How to use fleshlight

3 min readDec 22, 2021

Women’s flesh isn’t always as willing or available as men want it to be. Those who don’t want to cheat or don’t have a partner need an alternative that is close to the real sex. One of the best sex toys in the analogy is the masturbation called “Fleshlight”, which has properties very similar to human skin (consistency, flexibility, softness).

How to use the Fleshlight

The use of the Fleshlight is self-explanatory, but there are some useful tips that can significantly increase the sensation and arousal of the Fleshlight. Here is a list of the most important things to do.

Fleshlight plastic tube

Remove the inner plastic tube before using it for the first time. Before using the original new Fleshlight for the first time, the plastic tube needs to be removed from the inner tube, otherwise the impact could hurt you.

The plastic tube prevents the walls from sticking together during storage and transport and is inserted into all new Fleshlights. the plastic tube can simply be pulled out and discarded.

Water-based lubricants

Always use a water-based lubricant

It is highly recommended that you use a lubricant as without it you will not be able to penetrate the Fleshlight and it will not feel as pleasant. To get the most realistic feeling from Fleshlight, it needs to be wet and slippery in the canal, just like a real vagina.

Therefore, you should only use water-based lubricants. These lubricants have no negative effect on the Fleshlight material and have the same good gliding properties.


Fleshwarmer will warm your Fleshlight insert and lubricant before use. To give you a more realistic feel, you should heat the plug and lubricant to your body temperature. Obviously, at room temperature a warm cat and warm lube feels more realistic than a cat filled with cold lube.

To heat the Fleshlight, place the insert (without the housing) in hot water in the sink for 20 minutes. The insert will rise to the surface and you will need to immerse it in water for optimum heating. The best way to keep the insert under water is to put a lubricant bottle between the Fleshlight insert and the tap. This will also heat the oil.

After 10 minutes you should empty the sink and replace it with fresh hot water. the Fleshlight insert and the lubricant should heat optimally and the heating effect will last for a considerable period of time. Finally, the insert is placed in the Fleshlight housing and the warm lubricant is filled into the inner tube. A warm, wet cunt is now ready for you.

Adapting the lubricant dosage

Adjust the amount of lubricant to the internal texture. You should not overfill the Fleshlight with lubricant, but rather adjust the amount of lubricant to the specific type of internal texture. Low-texture blades require less lubricant than high-texture blades.

If you use too much lubricant, you will ‘lubricate’ the inner tube textures and they will be less visible and will lose strength. It is therefore recommended to initially fill the tube with less oil and add more lubricant when needed. If you feel that a fleshlight alone will not satisfy you, then you can choose a full size sex doll, nowadays there are various types and styles of sex dolls you can choose your favorite, such as you like anime then choose anime sex dolls, like mature then choose mature sex dolls, like big ass then choose big ass sex dolls, they can all be very good to meet your They are all good for your sexual needs.




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