How to prevent skin damage to sex dolls

3 min readJan 10, 2022

You can use an electric blanket to heat it up temporarily for a short period of time. However, pay attention to the temperature of the blanket when heating it up.

Do not choose male sex dolls for too long. Although effective, it is generally not recommended to use this type of electric blanket as it can damage the skin if you accidentally get the sex doll very hot.

It can be used and heated for a period of time. However, it is important to note that the inner cavity of the love doll is not hot and the extremities are hot. This means that it is practically undesirable. It is also not recommended to cover the cavity.

If you are looking to be discreet, the best way is to give yourself a physical light where you can hide it, as you already have a partner who does not want to guarantee a miniature sex doll.

On the other hand, if you are single, divorced, widowed, looking for adventure, have a life-size doll such as a female for company, it is recommended to give a true love doll.

As mentioned earlier, when using the kissing technique, you must slowly pull backwards when the other person’s lips are between your teeth. In this way, his lips fall smoothly between his teeth. The great thing about this kissing technique is that you can do the same thing to your lips.

Buying a sex doll

Insert her lips between them and pull back to make them slide. Normal softness is best. Another way to suck on your lips is to suck on them like candy. To do this, place one of your lips in your mouth and inhale gently.

Practicing yoga puts your body into a state of sexual intercourse so that you can get the most pleasure out of intercourse and improve it. Yoga helps to increase flexibility.

Bow pose, craft pose and shoulderstand yoga pose can all improve your pelvic muscles. Researchers have found that aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 30%.

What’s a real doll? In real life, some people are ashamed of the term sex doll but hate to mention the subject.

However, some people who have had things like ‘Dutch wives’ in the past have also expressed their love for ‘her’. Such people and feelings have always been seen as foreign, but more and more people are transposing their feelings into ‘sex dolls’.

Some imagine ‘dolls’ because they suffer from social phobia and disabilities and are less likely to form relationships with others.

Living with a Japanese sex doll is not a twisted act. As women become more powerful, lover dolls offer men the opportunity to return to a loving relationship where they are in control. “ says American journalist Julie Baker.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.