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Irontechdoll, founded in 2016, is dedicated to creating realistic and sensual lover dolls that touch customers. During the start-up phase, Irontechdoll has been filling the development gaps in the industry, such as improper body proportions, inaccurate LHP, unrealistic details, poor handfeel and inflexible bone structure. To meet the diverse needs of doll lovers, we have always worked and invested in product development. Our product line spans from our starter range, standard TPE sex dolls and ultra-realistic silicone range. To better meet the high-end demand, we have established another production base for silicone sex dolls, the Ultra Realistic Series.

Introduction to the silicone doll factory

The Irontechdoll silicone sex doll manufacturing base covers an area of 1800 square metres, with a R&D department, sculpture department, injection department, make-up department, quality control department, marketing department and shipping team. Each department is organized according to the division of duties, closely cooperating and strictly supervising each other. With a first-class R&D team, we focus on original design and are committed to creating deeply loving dolls. Imported platinum silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly, to ensure that every customer is comfortable and worry-free to use. Exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality control system make our silicone sex dolls more realistic, high-end and artistic. Irontechdoll will continue to strive to provide better service to our direct sales, bulk orders and OEM/ODM partners. We warmly welcome our customers to discuss with us.

Design and Sculpture Team

Our designers and sculptures are graduates from top art schools with a wealth of experience and a vision of the future. The team of artists are skilled in wax sculpting, creating life-size dolls with perfect detail.

Doll Skeleton Department

Our dolls’ skeletons are made of stainless steel and precise, durable fittings. All skeletons are fully customised by our factory based on customer feedback and requirements. Each skeleton has human-like rations and joints. We tailor the tightness of each joint to the customer’s interaction with the doll. All the work we have done in this area will enable our customers to use these dolls smoothly and durably.


Using a wax painting process, the artist paints realistic veins and skin pores and textures on the silicone dolls, providing amazing tactile and visual enjoyment.

Make up

Doll face make-up is designed by professional make-up artists. All make-up is timeless and 100% identical to commercial photos. This is in line with our company’s commercial values.

The eyebrows and eyelashes are done by skilled hand implantation.

Lips have a realistic and sensual structure. Superb painting techniques reproduce realistic skin tones and body details. The feet and hands, as well as other important areas such as the knees, areolas, vagina, anus, elbows and belly button, enjoy exquisite detail to make the doll as realistic and deeply emotional as possible.


A professional photography studio supporting high quality photos and videos, we are always interacting with consumers to create more fancy shots. We guarantee that all our doll images are not Photoshop artefacts, but the actual appearance of the doll. This is in line with our business values, honesty and passion.

Quality Control Department

Once production is complete, we take photos and videos for our customers to double check and confirm before shipping. To ensure safe delivery worldwide, we use high quality cardboard boxes with seven layers of cardboard. Inside we use sleeping bags, pearl cotton and bubble wrap to secure and protect the dolls.


Our silicone sex dolls can be customised with gel breasts and hips for a more realistic touch.

Heated and intelligent voices are available for diverse client sessions. Removable eyes and reduced weight are default options for silicone dolls. Other additional features will be developed. Please contact for more information.


The silicone sex dolls all come with high grade accessories and high grade wigs. The hair implants are highly elastic human-like hair. Upgrade packs include combs, heating sticks, drying sticks, erotic lingerie and douches.

We know that the pursuit of customer satisfaction will not stop. irontechdoll will always continue to move forward with enthusiasm and effort. What continues to support us is the business value. Here are the details.

Mission: To focus on the doll industry and to inject full passion and continuous efforts to create cost effective deep love dolls. Vision: To be customer-focused and to be the industry’s top sample of ironwork dolls!

Vision: Customer-focused, striving to be the top sample in the industry!

Our Values: Honesty, Innovation, Passion, Openness

Honesty: Always be honest with our customers, business partners and team members! Pursuing sustainable, mutual development.

Innovation: product innovation, design innovation, service innovation! Strive to move forward one day at a time!

Passion: indulging in the requirements of our customers. Striving to create deep-hearted dolls that touch our customers!

Openness: respect, absorption, change!

We want to work and grow together with all our partners to better serve all our customers. Welcome to join us on this long and beautiful journey!




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