How much do you know about sex

4 min readMay 8, 2021


In daily life, “sex” is a more sensitive topic. Some people may avoid talking because they feel embarrassed. But as long as we are open-minded, it will be much easier to clarify some questions about “sex.”

Fallacies and Taboos

Many people think that the elderly should be pure-hearted, do not need or should not have sex, ignore the sexual needs of the elderly, or avoid talking about it. But in fact, “sex” is a natural physical and psychological need of human beings, including the elderly. According to some foreign surveys, about half of people aged 60 to 90 still maintain regular sex.

Broad sex

The definition of “sex” is actually quite broad. It not only focuses on physical contact, but also includes spiritual communication with a partner. This definition is particularly important in the sexual life of the elderly, because if you pay too much attention to the physical sensory stimulation and performance and neglect the spiritual communication with your partner, some unnecessary difficulties and distress may arise.

Possible physical and psychological changes in men

As they grow older, men’s physical sensitivity will be lower than when they were younger: for example, it takes a longer time for the penis to get an erection, and the time it takes to maintain an erection is shorter. If you only focus on sensory performance, you may misunderstand that the decline in sensory performance means that sex is no longer suitable for you, and you may even worry that sex will hurt your body. Because of fear, sex will be forbidden, and intimate relationships with your partner may also be affected Diminish. On the contrary, some people may rely on alcohol, drugs or some so-called “supplements” because they want to improve their sexual performance, ignoring their dangers.

The physical and psychological changes that women may have

Some women after menopause may think that they should no longer have sex because they are infertile. They mistakenly believe that if they still have sexual needs, they are lewd. This concept may make them suppress their natural need for sex, and their attitude towards sex may be more evasive and passive, not to mention asking them to openly enjoy the pleasure of sex. On the other hand, decreased vaginal secretion may make sex more painful and make them avoid sex. If this is the case for a long time, it may cause unnecessary grievances with your partner.

Sexual life and partner relationship

Sexual life is a manifestation of the intimate relationship between people. If the relationship with your partner is poor, it will be more difficult to have a satisfying sex life. Therefore, in sex life, mutual understanding, care and acceptance with your partner are very important.

Auxiliary skills

Some physical difficulties can be overcome or reduced by using sex skills and assistive devices. For example, when you have enough rest to start sex, extend the time and prelude of caress, choose some sexual intercourse positions that consume less energy, or choose some lubricants, etc., can make your sex life more harmonious. If necessary, ask a doctor for help.


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