spark of love come?

But scientific research shows that the brain and eyes can tell you: Sexual impulse and love are two different things!

The Cacioppo team at the University of Chicago found through research that the active areas of the human brain are similar to those in the onset of drug addiction. To put it bluntly, sexual attraction is like taking drugs. Can you tell what love is in the state of sucking up?

Another experiment asked a group of college students to select the subjects they had “sex drive” and “love feeling” among 120 photos. Afterwards, show them these photos while monitoring their eye movements.

The result is that people stare at the face of the love partner for a long time, but look more at the body of the sexual impulse partner. The body/face judgment can be made in only half a second.

Cacioppo said: “Whether you will stare into the other person’s eyes for a long time is one of the most reliable indicators of true love.”

Love may start from sexual desire. But in many cases, sexual attraction cannot be transformed into love.

Let us give some more popular examples to illustrate how to distinguish lust or love.

Lust libido

I just want to vent my original impulse in bed with you. I only care about my own good times. I am a big one-night stand. You have a good show when you have sex, and you have a low tide.


I want to meet you anywhere, even if you go up to the sword and down the fire, betray your own nature, you must be with you.

It’s clear to see the example, but it’s not clear if you put it on yourself? Here are some typical signals of the two relationships. Welcome to check in.

What if you are in a sexual relationship?

He makes you feel that he only cares about your appearance and figure.

He treats you as his possession and likes a certain point of you instead of liking all of you.

He just wants to make love and he doesn’t want to communicate.

He made a good impression on you, but after reaching the goal, he wanted to leave.

He is more willing to maintain the intimacy on the level of mutual fantasy, but he is reluctant to talk about the true feelings of both parties.

He wants to get more than to give.

Afterwards, he will not hug you and linger; or just sleep and wake up the next day without having breakfast with you.

If the other person shows the above points in front of you, then maybe you are more suitable to be friends, because he has basically never considered establishing an intimate relationship with you.

If you are true love?

You may not be able to tell what you like about him, but you still love him.

There are also many times when you just stay together and don’t make love.

You have more things to say, and it feels like time passes so fast.

You are willing to talk about all your own affairs, even if the experience is difficult to tell, the other party will not mind.

You will sincerely listen to each other’s feelings and want to make each other happy.

You feel safe: at all times, you will support each other.

Anything you want to share with each other first.

You know clearly his shortcomings, but you still want to be with him.

You are willing to overcome difficulties with him, and he makes you a better person.

You want to meet his family and friends and plan the future together.

If both of you can do the above points, congratulations, you have found the right person for each other.

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I hope you and your significant other can be happily together and spend every happy night.




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