How did the Japanese erotic culture originate? Why is it so developed

6 min readJul 2, 2021

After the famous Japanese actress Sora Aoi gave birth to a child, he used Japan’s “five-year clause” to protect the rights of actresses and required the producers to remove all of their works.

This house goddess once in the hearts of countless people has become a great mother, “a girl is weak, but a mother is strong”. She once bowed her head to reality for life, and resolutely broke this for her own children. reality.

Everyone knows that there are many actresses in Japan, and this country is different from ours in China. Their erotic culture is legal, and even these erotic cultures are very developed, so where did it originate? Why is it so developed?

The origin of Japanese erotic culture

In the primitive society period, almost all ethnic groups were matrilineal societies, knowing only their mother but not their father. At this time, the status of women was very superior. Later, with the development of productivity and the continuous advancement of production tools, the status of women was inevitably reduced.

Although Japan’s history and culture are not as long as China’s, there is no doubt that in ancient Japan, it was a society where men were inferior to women. If the husband spends time and drinks outside, the low-status wife can’t go and roll around, and can only bear it silently. In this case, the demand for Japanese geisha and other occupations is increasing.

Ukiyo-e works that appeared in Japan’s Edo period are the earliest source of erotic culture. It is a painting method formed by drawing on the plate paintings and erotic pictures of the late Ming Dynasty in China, and it is often drawn from geisha, with bright and bold colors, and its exaggerated composition reflects the Japanese people’s demand for sex at that time.

At the same time, the Japanese are good at absorbing the cultures of other nations. This is a fact that we all see. This country has also absorbed the ancient Chinese Neo-Confucianism of the Song and Ming Dynasties, knowing the three principles and five constants, but it also retains the things in its own culture, advocating the enjoyment of nature while following the three principles and the five constants.

Between heaven and earth, there must be men and women before husband and wife, husband and wife before father and son, father and son before emperor and minister. They neglected the etiquette and enlightenment. Although strict rules were maintained between the monarch and the courtiers, men and women had already left the etiquette and enlightenment in a secret corner.

In this context, Japan’s erotic culture has a mass foundation, and continues to grow and develop with the development of history. They put great emphasis on natural enjoyment and played a powerful role in the development of Japanese erotic culture.

The status quo of the development of erotic culture

Japanese erotic culture is still very well-known, and in this context, some situations actually make me feel uncomfortable.

Some people say that the idea that men are superior to women is still very popular in Japan, but the status of women is also rising. The final impact is that the marriage rate is not high, and the fertility rate is also very low. There are many older leftover men who are unable to get married, and will indulge in the products of erotic culture when their desires are not satisfied. This is one reason why erotic culture is so developed in modern times.

Not only that, even married men, in Japan, where there are few natural resources, high prices, and a fast pace of life, where there is a lot of pressure, they may be addicted to enjoying the erotic culture and unable to extricate themselves to relieve themselves. Life pressure.

It may be that Chinese culture is relatively conservative and restrained compared to Japanese culture. Seeing the exposed magazines and film and television products lying on the shelves in Japanese convenience stores, I feel a little uncomfortable, and I feel that this culture is a little bit more. absurd. Of course, the fact that Japan’s culture is so developed is not entirely disadvantageous. In some respects, it also has certain benefits for human development.

Especially when it comes to education, because erotic culture is not surprising in Japan, parents can also speak out when educating their children, and they will not be as shy and obscure as Chinese parents. In Japanese families, the father would talk to his son about this knowledge when he was in elementary school, and the mother would also tell her daughter how to protect herself when she was young.

Children who grow up in such an environment will not be so easy to make the mistakes of adolescence because of curiosity. The reservedness and shyness of Chinese parents will bring curiosity and struggle to their children during adolescence, which may affect their study and life, and even affect their lives.

In some respects, we have to learn from Japan, but for some places we don’t agree with, we can’t criticize it, but should be tolerant.

Views on erotic culture

The development of Japanese erotic culture is not short in their history, but under the current social status quo where women’s positioning is constantly rising, they are bound to be impacted. We can’t criticize anything, because this is a crystallization of their history, even if it is inconsistent with our culture, we can only follow the spirit of “inclusive of all rivers, tolerance is great”.

Of course, we should also be inspired to learn and absorb outstanding foreign cultures. For example, the Japanese people’s education of their children about sex may be worthy of our reference.

In short, Japanese erotic culture prevails in Japan and has nothing to do with us. Some people say that it is a manifestation of disrespect for women, but I think that if a girl chooses this kind of profession, she must have also exchanged other things she wants. This is a person’s inner choice, not to mention “five years” Terms”. Five years after they leave the industry they are engaged in, they can apply to remove all the works they have participated in, which is enough to protect them.

Of course, from a woman’s point of view, if a girl chooses this kind of profession, her life may be stained, and others will look at her in a bad light. So the tools they exchange for benefits are not just their bodies, but their social lives.

Everyone knows that Japan is open and it is rich in action movies. There are buildings selling AV, and sex goods because I am a physical store of human goods! ! ! So I love and hate Japan as a country. The four big characters on the market that are very attractive at night are similar to “adult products” signs, I believe you must have seen them locally) And you must say that the sex toys are well done , We have to start with Mr. Cang’s hometown of Japan. In the Japan Inflatable Doll Club and Inflatable Doll Lovers Club, guests can play with the inflatable dolls in the room for 1 hour. The faces, hair and clothes of the inflatable dolls can be freely chosen. These inflatable dolls can be customized according to customer requirements and are usually very realistic, and the weight is almost the same as that of a real person. Nowadays, more and more physical dolls appear in front of us. Japanese sex dolls, big breast sex dolls, anime sex dolls, etc. are becoming more and more common around us. These are all a state of development in society, so we can’t measure good and bad.




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