Does penis size really matter?

5 min readSep 8, 2021

Of all the questions on a man’s mind, one of the most common is often “Am I normal?” The world is obsessed with penis size. It’s no secret.

With all the pills, pumps, stretching techniques and surgeries on the market today, many men feel overwhelmed and confused because that’s the truth about the penis. It can be complicated, as elements of self-esteem, pop culture and self-awareness all play into this role. However, as a happy and healthy sex life becomes our top priority, many will ask some pressing questions. Does penis size matter?

What is “size”?

When penis size is the center of attention, it usually determines the average length that gets the most attention. Most studies have found that it is about 3.5 inches when relaxed and 5.1 to 5.6 inches when erect. However, girth is also an important part of the equation. In fact, for those who value size, this is often an issue. Some people find Bulk makes the experience more satisfying because it is more exciting and allows you to rub your clitoris during intercourse. The average circumference of the penis is 3.5 to 3.9 inches when relaxed and about 4 inches when hard. It extends to 7 inches, so you can imagine the potential difference it makes. If you’re not sure, you can practice having sex with a love doll. Having sex with a real love doll is a great way to increase a man’s self-confidence. When it comes to sex dolls, there are many variations on the market. These are real love dolls that give you the same feeling of having sex with these dolls. Life-size sex dolls are easily available on With these dolls, you can have sex and enjoy the feeling of real sex. Having sex with these dolls can bring many benefits. You should at least experience it. These words will not encourage you to have sex, but they will allow you to experience romance with these dolls. These dolls are made of silicone and make the girl look as if she is in the mood. Your skin is as soft as you want it to be and you have no complaints about the sexual state you want to be in. When you have sex with a real partner, you may need to satisfy their needs, but if you have sex with a doll and there are various types of sex dolls, whether you want mature sex dolls or young sex dolls or anime sex dolls, they are available on lovedollshops and you can choose the one you like.

These dolls can come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose the size and check the priority according to your preference.

If you have sex with these dolls, you can have sex without protection. You can have sex with them without protection.

The use of these sex dolls is guaranteed and there are no infections or any side effects. So you have to check their quality yourself.

Are we always concerned about penis size?

As we know it today, the “ideal” penis size has changed amazingly since ancient Greece and the Renaissance. There is a Greek play that describes an enlarged penis as a punishment, followed by a surprisingly small penis and a large scrotum like Michelangelo’s David. This meant great effectiveness, which was most appreciated at the time. Thus, the length of its partner (considering only injections) was not as coveted as the sperm abundance itself.

Thanks to photographs and movies, pornography emerged in the mid to late 1800s, but the game officially changed. Pornography was about erections, as it was used primarily as a tool for masturbation. As most things were attracted and ready to make their debut on the screen: the bigger the better! It got us out of the way today.

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Before going into detail, let’s first distinguish between fact and fiction regarding male member myths. Narratives such as hand size, foot size, race and culture have been linked to their size, but years of research have found little evidence to support these claims.

On the other hand, they know that flaccid size doesn’t mean anything. In fact, the smaller the flaccid penis, the larger it will be when erect. So there may be something to be said between the “producer” and the “shower guy.

What really matters is...

Of course, when it comes to intimacy, everyone has their own tastes. But when it comes to penis size, the only people who seem to really care about them are the ones who own them. You know which ...... In a way.

Just as women are more than their bodies, people who own penises are more than their penises. It's easy to understand how many people think that a "small" penis leads to sexual inadequacy, but the truth is that most girls are very much against it.

It's not just about Schlon, it's also about the people who accompany it. Sex is not just about intercourse. So we agree that the size of the penis doesn't matter, we know how to use it.

Needless to say, the average depth of the vagina is about 4 to 7 inches. Therefore, even a penis that is too big may start to lose lubrication when a partner joins in. Sex is painful and you need to pay attention to superficial positions, so you need to invest a lot of money in foreplay. That's not a bad thing (we love foreplay), but after all, it shows that a big penis can limit it.

In the grand scheme of things, we often distort our image. So don't let anxiety interfere with your potential to have confident, fulfilling and passionate sex.

If you want to please your partner, the answer is simple. Simply ask them what they like and how you can help them have the best time. As Emily always says, "Communication is lubrication," so don't worry about your headache and talk nice!




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