,Girlfriend’s Diary of Chastity in the Car

6 min readMay 27, 2021

My girlfriend, Xiao Qian, is 21 years old this year in the fourth year of college. She is not a super beauty, but she is definitely a very beautiful and tasteful girl. When I pursued her back then, there were many rivals in love, but I was defeated one by one. Among them, there were many good boys who were better than me.

Not long after my girlfriend and I fell in love, we began to have a close physical relationship. I remember that often after we were lingering in bed, she hugged me and said, “Husband, we can’t be separated in the future.”

Later, I knew that she was a girl with a strong sexual desire. She often bought some sex toys while I was not watching some porn videos. Recently I saw that she wanted to buy a torso sex male doll, but under my supervision she still bought some sex toys. give up

I looked at myself such a beautiful girlfriend and she was willing to commit herself to me. I really couldn’t ask for it. What about breaking up? Of course I swear I will love her all my life. (Hey, I think all boys know that they must say this when they sleep with their girlfriends)…… Not long ago, the girlfriend’s father and mother went back to the countryside to visit grandpa and grandma, so her house was cleaned. It fell on me.

While tidying up his girlfriend’s room, she found a thick diary in the drawer of her storage cabinet. It looked like it had just been hidden here, because the diary was still quite clean. My girlfriend’s diary has never been shown to me. I can’t give up this time when I have a chance. So, I took advantage of my girlfriend not paying attention, and quietly put the diary in my backpack.

After returning home, I opened my diary and read a few pages. In fact, it’s nothing, it turned out to be a record of some trivial things about his girlfriend in life. Although this diary is nothing special, the ideal of insulting my girlfriend allowed me to find out if my girlfriend had contact with other men before she met me.

When I was about to finish reading the diary, I found what I wanted. It turned out that just 2 months ago, when my girlfriend came back to visit her uncle in the countryside of her hometown, she encountered something that I couldn’t think of. …That day, my girlfriend’s uncle and aunt kept sending his girlfriend to the long-distance bus station in the town, and the girlfriend had to drive for five and a half hours to get home, but I was also waiting for her at the station on her side. Because my girlfriend and I haven’t seen each other for more than a month. I really want to see my girlfriend right away, hehe! Then do it with her twice to relieve the sexual hunger that has been suffocating for a long time.

After saying goodbye to uncle and aunt, the girlfriend got in the car. The girlfriend’s seat is in the last row of the car. A middle-aged man in his forties who got into the car just when he was driving, nodded to his girlfriend, put his large luggage on the shelf, and then sat in the seat next to his girlfriend. The middle-aged man seems to be in despair. Perhaps he is engaged in labor work. His waist circumference is so big that the waists of two people have to be close together.

After the car got on the highway, the lights inside the car dimmed. Because of the long journey and the long relationship, Shuqian felt very tired. Close your eyes, but can’t sleep.

“Sleep so early. Are you a student? Miss.”

The middle-aged man’s face is so thick that he will come up to talk to him in a short while, but his girlfriend hates men like men the most. So he ignored what the middle-aged man said.

After a while, his girlfriend felt heavy eyelids, and fell asleep deeply. …I don’t know how long I slept, my girlfriend felt itchy inside the thighs. The feeling is not bad, it’s quite comfortable. It may be a hand that I haven’t seen for a long time…No, this is the hand of the middle-aged man next to him on the bus. At some point, the blanket prepared in the car covered his girlfriend’s lower body, and the middle-aged man stroked it underneath.

Yes, the middle-aged man next to him did not sleep. Instead, he stroked his girlfriend’s shame through the skirt, as if he had a good skill. The girlfriend who touched it was itchy and got goose bumps on her body. Really bold, but also found the meat seam. The girlfriend didn’t know what to do for a while, and only temporarily continued to pretend to sleep, feeling very disgusted and ashamed.

(Damn! I see this in the diary, my heart is pounding, it’s really cheap this guy. Fuck!) This middle-aged man is very sly, snoring, while slowly stroking for a long time, from his girlfriend Pussy to groin. Press the palm on the shame mound, the middle finger between the flesh, the little finger and the thumb on the soft base of the thigh… “What to do? Take his hand away and dare not! Scream “Sexual harassment!” “I think it would be even more unclear to let other passengers find out.”

By the way, just fake sleep like this, then clamp the thighs, let him know “cannot continue”… (I still know about girlfriend Xiao Xian, if this man touches it like this, Xiao Xian will definitely not be able to stand it. ) The girlfriend applied force on the thigh and clamped the thigh so that the left hand of the middle-aged man could not move.

(Hmph, look, the strategy worked, and the hand stopped moving. There is only one way to go now, which is to pull the hand from between my thighs.) But I can’t think of the other’s clever way of touching. The girlfriend’s tactics had a counterproductive effect. The side of the man’s rough palm was firmly pressed against his girlfriend’s flesh.

(Ah…what to do…this person’s hand is stuck there but it is sexy. The relationship before menstruation is hot there.) The rough palm is directly on the root of the girlfriend’s thigh and the flesh is stroked back and forth.

(Ah…this man’s hands are really damn! No way. The panties are made of thin cotton and will get wet.) The girlfriend’s sense of crisis seems to have spread to the man’s hands, and the man’s hands stop moving. The strange thing is that the man’s fingers did not move, but the girlfriend’s lower body felt a sense of loss.

At this time, the middle-aged man seemed to have discovered that his girlfriend’s briefs were made of thin cotton. And it’s T-shaped underwear. (I gave it to Xiao Xian on her birthday) At this moment, the man suddenly pinched the bottom of his underwear and shook it left and right.

(Ah…the underwear and rubbing…very comfortable. Doing such a bad thing, my heart is pounding with excitement.) My girlfriend knows that if this goes on, the genitals will get wet and stick to the briefs, which will make this man even more excited. Such men continue to pretend to sleep.

(What does he want to do? It’s mine there) The underwear in the man’s hand was pressed on his girlfriend’s, and the middle-aged man re-covered the blanket. In fact, Xiao Xian was on the chrysanthemum bud that I would not even touch. , Is now being constantly pressed by this man-like man with his fingers.

It was very uncomfortable to see my girlfriend being played with by others like this. Later, I decided to mention my sex skills and ability, so I bought a full-size sex doll online and used her as my partner. I can satisfy my girlfriend better and make her inseparable from me.




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