During the wife’s pregnancy, how should both parties resolve their sexual needs?

6 min readApr 8, 2021

A pregnant woman who had been pregnant for more than six months went to the emergency room with her stomach sore that she couldn’t help it one night. She said she had been hurting for a few days, with a burst of contractions, once every three to five minutes. She checked her uterine mouth and opened more than three centimeters. The amniotic sac swelled up there.

The doctor looked at the pregnant woman’s check-up book and found no high-risk factors, and then asked: “Did you have sex in the last few days?” The pregnant woman was unwell and did not answer, but the husband just said: “You have sex in the same room, the number of weeks on the Internet. You can have the same room, avoid the first three and the second. We are now more than six months pregnant, isn’t it okay?”

The doctor then asked: “Did you wear condoms in the same room?” The husband replied plausibly, “I’m pregnant, so what condoms are you still wearing!”

In the end, the doctor concluded: “The fetus can’t be saved. The cause is very simple. You have sex during pregnancy and you don’t wear a condom. The semen is discharged directly into the vagina, but the semen contains a lot of prostaglandins, which will soften the cervix and induce contractions. Seeing a doctor, now the baby is about to come out, less than 800 grams, the treatment is expensive, and the prognosis is poor.” After hearing this, my husband flushed and regretted that she had no choice but to cry…

Can sex during pregnancy work?

Maybe after reading the above case, you will think that you can’t have sex during pregnancy, otherwise it will be unfavorable to the fetus. But in fact, you can have sex during pregnancy! Don’t be surprised, the editor is not joking.

Regarding the question of whether sex can be sex during pregnancy, domestic textbooks rarely cover this aspect, but foreign textbooks write it more clearly. Here is a summary:

1Does sex during pregnancy cause miscarriage?

Actually not. Early miscarriage is mainly related to chromosomal abnormalities and embryonic dysplasia. It has little to do with what you did or did not do.

2Will sex during pregnancy hurt the fetus?

of course not. Because the fetus is protected by amniotic fluid and thick myometrium, sex will not cause any harm to the fetus.

3 Does orgasm cause premature birth?

Not really. Although orgasm can cause uterine contraction, it is mainly contraction of the vagina and anal sphincter, and only lasts a few seconds, which is not enough to cause premature labor.

the truth

According to the statistical results of foreign studies in the past 30 years, there is no evidence that sex during pregnancy will increase the adverse pregnancy consequences of healthy pregnant women. Therefore, if you are a healthy pregnant woman and there are no high-risk factors for pregnancy, then normal sexual life is not restricted during pregnancy.

Then there must be a little fairy who will ask, isn’t the above case just killing the fetus, how can it be said now? Well, this can be regarded as the point of asking, this little fairy, you are very promising~

How to make sex OK?

According to medical literature, more than 70% of Chinese women have a significant decrease in sexual desire during pregnancy, and more than 40% of men will also decrease their sexual desire after their wives are pregnant. Of course, the couple in the above case belong to a few people who are very sexual. Although they can have sex during pregnancy, there are a few points that should be paid special attention to:

1Be sure to use condoms.

Using condoms during pregnancy can reduce body fluid contact and reduce the risk of infections by pregnant mothers. At the same time, it can prevent semen from being absorbed directly by the vagina, reducing the risk of miscarriage. Obviously, the couple in the case violated this rule, which resulted in the unprotected fetus.

2Do not stimulate the nipples of pregnant women.

You should know that pinching, sucking, twisting, and rubbing the nipples of pregnant women will induce contractions. Usually, nipples are often stimulated to strengthen the contractions during childbirth, so that the baby will come out early, so husbands must bear it during pregnancy. Little hands are good~

3Conventional positions can be used in the first trimester.

As the gestational age increases, pay attention to adjusting the sex position and do not put too much pressure on the pregnant woman’s abdomen. Pregnant women’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the traditional male upper female lower position may make her uncomfortable, so you can try the female upper male lower position and other postures. In short, comfort and safety come first.

4 Avoid the supine position of pregnant women during the third trimester.

When a pregnant woman is lying supine, the enlarged uterus will compress the large blood vessels, which will not only cause pelvic pain, but also cause supine hypotension syndrome such as increased heart rate, lower blood pressure, dizziness, etc., and the fetus will also suffer from ischemia and hypoxia. Circumstances, so do not let the pregnant woman lie supine when having sex in the third trimester.

5 Anal sex is absolutely prohibited.

The incidence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy will increase. Anal sex can make pregnant women feel particularly uncomfortable, they are also prone to bleeding, and it is also easy to spread bacteria from the rectum to the vagina and cause infection. So for the sake of pregnant women’s health, husbands should watch the news network~

6 Try to avoid the first three months and two months after pregnancy.

The first three months and the last two months of pregnancy should avoid sex. At other times, be prepared to have sex if both parties are willing. But also pay attention to gentle movements, and the sex should be controlled, too frequent will be easy to be infected, and frequent pressure on the abdomen, easy to cause contractions, premature rupture of membranes, placental abruption and other conditions, and eventually may cause miscarriage or premature delivery.

Finally, one more verbose sentence, the above said that sex during pregnancy can be sex, not to encourage sex during pregnancy, it just means that healthy pregnant women do not restrict normal sex life. Of course, this may touch some deep-rooted traditional bottom lines, and it will inevitably make it difficult for some people to accept. If you really can’t pass the hurdle in your heart, just endure it first, and we will be a good man after giving birth.

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For your family, for your children, I hope you can restrain your desires




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