How much do you know about anal sex

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Anal sex is a kinky, exciting action and a bit scary. If you’re considering it, that’s great! Having anal sex in the right way can be a great experience. In fact, it can change your relationship with your sexual partner. On the other hand, for some reason, anal sex can cause some fear. If you’re not careful, anal sex can be painful and uncomfortable.

If you want the kind of anal sex experience that can lead to amazing orgasms and enhance your relationship, read on. This guide to anal sex will show you how to do it properly.

Do you want to have anal sex?

It’s really worth considering. Many people, especially women, are particularly interested in anal sex. Instead, they agree to try it out to suit their partner’s fantasies.

It’s important to find a balance here. It’s good to be perverse and open to trying new things, even if you’re not sure about them. On the other hand, if you are unable to enjoy anal because you have given in or feel pressured to do so.

In addition, you may try anal and decide you absolutely hate it and never want to do it again. That’s fine too. You may also find that you enjoy other types of anal sex but are not happy with it.

Safety rules for anal sex

Anal sex doesn’t need to be painful and there should be no blood. If you do feel pain and tears, it means you are slowing down. Try to change. Use more lubricant or another type of lubricant. Try a new position.

Or, you can give up and try again. Don’t put up with the pain and discomfort just the first time. Instead, follow these tips, even if it’s your first time. Finally, you will learn how to reduce the pain of anal sex.

Anal sex positions

There is no right or wrong position for anal sex. Yes, puppy style is popular, but it is only one option. What works for you depends very much on your preferences. Here are some positions to consider as you explore the best way to get anal

Cowgirl: When you’re on top, you can control the angle and depth of penetration. Your partner is also not in danger of going too deep or too hard. The downside is that you have to focus on your balance and angle, while also taking on the work of thrusting and pushing.

Reverse cowgirl: You still have to deal with balancing, moving and thrusting. However, you may feel a little more stable in this position.

Flat Doggy Style: This position allows for less deep penetration. This can help you to be more comfortable the first time you use it. Remember, this is a very passive position for you. So, be prepared to put into words how you feel and what you want your partner to do.

Classic Puppy Style: This is classic for a reason. Firstly, neither of you is carrying the weight of the other. From their position, your partner can see everything that is happening there. They can let you know when they are in and how deep they are in. Once you are ready, this is also a good position for deep and fast thrusts.

Spooning: This is a very lazy and relaxing way to have vaginal intercourse. It is also a good alternative to anal sex. Here, you simply lie on your side and return to your chest with your partner. They then leave your thighs with their arms and penetrate you from behind. As neither of you are bearing any weight, you can just focus on the sensations of penetrating, pushing and experiencing.

Knee to chest: Of course, if you are very flexible, this position might be called “ankle behind the ear”. If you want to enjoy very deep penetration, this is a good position to be in. Just know that it puts your partner in charge of thrusting and pushing. Again, be prepared to provide plenty of feedback and guidance on anal sex.

Enhancing anal sex

Anal sex should not be an endurance exercise for the benefit of your partner. It can and should be an amazing experience for both of you. Check out these anal sex tips.

Try to reach orgasm. Have oral or vaginal intercourse, or play with a vibrator before you start trying anal. At first, you’re already relaxed and satisfied.

Use vaginal stimulation during the performance. While your partner penetrates you, try masturbating with your fingers or a sex toy at the same time for added pleasure.

Try anal sex toys. You can use great dildos and vibrators to add to the fun during anal play.

Prepare for anal play. If you’re worried about things not going well, then you won’t enjoy the experience. You’re just worried about being embarrassed. Using some wet wipes, or even anal douche, can put you more at ease.

Anal sex tips for men

Hook-up toys

What is hooking? It is a sexual act in which a man is anally penetrated by his female partner. Obviously, she will wear a strap-on or use an anal dildo. Fixed dildos come in many shapes and sizes. Men can also use anal dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers and other toys to enjoy anal play on their own or alone.

It is quite normal for men to play with anal sex. In fact, it makes perfect sense because anal sex stimulates a man’s prostate. This can lead to deep, intense orgasms.

The final breakdown

Anal sex is absolutely amazing. The key is to slow down, use plenty of lube and then find a method that works for you. Also, if you come to the conclusion that anal is not your thing at all, that’s perfectly fine.

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