Future development trend of sexual doll

4 min readJun 15, 2021

The adult supplies market is an attractive cake, the global market value of $ 24 billion. According to foreign media reports, nearly 70% of European and American citizens have their own “toys”. Obviously, it is no wonder that adult products will appear in the drawer of the bed. However, in recent years, a category of adult supplies market has a solid doll. As they are more popular, the sales of this category grows steadily every year.

Of course, all kinds of real-life Copy have already existed hundreds of years, but decades of technical progress enable them far beyond the 17th century design, becoming a novel and attractive small object, or Knowledge type art products. However, with the rapid growth of the market, there are still many questions around this field and the future development direction.

Among them, this market and future prediction also brought us some interesting insights.


Have to say, we want to thank the continuous development of science technology. It not only makes our lives more convenient, but also in terms of life, it greatly enhances the user experience — at least for the adult supplies industry. One of the largest technological development in recent years is the entity doll. Yes, this has attracted people’s attention and improves their bed experience.

There are a large number of models on the market, from static dolls to fully fully fully equipped smart solid dolls. There are also some products that are being produced, and it is incredibly true and may be mistaken. We can see the latest series of top-level companies such as AbsSy, we can fully believe this is true. The development of these dolls directly reflects the true feelings of men and women, and has a real feeling. It is reported that a brand is using a special silica gel mixture, which is 97% with the human body, just like a complete person.

The quality of these solid dolls not only increases several times, but the technology behind it has developed, and the dialogue with these dolls. From Apple’s Siri to the Internet advertising we can see every day, AI technology is widely used in many areas of life, then why can AI technology not use to improve people’s sexual life?

In fact, AI technology did open the door for the development of this industry, and play an important role in the birth of smart solid dolls. When we touch them, the doll responds relative to the sensors built in hand, face, chest and private parts. These advances greatly enhance these solid dolls to bring the truth of the user. In fact, some domestic experts predict that in 2050, interaction with smart dolls will exceed the interaction between people.

custom made

Traditional markets are mainly women’s dolls, but there are also men and even transformation people to choose from. Although the market is still based on women’s dolls, it does reveal the future development of entity dolls because they have begun to truly cover owner orientation.

It is important to know that everyone’s feelings of beauty are different, from gender and race to different hair color and pupils. Everyone thinks that attractive things is a variety of diversification, so the doll cannot be simply suitable for everyone. This is why most brands provide customization services for customers. They can choose from the selection given by the manufacturer so that their dolls they produce are what they want, from height and skin color to face and chest.

The solid doll is typically supported by an alloy or stainless steel bracket, placed in the selected custom mold, and is injection molded, and functions and additional components can be added during this process. This greatly enhances the concept of entity dolls, allowing customers to imagine their ideal men or women, not just toys, it has become a partner that attracts you.


The benefits of adult toys are foreseeable, but physical dolls have complete unique advantages compared to any other supporting items in the market. Constant innovation and progress make them more reality than ever. Many users say that intimate contact with the entity doll is like a person in real life.

Similarly, many people who have physical dolls don’t necessarily only be related to physiological needs and are also related to interpersonal relationships. It is reported that they are sold to people who are difficult to establish relationships due to mental health, guarding and shyness. Maybe they just have no time to build romantic contacts with others. These solid dolls provide their desire and need interpersonal interaction to the owner in a way that is suitable for them.

These solid dolls have great benefits in experiments. Although they may be mistaken, it is a living, but the fact is not the case. This has opened up a new world for those who want to try sexual fantasies or physiological needs. It is not necessary to feel ashamed because it may be a private matter.

Most importantly, many exciting revolutionary changes have occurred in the technical field, thereby improving the market. This brings a huge benefit to many people, which means that this will inevitably be better than ever, and provide more sex to people than any other toys.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.