How long does a lifelike TPE doll last? My Personal Experience

5 min readOct 9, 2021


It’s been two years since I bought my first doll and today I’m going to talk about my experience with the durability of the TPE material used to make them. I don’t want to alarm anyone with this article, it’s just my personal experience and it’s likely I made a mistake. A mistake that obviously should not happen to me again based on experience.

When buying a realistic love doll, the question of how long the doll will last always comes to mind. There is no definitive answer. The reality is that TPE dolls are more fragile (and cheaper) than silicone dolls, but how long they last depends on many factors: how you use it, how you store it, the TPE mix you’ve used, etc.

As you know, I spent about 6 months unable to enjoy my dolls and I kept them in a small storage unit. Here you can see the entry where I explain it. For now, I will post some pictures showing how some of my dolls (especially my Doll Forever Bella and my Doll House 168 Molly Evo) TPE spent in an upright position after 2 years and 6 months in a closed warehouse, but ventilated, naked, without covering them with blankets and without storing them in their boxes.

Thus, they have been stored.

As you can see, the posture is vertical but relaxed, with no strange angles that could force the material to destroy it. But after all this time, they have developed these cracks:.

The cracks in the photo look very striking. I don’t want anyone to be intimidated, the dolls as a whole are still interesting because they still feel pleasant to the touch and haven’t changed. But those cracks have appeared, and knowing the level of care I’ve taken with my wrists, makes me wonder what might have gone wrong. I’ve gathered information and I still don’t have an answer, although I do have some theories.

What does the durability of a TPE doll depend on?

The use you give the doll: how often you use it, the treatment you give it (rough or delicate), whether you use it for sexual acts, whether you put it in a complicated or fairly simple position, etc.

The maintenance you do: washing it after use, whether you apply mineral oil, whether you apply talcum powder, etc. It is best to use talcum powder to make the skin smooth, there is a lot of debate about using mineral oil, some people use it while others do not.

The quality of the TPE blend used by the manufacturer. You can’t do anything about it, but we understand that the TPE of the best known brands should not be of poor quality.

How to store your doll: If you store it in a relaxed position, if you protect it with a box or cover it with a blanket, if it is in the right room environment (not too hot or too dry)).

Taking all these factors into account, the maximum time a TPE love doll can stay in perfect condition is not known, but it is known to count “years” from the time of purchase. It always lasts shorter than silicone dolls.

Why does my doll have cracks?

Opinions differ greatly on many issues related to doll care. For example, whether mineral oil should be applied to the wrists, or how to store them properly. However, no matter how much you inform yourself, there will always be unforeseen problems. Cracked wrist condition, after investigation ……

I don’t think it’s a maintenance issue, or not using mineral oil. Normally I don’t apply it, and in fact there are quite a few experts who say it’s not necessary, not to mention the new dolls that are on the market. I also have the impression that because of the areas where cracks appear (hands, feet and shoulders) they look the same when oiled.

I don’t think it’s a matter of abuse, I’ve always been very prescriptive about them and in fact for six months they didn’t even go out for a walk.

I also don’t trust Forever Dolls and Dollhouse 168 to make dolls out of inferior materials. Obviously the dolls are made of TPE and won’t be eternal, but two years still seems like too little for those brands, so in principle we gave up on that too.

So, I think it might be a storage problem. I explain. The warehouse where they stored the 6 months (the time period when the cracks already appeared) was a small closed but well-ventilated warehouse. Sometimes it might even be too much. It’s not like the dolls are outside all the time, but the vents sometimes let in drafts from the outside, which can affect them and cause them to dry out prematurely. It’s as if they’ve been in a room for 6 months with a half-window open to the outside, with air currents passing through it.

That, combined with the fact that they were naked and had nothing to cover them with (in their box, for example, or covered by a blanket), had been able to make the effect of the air even greater, and they became drier and did not do resist …… and lasted not for 5 years, but only for 2.

I’ll never know why they broke, just that one day these cracks appeared very quickly, but I think the storage issue had something to do with it. So from now on I will put them in another less drafty and more covered place. Collecting and enjoying love dolls is a long term hobby and I plan to buy new ones as time passes so I have my whole life to try.

With the development of technology sex dolls are getting better and better, more and more high quality sex dolls are appearing around us, they may be full size sex dolls or torso sex dolls, and of course there are torso sex dolls, we have to learn to take care of whatever dolls we have now




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.