How to become an actress in Japan

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Where do the actors come from?

There are too many channels for participating in AV. There are models, beauty pageants, Internet celebrities, and girls who are discovered by scouts on the street to make their debut. This industry has low barriers, fierce competition, and is easily criticized. However, because of the opportunity to become famous overnight, there are still a large number of young men and women who are bravely devoting themselves to the great cause of “love action movies”.

Recently, affected by the economic downturn, the Japanese AV industry has also shrunk. In order to regain its glory, they used a lot of money to persuade a group of photo actresses to go to the sea to make a film. Among them, Hara Saori became a hit, and the “photo maiden debut” was aroused. How many fascinating fantasies have brought about the wave of electroporation erotic films in the photo industry, the star-making movement is booming, and the audience is eagerly waiting for more female stars to cross the field to open up their second spring.

In 2003, Japan opened the first “AV Culture School”. The school accepts applications from film fans from all over Japan. The principal Shinji Kubo is a professional AV actor and has an impressive record of performing more than 800 AV films. The biggest selling point, of course, is that the school’s teachers are all popular “AV actresses”, including heavyweights like Miles Kikuchi.

At present, the “AV Culture School” has opened 4 majors, namely AV performance, AV script creation, AV videography and AV director. Classes are scheduled on weekends. The entire course takes almost a year to complete. Distance education is also provided. . Students have the opportunity to participate in internships and participate in actual shooting.

In order to take care of the students who are unable to attend classes at school, remote education is even provided. During the learning process, students not only have to receive theoretical courses, but also practice courses such as various postures. Professional male and female actors will also be invited to demonstrate on-site and guide some classic movement skills. At the same time, the students will be trained for their camera sense, because the girls who have just stepped into this line will have a little fear. The requirement of training is to allow them to perform boldly and without a bottom line in full view.

Before the opening of the “AV Culture School”, if you want to become an AV actor, you have to wait for the scouts to explore. However, since the opening of the school, the quality of actresses has been greatly improved, and girls who want to become AV actresses have more professional and safe ways.

How does the AV actress interview?

It’s really not easy to be an AV actress. The interview is also unique and unique. It is completely different from all the interviews you have participated in and imagined. After you enter, the chief examiner asks you to stand by a wall with a ruler on the wall, starting from 1. -A 200 cm picture is on the wall to measure your height. He quickly filled in the numbers on the interview form as soon as he stood there. After 168 cm, a person walked up to me and looked at my feet, 48 kg. (There is an electronic scale here), and then asked questions about whether you have been in this industry before, are you a virgin, are you studying, and so on.

The second link: The interviewer will ask you to sign your name on a drop of paper. Later, I learned that this is a very detailed contract. There are about 20 pages of paper. Each page must be signed and handprinted. Then Just move on to the next link, and the girl behind keeps up. Like the assembly line, there are 4–5 men in this room, and from time to time there are other people coming in and out. He asks you to take off all your clothes, leaving only your bra and shorts. At this time, two men began to touch me, and I began to resist, not knowing what was going to happen, they said it was just a routine check to see if it was plump enough and the quality was good and so on.

The first step in doing AV must be to have a good body. If you are not in good shape, it will be eliminated in this link. There is also a younger age, usually less than 20 years old. The price will be slightly higher for younger people. The price is relatively low for people over 20. The price breakdown of this industry is very detailed. If you are interested, I will pass the price list to you. Each category is divided into dozens of categories in detail, such as not wearing a condom. More than 30,000 yen, with a cover of more than 20,000 yen, the price of group P is also different, there are many auxiliary items, the low is only a few hundred yen, called mandatory option + auxiliary option, the mandatory option is just to follow this announcement As far as the service is done, at least two auxiliary options must be selected, and some AVs select all in order to make more than 50 more options. We simply use an internal price list to understand in detail:

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Those who choose all are generally chosen by older women who are in urgent need of money. Generally, younger women can only choose 2–3 items. However, the company will not agree that you only choose 2–3 items. People’s tastes are very heavy now. One of the too routine shots is not seen by no one, and the second is that it cannot be sold at a good price.

This disc in Japan is legally sold for a disc between 150–450 RMB). According to the company’s statistics, the discs above 400 are the best sellers, which can satisfy the tastes of many people.

People like students are here. Usually the company arranges the most important notice to you for the first time, that is, more than 50 all-inclusives, and more than 95% are forced. When you sign the stack of contracts, you no longer have the right to speak but you are up to it. People at the mercy of others, and do not act in front of the camera to block the face and obscure important parts, otherwise it will not only not be paid a gross salary, but will also be pursued for compensation. This is why the actress in the film cannot resist no matter how painful it is. The reason is. If you don’t cooperate, you will be dismissed. If you are dismissed, all the studios in Japan will no longer hire you. Because they have a system that records each of your information in detail. No filmmaker is willing to spend a lot of money to find someone who does not cooperate to waste their time and money.

Usually new entrants are not familiar with this, and the company will tick it for you by default. Once you tick it, it means you agree, and you won’t be able to regret it later.

How big is the scale?

AV is not a simple hand-to-hand fight. Even in Japan, it has a strict censorship system. All AV publications must be marked with a mosaic, which is what we commonly call “coded”, so that “The World of the Senses” shot in 1976 cannot be seen in Japan because of its amazing scale. This is released. In Europe and America, film and television works have an extremely strict classification system, and minors are prohibited from consuming and watching adult films.

How did the AV come out?

Under normal circumstances, the AV production process is: the filmmaker places an order → the production company undertakes the production → submits for review → prints and packages → wholesalers wholesale → audiovisual stores → consumers.

The filmmakers are the investors. They pay to make this film. Many filmmakers are actually companies, such as the adult products industry or other industries that need to use publicity. Because the circulation is very stable and the audience is wide, so advertising The effect is very good, and individual film producers can not only help their own companies to promote, and some can even make a part of the profit. Another type of film maker is a professional AV film and television shooting company. The company’s main job content is to distribute films, and a large number of films are distributed. Similar to domestic film companies and film and television companies.

The shooting company is easy to understand; it’s the one who is in charge of the filming. Generally, there are professional photographers and photographic equipment. It is easier to find a photography venue. There is also a director. The appearance of more than 10 people during the filming process is not embarrassing in Japan. In fact, many little girls have sex before the age of 17. Girls who have not had sex after the age of 20 will be looked down upon and despised by others. After the age of 18, this age group often hears them discussing some male issues in private. There are also some adult toys. There are many adult toy stores here, like domestic convenience stores, which are easy to enter and exit. There are many goods, similar to a small supermarket. There is a small basket. You can throw it into the basket if you want. There is no shopping guide, and you can go directly to the export for settlement. That’s it. It’s a bit different from the domestic situation. It seems that few domestic stores go in. Among the classmates in my language class, many students have a small stimulation stick (in fact, most of the little girls have a lot of “little toys”) and carry them with them during class. They are just embarrassed to play in class (the sound is a bit noisy) ) Talking about sex is as casual as talking about clothes and cosmetics. But it’s not chaotic. It feels like a very civilized discussion.

A low-cost film can be completed in a day or two, and a well-produced AV can even take months. The staff and actors repeatedly discuss the plot, and the hero and the hero continue to communicate and cultivate feelings, and the hard work is no less than that of ordinary films.

Therefore, for actors, it is even more necessary to have the skills to enter the play. “Every time I shoot, I think of the male protagonist as my lover.” An AV female star once said, “Otherwise, I will be too nervous or laugh at the scene, and I will not be able to perform normally.”

What about the SOD shooting scene?

SOD is the largest AV manufacturing factory in Japan. At around 8 in the morning, actors will enter the venue one after another. There are all kinds of “adult toys” outside the factory. After entering the factory, the SOD office is actually the same as the office that appeared in the Japanese TV series. It’s no different. There is no shortage of women in the staff. It is said that when there are not enough actors, these female employees will go to the battle in person. The male and female protagonists in the Japanese AV are not allowed to contact in private, so before shooting, they will let the male and female protagonists get to know each other to avoid embarrassment on the scene. The male and female protagonists need to read the script repeatedly before shooting, and the staff must communicate with the male protagonist in order to make the shooting smooth. Then the men and women began to change their costumes, and the director team also prepared a large number of adult products to facilitate the actress’s bad condition during the filming process, to facilitate flirting, and to protect the scene from excessive situations. For example, in the previous paragraph, the action was too passionate, and the AV actress was fainted on the spot, foaming at the mouth and died.

Then came the official shooting. When entering the topic, the hero and heroine need to quickly enter the state. During the shooting, because of the shooting angle and the actor’s expression, there will be multiple interruptions, and the situation will be repeated again. Therefore, male AV actors are not as good as everyone thinks. So many times we see a performance, it often takes a whole day to shoot. After the filming is over, everyone will thank each other, then take a shower and go home and continue their lives.

How long does it take to shoot an AV?

In order to reduce costs, the production company shoots an ordinary AV, which is usually done in one day, and the actresses’ schedules are also refined to every 10 minutes. The “New Overseas Chinese Newspaper” pointed out that after the early morning gathering, the actresses will put on their makeup in 20 minutes. The staff will arrange the scene first at this time. When the women have optimized their makeup, the set is ready. Next, the director will explain the general content and adjust the mood at the same time. The actress will also spend 10 minutes to get to know each other with the actor or actress who plays the opposite role. After the pre-work is completed, she will officially enter the shooting state.

A complete AV takes about 9 hours and a shot in units of 10 minutes. When the director calls “Ka”, the actress must immediately return to the original state, so back and forth 6 or 7 times, and 10 shots are taken. , No matter how good the body is, the actress is also tired to lie on the ground.

Because the shooting time is too fast, it is difficult for the actresses to eat on time. It is common to eat stomach problems due to abnormal eating. This is not a problem, because the frequent reshoots and the tense rhythm, when the state is not good, the actress will even flash back. Because of the excessive posture, the private parts bleed; but the producers of these medical expenses will not be responsible. Therefore, in addition to stomach disease, waist disease is also an occupational disease for AV actresses. As for gynecological diseases, it is commonplace.

How to make a good AV?

If you ask any AV production team, what is the key to success? The heroine’s cup? The actor’s strength? They will tell you without hesitation, the key is to be dedicated!

Clearing the scene is the most basic etiquette, and sometimes only a photographer is present. Respect for the actors also determines the final quality of the film.

AV is Adult Video, a film specifically for adults. In this field, if Japan recognizes second, no country in the world dares to recognize first. From the deceased Ai Iijima to the now-famous Lola Takizawa, the erotic movies produced on this assembly line every year are simply virtual Viagras given by Santa Claus, benefiting so many people late at night.

Professionalism and dedication can be called the pride of pornographic films. There have been rumors that a certain actress was NG30 times when shooting an AV shot, just because there was not enough emotional blend between her and the male protagonist’s eyes.

Iijima Ai’s autobiography “Platonic Sex” once mentioned that in order to express the perfect feeling of the actor’s final orgasm, the staff specially prepared a liquid and made small props so that she could hide it in the palm of her hand. The fountain brings wonderful visual enjoyment to the audience. In order to do it naturally, she practiced hard many times, because unprofessional performances cannot even be recognized by herself.

How does AV develop after retirement?

AV actresses don’t live long and they always have a day to retire, but they are responsible for the old-age care and medical care. Once something major happens, the hard-earned money earned from skin and flesh will soon be gone. Even if you are lucky to marry someone, you will Because of “job burnout,” they lose their sexual desire and can’t enjoy a normal married life. In case their husbands turn their faces and pat on AV someday, they will have to swallow the bitter fruit alone.

The report mentioned that according to the survey, the divorce rate of AV actresses exceeded 80%. In addition, there are girls who lose their fertility due to occupational injuries, cannot get married or have their own next generation, and can only die alone in the end.

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