How to buy real dolls

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Buying a live doll is an important decision, and if you are a first-timer and buying a doll for the first time, you can take into account the selection factors we have put together to consider.

Choose a physical merchant to reduce the risk of fraud

Consumers often encounter fraud because they trust the photos of real dolls provided by buyers on online platforms, auctions, and receive low-priced “inflatable” dolls after payment. Because the seller may use the original silicone, TPE doll photos to attract consumers, so that consumers expect to buy a real live doll at a low price.

This type of fraud mostly occurs on the Internet platform where the seller cannot be found. It is recommended that you choose a reliable online seller with reviews when buying, or go to a physical store to actually touch the dolls, and even 2 People World also offers a service that invites consumers to check the store before picking up the dolls upon arrival.

Space to store live dolls in your home

The height of the real doll size from about 65 cm to 172 cm, and close to the size of the doll, the standard size falls on about 145 cm.

In terms of dolls around 145 centimeters, the size is close to life-size, you need to think about the storage space and choose the right doll. Generally speaking, whether it is a silicone doll, TPE dolls need to be stored in a lying or sitting position, will need a certain amount of space to collect. For example: lift the bed, under the bed, wide enough closet, etc..

If there is an additional purchase of standing kits (in the doll’s feet to add a stand-up fulcrum), so that the doll in a standing position stored behind the curtain, you can reduce the need for space.

Choose the doll’s body shape and weight

Whether it is a silicone doll or TPE doll, the mold for producing the body shape is usually fixed, so it is not possible to customize any height with any size of the chest. Each brand of dolls are produced by the original factory to fix a specific height with a specific size of the chest. Generally speaking, the higher the height, the heavier the weight of the doll, for example, 145 centimeters, weighing about 26 kilograms, of course, there are some lightweight design, will be lighter than the same height of the doll, for example: her words, Chun Shui Tang two brands of dolls.

So the first step can first choose the favorite head, the second step and then choose the favorite body shape from the same brand of dolls. Use the selected head to match the body you like, customize the doll you want.

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Real doll brand styles and materials

Different brands of dolls have different face shapes, body styles and materials (silicone and TPE).

2 People World currently sells the real doll brands, WMDOLL Jinshan, JYDOLL handsome shadow, XYDOLL companion, Amourdoll, her language, etc. is a real life style, while AUTOME bump Mimi is anime secondary style. In addition, the difference in material is also one of the key points to consider

The difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls?

In the past, silicone dolls were generally considered to be more sophisticated than TPE dolls, but with the advancement of technology, the quality of TPE dolls is no longer too different from silicone dolls, and have their own advantages.

Silicone doll characteristics/

Due to the characteristics of the raw material, the face details can be sculpted more delicate, and the smell of the material produced by silicone will be lighter. The skin of silicone dolls actually feels a little more solid than the real thing, in addition, the nature of the material is less likely to be repaired when the skin surface is cracked and damaged. Silicone and TPE process technology is different, silicone in the mold produced in the doll’s body parting line is more obvious.

Silicone doll adult material difference tpe

TPE doll characteristics/

The smell of TPE material is more than that of silicone, with the advancement of technology, the smell can be reduced by ventilating the environment after the new product is opened. tpe dolls have a soft touch that more consumers like, and because of the nature of the material, it is easier to repair the surface damage with repair fluid. tpe material is softer, and the sculptability of the face details is lower than that of silicone. But the body of the touch line is not obvious than silicone.

Because silicone and TPE dolls have their own advantages and disadvantages, there are doll brands that use silicone heads with TPE bodies to cleverly blend the advantages of both. The head of the doll is made of silicone, which can be sculpted delicately, and the soft body of TPE, which consumers love to experience. In addition to the choice of all silicone or all TPE material, consumers also have another choice.

To sum up the above explanation silicone and TPE have different characteristics, there is no certain which material is the best. Brand dolls choose high quality TPE material and silicone material is the same price, to choose silicone or TPE, or even silicone head with TPE body combination, depending on the needs of consumers.

tpe doll adult material differences silicone

Silicone dolls vs TPE dolls common myths?

Silicone dolls must be better than TPE dolls?

This question is as mentioned above, the characteristics of the two are different, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you simply consider the “experience”, TPE dolls have a better touch, but the major drawback is that they are easier to stain than silicone dolls due to clothing. And silicone dolls because of the characteristics of raw materials, in the sculpture of the face, can be more exquisite and realistic than TPE dolls, but the skin feel more Q elastic than TPE dolls soft.

So there is a fusion of two materials with the doll.

I heard that TPE is easier to crack or damage than silicone?

Brands and large manufacturers choose TPE material are better quality raw materials, generally will not appear in the normal use and storage of rupture or damage to the situation, there is such a situation is usually to buy poor quality TPE dolls, (such as unknown brands use industrial tpe, may have a bad smell odor, but also easier to break.

Proper use, storage or storage, is the key to maintaining the life of the doll important. General brand of live doll life of about 3 to 4 years.

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