First-hand experience tells you whether you should buy a physical doll or not?

8 min readFeb 10, 2022

A lot of people know about physical dolls, but very few people actually go to buy them. The actual dolls are not only a good idea, but they are also a good idea. The result was that I didn’t go there because I had something to do, and when I had time to go there, I was ordered to close the shop.

The idea of buying a doll to play with was born, and I added a doll seller. I asked him for a video of the baby, but he stopped after sending one, and asked me if I really wanted to buy a baby, saying that every day there are too many people like me who are just whoring and not buying. The actual video is a good deal more than just a little bit of a good deal. Almost a day inside 50 to ask, only one is really want to buy. This is normal, after all, this big thing is not only expensive, but also big. It’s really awkward to leave it at home when you don’t live alone. And that’s why I also became his first customer in a week without any problems.

The courier arrived quickly almost three days later, and at first when I went to pick it up I was worried that the society would die and it would look like the net pictures I had seen before.

I didn’t expect the packaging to be good.

Got it home and took it apart for him. A bit of oil to play with before he still needs a bath. I have to say it was really realistically made and it was so soft to the touch. After the bath he was changed and dressed and then jacked up with a beautiful makeup. At first glance who would know that you have a doll?

The middle use process will not be detailed, the wife is very good-looking, but the whole point is that this pussy is very heavy, not a fierce man or put on the bed with the most basic missionary it. It’s really too tiring to pick up and play with anything. Then there is the cleaning and maintenance. It’s a big job to clean it after use. Especially now that it’s a bit cold, I feel like I’m catching a chill after a long day of washing. After washing it, it’s time to take a protective powder to preserve it. This big guy used half of my bottle of protective powder in one go (heartbreaking).

The back is also no place to put directly to him back in the box, the result after using a few times, the result of his feet cracked, cracked. The wife is directly disabled ah, there is such damage. This not only affects the aesthetics, but is also very frightening.

The latter asked the doll seller. Only to find out that the best way to store a solid doll like this one is surprisingly — hanging up. Because the doll is the equivalent of hanging in the air, its own weight doesn’t crush any side. However you put it standing up, sitting down, it is going to be a big burden on the doll. It breaks down over time.

Hanging storage ….. So is the image that comes to mind, like this. This is also too frightening, this if you get up in the middle of the night to see not to scare yourself half to death ah. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. If the neighbours see it, they will have to break into the house to save them. The time will come when a large community dies, and may also be arrested to educate some.

The specific hanging method I will not say, so to speak, have their own hanging method it, you can consult the business. All in all, playing with physical dolls is really very tiring. Especially the cleaning part of him before and after use. I bathed myself for 5 minutes. But the doll bath half an hour. More than an hour passed one after another. And for such a big doll, I even bought a big wooden bucket just to wash the doll. It was very inconvenient to wash. Plus the daily maintenance is complicated, especially for the limbs and head, which can be easily damaged if not properly maintained. Players who don’t know enough about these types of players (like newbies for the first time) still don’t mind just buying physical dolls. It is also not recommended to play with physical dolls if you don’t have enough financial means, as well as space. Even if all is satisfied, you may be like me, play with it a few times and then throw it there as a display piece, it’s really too tiring. If you’re a photographer, or a clothing professional, that’s fine, at least you can still use it as a model.

So what if you still want to play with it? You can try those inverted parts. For example, busts, buttocks, and breasts. In the past I have used these smaller ones.

They are not as elaborate as the solid dolls, so the details are very well captured. With a solid doll it’s more about the look. The construction of the channels is very rough. There are even some passageways without any texture and the front and back entrances are exactly the same, there are not many of these. This is why I have seen many customers who play with the dolls, feedback that the thousands of physical dolls, look good, but play is not as comfortable as a few hundred dollars of cups, that is the reason. Good looking skins are the same, interesting passages are one in a million. If you want a better experience of the passages, closer to the feeling of real people, it is better to choose inverted models.

Speaking of inverted models, it is not like a solid doll, which needs so much skeleton to support his shape. So the weight is also much lighter. It’s not as tiring to play with, it’s much more durable, and it doesn’t take up as much space, so it’s much easier to store. It doesn’t cost as much money or effort. Perfect for some commuters and dorm parties.

To summarise, compared to a physical doll, the inverted model is easier to store, simpler to carry and more realistic in terms of experience. Cleaning and maintenance is also a lot easier. Physical dolls, on the other hand, satisfy all your delusions at once, which is cool but takes longer to prepare before and after, and can be more of a hassle to maintain. For people like me, who are lazy and have little time, it’s better to have a reverse model. It’s tiring, time consuming and expensive, so it’s better to save the time to dress up and maybe find one that can take a bath by itself, hehehe.

There are many different kinds of inverted models, and there are two that I never get tired of playing with, so I’ll show you. Both are from the GXP family — the GXP Chubby Angel and the Oyoshi Sakurako bust.

Not only that, but the main entrance to the double channel has a ring-shaped film of purity that feels fresh every time you play. The flesh feels exactly the same as a solid doll. And it doesn’t get very tiring to hold and play with. Positions aren’t limited to one missionary either. The back passage is relatively more exciting and tighter, restoring the feeling that, when just x, it is difficult to enter. Those who like to just x but have a reluctant girlfriend can hunt for the experience. The use of the whole waist power, play a month vaguely have the outline of the male dog waist. The company’s main business is to provide a good service to its customers.

Another one is the previous very hilarious Diddy incident. It took a few days to pull the photos of the heroine’s life. I gave the Oyoshi Sakurako half doll a comparison with her clothes on as well. I can’t say there is no correlation, it’s practically identical. Sure enough Dee Dee has a very ruthless eye. As a social animal I hardly ever see figures like this in real life. It was only then that I thought of buying a bust with a huge body on the internet. The result is that people are so good, they just play with real people. I can’t be jealous. And the price is enough for me to buy 5 or 6 of them. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal on this, but it’s really cool to play with it, especially the big round pp. I can’t resist taking a few more shots when I’m playing. I even sleep on it. The two big lights on the chest are also very powerful. It feels even softer than the real thing. The details of the private parts are also, very realistic, it feels like a real person was found and carved from the model.

They also have a separate breast model — GXP Sakurako Oyoshi. She has round G-cup breasts, a size that is rarely seen in Asia. You can’t even hold them with two hands, and you can experience a “face wash” that you’ve only seen in the second gen. The kind of player who wants to try out the face wash and RJ can now do so.

There are really too many older drivers like the current ones. Many older drivers have grown tired of the regular mugs and want to rush the physical dolls, but have been able to make up their minds. This large inverted model is nothing more than a flat replacement for the entity doll, a more realistic experience feeling, not only can simulate the actual battle in advance, reduce fear and improve x-ability, but also can experience the reality of the difficult to experience the size, as well as the triple cross experience. Not only that, storage and cleaning is relatively much easier. Adults who don’t have the time to find a girlfriend and can’t have real life sex to increase their x-ability should really have a large inverted model of their own. They can be full size sex dolls or torso sex dolls, there is always one for you.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.