How do men solve their physiological needs after being single for a long time?

3 min readApr 30, 2021

2018–01–21 by Zhang Xihong published in the news

How do men solve their physiological needs after being single for a long time? For this topic, it is very private. Just like some things, it is uncivilized and unhealthy in terms of getting them under the countertop. But when you think about it, it’s okay. Anyway, the problem lies in how you look at it. Obscene people look at everything obscene.

Regarding this issue, we can discuss it from the rich and the lack of money, but this is too realistic, let’s start with gentlemen and ordinary people.

Let’s talk about the gentleman’s method first:

1. Distract and think about other things

For people with self-control, this is an easy task. Some experienced people also have a way. They get up in the morning and panic, and they can do it by urinating in the bathroom.

Some people were more honest, saying that thinking about their own wallets, thinking about women’s bridesmaids, it worked better than anything, and the heart calmed down. Calm and cool naturally.

There are also people who think that as a person of high morals, one would not think about these things. You can cultivate some other excitement hobbies to distract attention. Watch online novels or play games.

2. Use health concepts to restrain yourself

Some people think that twice or once a week is healthier. If you don’t have time, then tell yourself, a little bit of effort and ten points of blood, often indulging in those things will kill you. As for whether this view is right or not, the important thing is to restrain yourself.

3. Do it yourself

For some ordinary people, it is a better way to solve it by yourself when you are alone. As long as you don’t over-masturbate.

Okay, let’s talk about ordinary people’s solutions, which may be more informative.

1. Go to night clubs or similar places

For some wealthy consumers, going to such a place is commonplace. Although we think this method is dirty, it does exist. This method is not advocated. After all, it’s better to do less of what the law does not allow.

2. Take a cold bath

For ordinary people, this method is easy to use, but it cannot be used in winter or often. There are side effects.

3. Do it yourself

In fact, sometimes, the righteous people use the same method to eliminate harm for the people, and the bad people use unscrupulous means. Same as the gentleman’s third method.

Well, I also squeezed my head to think of so much. In fact, one of the most effective methods is to quickly find a girlfriend, find a girlfriend, a girlfriend.

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