How long do sex dolls last?

4 min readFeb 23, 2022


Nowadays, more and more people own sex dolls. There is nothing strange about owning a sex doll.

When it comes to sex dolls, many people are probably wondering how long they will last. With such a realistic and expensive sex doll, we certainly hope that she/he will stay with us for a few years. Sometimes they just like our friends or partners and they can provide companionship in the absence of others or in the loss of our spouses and lovers. There is no doubt that we all wish they could stay longer.

The truth is that it is not an easy question to answer how long a sex doll will last. This is because the lifespan of sex dolls can vary depending on the material, use and care.

Based on our research and our previous user experience, the sex dolls on our website can last anywhere from 2 to 10 years if you use her/him correctly and take good care of her/him.

It depends on the material of the doll

Sex dolls are now mainly made from two materials.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)


Thermoplastic elastomer

TPE is not as hard-wearing as silicone and requires extra care. It can tear more easily and wear off more quickly. But if you take good care of your doll, she will last as long as a silicone doll.


Silicone is often considered to be the more durable material. Silicone is non-porous and easy to clean. Typically, dolls made of silicone last longer than TPE dolls and are less likely to tear. The downside part is that it is a little expensive and difficult to work with. These dolls do well, but TPE is fighting for its money.

It depends on how you use it

The way you use it and how often you use it will definitely shorten the life of the doll. If you treat her/him roughly or you overuse it every night, especially on the vaginal part, the doll can easily be damaged and torn. This is why many sex dolls have removable vaginas or penises so they can be cleaned easily and replaced if the part is damaged. So please use your doll gently and take her away after each use. Treat your doll with care and respect. You will be rewarded with years of sex.

It all depends on how clean the doll is

Cleaning your sex doll after each use is an important part of having a sex doll.

To avoid contamination, sex dolls must be thoroughly cleaned. Bacteria and fungus can remain inside the doll, especially after ejaculation, so you need to clean the entire doll properly after each use. After use, remove the doll head from the body and wash it separately. We recommend rinsing the private parts with tap water or mild soapy water inside and air-drying or drying with a dry cloth. Do not use a hairdryer.

It is up to you how you care for and maintain your doll

When the body skin becomes sticky, also use a bath powder or talcum powder to dry and smooth it.

After cleaning, dry the doll with a towel and apply some bath powder or cornstarch powder. Please do not use a hairdryer on the doll.

Clean the face gently and gently with a damp towel.

Wash the wig with a mild shampoo. Allow the wig to dry naturally.

Advice: Please keep your clothes on the doll and keep it clean.

You should move the doll carefully as it is a bit heavy. Please avoid dropping, knocking or breaking the doll.

Therefore, if you use your doll with an average level of care, expect it to last approximately two years. If your doll is well cared for and used only occasionally, the doll will last approximately 10 years. Proper cleaning and storage will certainly prolong the life of your doll, so with careful use and proper care your doll may last over ten years.

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