How long does the physical doll generally last?

5 min readJun 17, 2021

One of my most frequent sayings: “The life span of a doll does not depend on herself, but on the user.” Maybe the doll in my experience hall will never forget the afternoon dominated by fear. I think I already cherish my doll very much. I couldn’t help but let her wear a black skirt that day. Before wearing it, I really tried it with silicone. It’s dyed…I know the old swallow me picture, so I won’t upload it…So, when you treat physical dolls, you must be careful and careful. Closer to home, the lifespan of a doll is affected by three aspects, 1. the quality of the factory, 2. the material, and 3. whether the user cherishes it. Many of the dolls in the experience halls are scrapped in three to four months. It is nothing more than the poor materials and bones used in the factory. If you don’t care, it is normal. My dolls currently speculate that the current batch of dolls should have a lifespan of about one and a half years. It should be because of trial and error on them… The second batch of dolls should have a lifespan of two years. Because I am a business person, there is nothing I can do if I encounter abnormalities

Normally, as long as you pay attention to maintenance, you can use it for a long time, remember not to use violence, and the maintenance time can be several years. I bought two brands earlier. I didn’t pay attention to how to maintain the first one. I often throw it aside when I used it up. As a result, it was stained and dirty in less than a year. Now the second one has been used for almost a year. Remember the lesson this time and take good care of it every time. The following are the specific maintenance methods: 1. Do not wear dark, tight clothing, avoid staining (light staining can be cleaned with decolorizing cream), if you must wear it, use warm Soak in salt water for about half an hour, and then wear it when the color will not fade. Dolls cannot be exposed to sunlight for a long time, and long-term exposure will cause the dolls to fade slightly.

There may be peculiar smells during transportation after just received, you can take a bath, put on talcum powder, ventilate for a few days, and spray perfume, ordinary people can use perfume; and the new doll will be more stiff and more Movable joints will be moderately tight. After using the doll, clean it and apply talcum powder (to remove dust, reduce oil, and remove odors).

3. Avoid the temperature is too high or too low, the ideal storage environment temperature is between 5–35 degrees. If the temperature is too low, you can use an electric blanket to warm it. Silicone is heat-resistant. Keep the environment as clean as possible. No water can enter the smart doll’s neck. When charging, you should gently insert the charging cable into the charging port (you cannot touch the charger with your hands to avoid burns), and hold the charging port when pulling it out to avoid The built-in line is disconnected, and the charging time is two hours. Someone should be looked after to avoid excessive charging time. (Dolls can’t use the “cart” position for a long time, which may easily cause knee rupture.) PS: The heating power is low voltage 36v. Now the heating dolls will have a test heating effect before they leave the factory. If the customer’s reaction is not hot or localized, it is usually Not long after I received the doll, because the outdoor temperature was too low, all the dolls did not heat up so quickly. You need to wait a few hours for the doll to reach room temperature before heating it. Cover it with a quilt and heat it up (it needs someone to take care of it). The heating effect is obvious.

4. Do not place heavy objects on the doll. Please keep a comfortable posture as much as possible during normal placement, and restore the posture of the doll as soon as possible after the action is completed to reduce the stress on each joint, and place a sponge or quilt under the body to ensure that the body is evenly stressed. The best way to place it is to hang it up, which requires a doll hook and a firm place to hang it. Maintaining a fixed posture for a long time will cause wrinkles or damage to the doll. If wrinkles occur, towels can be used to apply heat. If it is serious, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair. The freight will be paid by the customer (after the order is placed, the customer will be given common knowledge of daily maintenance of the doll).

5. Head maintenance: All cosmetics such as lipstick and other cosmetics used by the dolls when they leave the factory are the lipsticks used by normal people. Generally, they will not fall off, but they will gradually fade. Do not wipe the baby’s face makeup, eyebrows and eyelashes forcefully. Excessive force will cause the eyelashes to fall off and fade. Dolls can use general cosmetics for makeup. Please use lipstick and blush with caution. Many cosmetics can cause staining on the face. When removing makeup, use soapy water or makeup remover to wipe gently. There are no major problems except for the nails that have fallen off. Be careful not to wear dark clothes and don’t get the doll with sharp objects.

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