How do I masturbate?

3 min readFeb 23, 2022


It is often said that 80% of men stroke off; we believe that the 20% left behind have yet to find it. There is no doubt that masturbation manifests itself in a very normal way and is the subject of generous conversation among young people. As teenagers, whenever we had an oopsy-daisy, we would run to the nearest toilet or private room and then we ran away. Emphasis on the fact that our people would be tuning in at the other end of the entrance way or, worst of all, barging aimlessly into our rooms, we needed to be out in the shortest possible time. Masturbation is certainly a race against time.

Fast forward a few years to adulthood. We currently live in our own place — or may have figured out how to bolt our entrance — which gives us the opportunity to enjoy demonstrations. We’ve also discovered a strategy of not rushing the stroke or getting our hands dirty like we’re trying to pull out our privates.

Slow, steady and… Wet wins the race

For girls, getting into the mood and stimulating themselves requires a lot of action at the same time, while men can only achieve a hard-on by watching some pornography. However, for those who are less into pornographic material (and yes, some are not interested), a quick way to get your sword ready for ‘the fight’ is to add a few drops of lube to your palm and slowly start stroking your partner. Gentle movements are needed — you can squeeze or apply light pressure to different areas of your shaft to see what feels better, and you can try different positions (you may feel silly if you go from the usual supine to kneeling or lie on your side during a twitch, but you may find that the different sensations are helping you reach orgasm faster.

Stop, go, stop, go

Try to forget what you used to think about five minutes of masturbation, especially if you want to make the most of self-stimulation. For increased stamina and intense orgasms, the cum control method is your answer. We know how it sounds, but it has been proven to be the most effective method. Stroke your hole at a specific rhythm to bring yourself to orgasm, and once you feel you’re about to cum all over your load, stop. Remove your hand from the throbbing body part and keep it away from it until your penis returns to limping.


Unless your name is on a list of the top 50 bachelors in the world, or you’re on the cover of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, you may struggle through countless days without sex — especially if you’re single. So what can you do when the urges exist and you need to control them? You’ll get some extra help from male masturbators.

Aptly named fleshlights — no, it’s just a handy light — these sex toys are there to save all single lads. Basically a handheld gadget, the high point of these sex toys is the fact that they are moulded to look and feel like a vagina. Sliding an erect penis into the opening also stimulates your nerves and instantly you feel as if you’re in the love opening of a real woman.

Did you know? Many porn stars have their own series of fleshlights which are formed by their vaginas. It’s almost as if you’re doing her! Get yourself a pair now!

Our recommendation: Neojoy’s double-mouthed pocket pussy — a toy that offers double the fun.

Sex dolls

For those ready for something bigger, better and more realistic, feel free to try a realistic masturbator — love dolls are very popular among male sex doll lovers for their lifelike designs, full size sex dolls and multiple uses.

When you prefer doggy style, cowgirl, flat or simple hands-free penetration and you’re looking for a way to get something closer to the real female body, Love Dolls are the best solution.

Our recommendation: Katarina from Neojoy — a real work of art with a sturdy interior, two perfectly sized breasts and delicious tunnels for anal and vaginal penetration.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.