How to choose the right realistic doll for you?

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Choosing a real dollmay not be easy. A few years ago, when the market was dominated by American and Japanese manufacturers, there were not many models available, and with the arrival of strong Chinese brands, availability has increased exponentially. muñeca de plata currently has hundreds of customizable bodies and heads in its catalog. Understanding the differences between one model and another is not always easy. In this short buyer’s guide, we provide you with information and advice that can help you choose your doll.

Differences in materials used

The Three Clubs Clara 165cm and WM Dolls Sophia 165cm dolls are both beautiful, but apart from the face shape, what makes them different? The differences usually lie in the design of the body (WM dolls have longer legs) and the materials used. The first is silicone, the second is TPE

Sanhui 165cm

WM doll 165cm

Silicone or TPE?

The choice of material is important: some prefer silicone, some prefer TPE. to understand the differences in detail, you can check the article on the differences between silicone and TPE.

If you have already made your choice, here is a breakdown of materials by brand.

TPE: Wicker Doll, AF Doll, Jarliet, Qita, Mountain Flower, SY Doll, AS Doll, WM Doll, and Toy Doll, Teenage Doll, YL Doll, Hitdoll, 6YEDoll, Dollhouse168, Orgasm Doll, Doll Forever. Victorian sex dolls, JY dolls

Silicone: Mannequin, Sinodoll, Z-Onedoll, Tri Club, JM doll, DS doll.

Small differences in size

Sometimes a brand of dolls in the catalog has a small difference in height. For example, 6YEDoll presents a figure of 148cm and 150cm. Hitdoll also has 108cm body length and 110cm body length. Why and what is the difference?

Generally speaking, if the difference in height is only 2cm, the important difference is in the other measurements. For example, 6YEDoll 148cm doll leg length 70cm, 150cm doll leg length 89cm; Hitdoll 108cm doll is the “medium breast” version, Hitdoll 110cm is the “large breast” version.

Hitdoll 108cm

Hitdoll 110cm

Doll selection: where to start

We believe your first priority should be the body. First choose the body you like, then choose the face that inspires you. Find all the bodies in the body catalog.

In fact, the head is always interchangeable (except for Piper dolls); it can be removed and swapped with others from the same brand, and sometimes with others as well.

It is also cheaper to swap a head than to swap a body. Additional heads can be ordered when you purchase the doll or later. Contact us for more information on purchasing additional heads, or visit the head catalog directly.

Choosing a body

You will consider the following items.


Size and maximum weight

Body features: more realistic or more prominent and fanciful?

WM Dolls 168cm G-cup: very appetizing, but be aware of the weight (54kg)

To help you, we have given you a brief overview of the brands we sell (updated April 2017).

WM Dolls has built a good reputation for itself with three very successful dolls: Yoko 100cm, Lyla 140cm and Venus 155cm. each of them represents a very desirable female ideal: Yoko with her angelic face and huge breasts, Lyla and Venus, attractive women with perfect bodies, a kind of super sexy and erotic Lara Croft Croft, with impressive curves and a very narrow waist. WM Dolls is always very active, often launching new dolls in response to customer requests or introducing new trends.

Dollhouse168 presents a diverse and fascinating catalog of Oriental beauties. Pale skin, sexy (like 161+) or small breasts, Dollhouse168 girls take you to an exotic universe that will be irresistible to Japanese sexy lovers .

Hitdoll presents a full range of TPE dolls from 108 cm to 165 cm, with breasts of all tastes, but never overly so. Fun and always very feminine, Hitdoll women represent the ideal of femininity found every day.

OR Doll offers a full line of TPE dolls, including a small 125cm breast. 156cm is available in five different breast sizes, from a small B cup to a very generous H cup. The face is always sexy.

YL Doll presents four doll models that have two things in common: a wide waist and a typical Western face, except for Shael who has an elfin face. 155cm dolls have extraordinary versions with very small breasts and large hips.

Z-Onedoll is a new brand launched by Hitdoll, introducing dolls with heating and sexy moans .

6YEDoll now has a full range of TPE dolls. The first brand to offer an African doll, 6YEDoll has quickly conquered the passion of people thanks to the attention of its very young and provocative face, sets of generous breasts and slender legs. 132cm doll weighs only 15kg.

Maiden Doll offers a full line of sexy Asian and Western style TPE dolls at competitive prices.

Sanhui is highly regarded for its high quality silicone. It offers mini dolls (92cm with a typical Japanese cartoon face) and life-size dolls with medium breasts. His most recent doll, the beautiful Clara 165 cm, has been a worldwide success.

JM Doll offers a full range of very realistic silicone dolls.

Doll Forever is a brand that was launched in 2016. The brand uses a softer TPE blend. The bodies are life-size and the faces are typically Asian. the Doll Forever dolls always have the ability to stand upright. In addition, there are no visible supports due to a new sole modification.

DS dolls are the best reputed brand in China. ds dolls are made of a soft platinum silicone mixture. All dolls have rigid or loose joints. ds offers a full line of balanced and often slim bodies. Faces are mostly Asian, women in their twenties.

Victoria Sex Doll is a brand launched in early 2017 offering a small range of TPE dolls in various sizes. 130cm E-cup dolls with cute elf faces Elvera and Kitty have been a big hit. 165cm has an exclusive heating system , distributing heat evenly throughout the body to a comfortable temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

Climax Doll prides itself on being different. Launched in 2016, this brand’s TPE doll has a superb 160cm fat doll and a pair of equally superb fat legs. Meanwhile, the 175cm tall and slim doll also set a new height record. The faces are mostly fair, Western and mature.

Head selection

Once you have chosen the body, you can focus on the head selection. Remember.

All heads are interchangeable with other heads from the same brand. Additional heads can be purchased at the time of doll purchase or later.

Most of the brands in our catalog have heads that are compatible with other brands. Please contact us for more information and remember that only some brands sell heads separately.

What if I want to choose both the body and the head?

If you prefer to select the entire doll in one step, we recommend that you visit the predefined doll catalog, known as the Gallery Catalog. By purchasing a predefined doll, you will receive the exact same doll as the gallery.

* Costumes, tattoos, piercings, accessories and wigs are not included. The box includes a set of sexy lingerie at the manufacturer’s discretion. If a wig in the gallery is not in stock, we will send a similar wig.

Use filters to find the doll you are looking for

Considering the breadth of the body catalog and gallery, we offer you a number of filters that will help you make the catalog more accessible by showing you only the dolls that match your selection needs.

The filters available are

For the body: Brand, Label, Price, Size. These filters can be found in the body catalog on the left.

For the gallery: Brand, Label. You can find them at the top of the gallery directory

How to use the filters.

- Click on a filter to see all the products you are interested in. When you select a filter, it will turn purple.

- To select multiple filters at the same time, click one filter at a time. The filters work step by step. For example, to view all “Torso” + “Tits” products, first click on “Torso” (all “Torso “ products will appear), and then click on “Tits”. Now you will only see the product “Torso with huge breasts”.




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