How to heat up a sex doll to the temperature of a real woman

4 min readDec 24, 2021

Life-Life sex dolls have been popular for more than 10 years. And as a result of the epidemic, designer sex dolls have been taken off the shelves. Sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic with their veins and freckles. The new trend is to equip sex dolls with sound systems and heating systems. Because many sex doll owners want their sex dolls to feel as warm as real people. These two functions are compatible with each other. Often, manufacturers offer both functions together as a separate package.

Ways to heat up a sex doll

USB heating sticks

When you purchase a new sex doll, a USB heating wand is usually provided free of charge. It is very easy to use, plug in the USB and insert the wand into your sex doll for a few minutes. It works on all three sex holes of the sex doll. Once heated, the warm love hole will feel like a real woman’s. It is safe to use. The heating wand is made of high quality ABS material.

This is a proven technology. Many fleshlight owners have been using them for years and it is hard to quit. The experience is more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether your sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE, the heater bar is a safe choice because it never overheats! Silicone sex dolls can stay warmer for longer than TPE sex dolls.

If you want a nice looking hand warmer wand for yourself, remember to choose a wand that is neither too thick nor too short. You want the orifice to be fully heated without stretching. There are automatic temperature control wands on the market. Many wands are waterproof and therefore easier to clean.

Internal heating systems

Many brands offer sex dolls with built-in full body heaters. The heater is designed to heat the body and orifice of the sex doll. You will have to pay extra for this feature. It is easy to find out if a sex doll has an internal heating system. This is because you will see a hole in the sex doll’s neck (Sino Doll) or in the side of her body (WM Doll), away from her armpits. You will have to insert a wire into her body to heat her up.

A screen is attached which tells the sex doll the current temperature and your preferred temperature. The time it takes to reach your set body temperature is less than or more than one hour. When charging, ensure that your sex doll is lying on her back and that her legs and arms are straight. You can shorten the heating time by wrapping her up in a quilt. Remember to unplug your sex doll before you penetrate her.

With a heated sex doll, her touch will be nice and realistic. The sexual experience will be more enjoyable and realistic. You can cuddle her after sex. She will stay warm for hours depending on the room temperature. If you sleep under the covers with her, she will stay warm all night long.

When you buy a sex doll with an internal heating system, pay attention to where the heating wires are. Many sex dolls have only heating wires in the torso. So the head, hands, feet, chest and sex organs will not be warmed. Some brands only have electric heating wires in the TPE sex dolls. Some brands only install electric heating wires in sex dolls with full breasts and not too thin waists. Some brands (such as WM Doll, YL Dolls and OR Dolls) allow you to change the temperature on the thermostat unit. It is best to choose a heating system with a safety thermostat power switch.

Heated blankets

Many people already have a heating blanket in their home to help them get through the cold nights. It is also very convenient to use a heating blanket to heat your sex doll. She’ll keep the heat on for hours and she’ll be more realistic and super desirable! Be careful and keep the temperature low as you don’t want to damage the sex doll’s hot body.

Why men want heated sex dolls

Let’s be honest, your sex doll is usually similar to room temperature. On a warm day, she’s cool and cute. But in winter, your room heater and air conditioning won’t have much of an effect on your sex doll’s temperature. Your sex doll’s skin will be soft and supple, but it will also be cold as hell. I doubt you won’t get goose bumps when you try to be intimate with her. The difference between a room temperature sex doll and a heated sex doll is significant. Which is more sexually arousing? I think you have the answer.




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