How to treat male dolls

4 min readMay 24, 2021

If one day you come home from get off work and you see your boyfriend and a “woman” lying in bed, you are pulling the quilt frantically, preparing to fight a “war of the century” with this woman to see what you have lost. But in front of you is a woman in a fixed position. She lay there motionless. how do you feel? As the closest person to your boyfriend, he secretly has another lover without your knowledge. You may feel angry, or you may feel sad. The anger was because he had sex with “other people” and felt cheated. Sad because I feel that as a woman, I cannot meet the needs of my boyfriend. However, if you don’t mind, you may be curious about this mature sex doll, and even want to own a male sex doll. So, do you mind when your boyfriend has a physical doll?

Comparison of real dolls and real dolls

A realistic doll is an object without soul. Money can buy the body, but not the soul. Real sex dolls are a kind of sexual aids and tools to solve sexual needs. But now, for some emotional reason, more and more people are buying a real doll to fill their inner emptiness. There is communication between people, there are convenient times, and there are also troublesome times. Not everyone gets along well. Therefore, if you compare unfriendly people with soulless dolls, many people will choose real dolls. Because when you get along with an unfriendly person, you don’t know when it will be used and when you will receive a silent reply from him. If you compare a real doll with a friendly and interesting person, then the real doll is a dead object, and you will choose to get along with interesting people. Therefore, the choice of dolls and people is not as easy as imagined. For example, if you are a very outgoing person, he will think that a doll is just a decoration and cannot be compared with a lively and lovely girlfriend. But for those who are afraid of social interaction, sometimes it will bring a lot of pressure to communication with others, making him feel breathing difficulties or even suffocation. At this time, he will think that a full-size sex doll will be his best female. friend. , Or just a friend.

Male sex cycle

On the Internet, many people worry that their boyfriend or husband has a large sex doll. Some men buy sex dolls with big breasts when their wives become pregnant to solve their unmet sexual needs. From a positive perspective, he did this to satisfy his physical needs. From the side, a man bought a big breasted sex doll when his wife was pregnant to meet his physical needs. He did this for the happiness of his family, rather than going out to find a prostitute when he was sexually impulsive. Normal male sex lives are most active in their twenties and thirties. The level of male hormones in a person’s life is like a mountain. At this time, his sexual desire has not been resolved, which may cause harm to his health. Therefore, when a woman is pregnant, a man is at the peak of his testosterone level. At this time, he chose to use a sex doll instead of going to a prostitute. This was the most correct choice he made for himself and his family. In addition, many doll sellers responded that some women would take the initiative to purchase physical dolls for men after they became pregnant. The purpose is to ensure that the husband does not go out to find the mistress. Therefore, from another perspective, if a man has a girlfriend, he needs to buy another sexy doll by himself. Are his physical needs met?

About whether you mind

If you really love your boyfriend or husband, when you find out that he bought and used a sex doll without your knowledge. The first thing you need to do is to communicate with him and understand why he needs sex dolls. The basis of two people being together is mutual trust and love. I believe that your partner will have his own reasons when choosing to buy real-size dolls. After listening to the instructions, you can make your own decision. If you really care about the existence of mature sex dolls, you should also exchange ideas with your lover instead of rejecting and rejecting the lover. If you don’t mind, everyone will be happy. You can also buy one of your favorite male dolls and let yourself experience the fun of having sex dolls. If you think it is okay, please buy a transgender doll, which can add some fun to your ordinary sex life and meet more needs of both of you. All choices are in your hands.

If you are a pregnant mother, for the harmony between husband and wife and family happiness, please buy sex dolls for your husband. If your boyfriend has a female love doll and you are jealous, you can also buy a male sex doll to make your lover jealous. If you and your partner find that your sex life is too boring, you can try using a trans sex doll. Both of them can experience it and add some excitement to your boring sex life. All kinds of dolls outside the mall have related products. If you need them, please consult our intimate customer service or order by yourself. We will provide you with the best service.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.