How to increase durability

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The persistence of men has always been something that many men care about. It is not only a matter of the face of men, but also the sexual well-being of their partners. But how long is normal? What is premature ejaculation? How to extend the time?

How long does it take to ejaculate normally? How to count premature ejaculation?

General conditions and premature ejaculation

Cheng Weiming, an attending physician at the Department of Urology in the Zhongxiao Branch of the North City United Hospital, pointed out that in general, men usually ejaculate after about 4 to 10 minutes without interruption after entering. Defined as premature ejaculation. If it is longer than 30 minutes, it is a persistent release, which is more difficult than that, and it is easy to be exhausted both physically and mentally because it is difficult to reach the end point.

Uncontrollable is also premature ejaculation

The definition of premature ejaculation can be seen from three points: time, uncontrollable, and whether the partner can satisfy. Generally speaking, when men are about to reach the feeling of orgasm, they can change their positions and take a short rest to interrupt the orgasm. If you cannot control it, you have to pay attention to whether there is premature ejaculation.

Unsatisfied partner

For people who suffer from premature ejaculation, most of them do not have the problem of premature ejaculation, but are relatively premature ejaculation in the “satisfaction degree of the partner”, which is the pressure that arises from demanding performance and satisfying the other party. Therefore, if you observe such a situation, encourage both parties to discuss more and see how to adjust the time to a similar level. The length of time masturbation is not counted in it.

What are the common causes of premature ejaculation? Doctor: Including premature ejaculation more easily.

Dr. Cheng Weiming pointed out that apart from the relative premature ejaculation, the causes of premature ejaculation can be divided into two types: primary and secondary. Primary premature ejaculation is common from the first sexual behavior to the present, and it may even end when foreplay or wearing a condom. This situation is mostly related to brain conditions, such as neurotransmitters or natural sensitivity.

Secondary premature ejaculation refers to a situation where there is no ejaculation problem, but due to some reason, the disarming becomes faster. The possible factors include physiological factors and psychological factors. Physiological factors are common such as insufficient muscle exercise of the bulbar cavernous muscle, excessively long foreskin, or phimosis and other sensitive groups of the glans, or caused by insufficient male hormones, urethra, prostate infection, inflammation and other factors. Psychological factors such as emotions, pressure, etc., such as many people worry about premature ejaculation. The doctor reminded that the more worried people are about premature ejaculation, the more likely they are to have premature ejaculation. In addition, there is also a situation that is too accustomed to early shooting. In the case of masturbation, masturbation does not require much performance, just to reach orgasm, which often makes the body accustomed to this rhythm.

Does handjob increase durability? Are these methods really useful?

There are many ways to extend the time of ejaculation on the Internet, such as daily masturbation, recite the nine-nine multiplication table, flush the glans with a shower head, circumcision, and eat raw oysters. Dr. Cheng Weiming pointed out that among the above-mentioned methods, only memorizing the nine-nine multiplication table and circumcision can help to prolong the time, but the effect is also different from person to person.

Physician Cheng Weiming explained that the purpose of memorizing the nine-nine multiplication table is to divert attention. And circumcision is to reduce sensitivity, but if the key is not sensitivity, the effect is naturally relatively limited. As for flushing, although it seems to help stimulate and reduce sensitivity, it takes relatively little time to achieve the effect of exercise. However, eating raw oysters is mostly for psychological effects. Everyone spreads word of mouth and naturally believes that eating them is useful. However, judging from the current medical research, it still needs to be further confirmed. As for multi-masturbation doctors, masturbation does help exercise, but the key lies in quality rather than quantity.

Three ways to exercise your penis in medical education will help extend its durability!

Dr. Cheng Weiming pointed out that if you want to extend the time of ejaculation, you can take more exercises in your daily life, such as Kegel exercises, root shots, and ejaculation control methods.

Kegel exercise:

Kegel exercises can be divided into two types: continuous type and continuous type. You can first find out the sensation by interrupting urination when urinating. The globular cavernous muscles to be trained are also the sensation of interrupting urination. However, it is not advisable to interrupt the urination too many times, so as not to hurt the body, just catch the feeling once or twice. After finding the sensation, exercise, continuous breathing, inhale hard, exhale and relax, 10 times in a row, three groups each in the morning, noon, and night. The continuous type is to work hard until it can’t continue, and do three sets each in the morning, noon, and night.

Root shot method:

This method is suitable for masturbation. Compared with the previous stimulating of the glans and other front parts, this method focuses on the parts closer to the body at the root, and changes the stimulation as exercise.

Ejaculation control method:

The goal of this method is to reduce the sensitivity. It can be divided into 4 stages. After successful control, the next stage can be entered. Each stage can be practiced 2 to 3 times a week. Don’t be greedy, and shoot out at the end to avoid prostate calcification and other problems.

Phase 1:

Do not use lubricant to masturbate, stop when you feel, rest, breathe deeply, and wait until the sensation subsides. Repeat 3~5 times, and finally shoot.

Phase two:

Similarly, do not use lubricants for masturbation. After feeling, reduce the intensity of stimulation, such as slowing down and relaxing hands. Let the penis be used to hold it under irritation. Repeat 3~5 times, and finally shoot.

Stage three:

Use lubricant to exercise in the aforementioned way.

Stage four:

Actual exercise, slows down, stops, breathes, and reduces sympathetic nerves when you feel it during sex. If you really feel that you can’t hold it anymore, pull the penis out and press the belt of the glans to wait for the orgasm to fade and prolong the ejaculation time

Dr. Cheng Weiming urged that if you have premature ejaculation problems, apart from exercise, you can first discuss with your doctor at the urology department to find out the cause and confirm whether it is really premature ejaculation. At the same time, you can clarify whether it is caused by stress and have a good discussion with your partner. Improvements in the context of sexual behavior also help to prolong duration.

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