How would you define a lifelike sex doll?

3 min readJan 22, 2022

What is a lifelike love doll? Is it just a “luxury masturbation”, a very special sex toy, or the fulfilment of one’s deep and unfulfilled dreams? This question has moved people on and off the scene since the real sex doll was sold in the form we know it today, some 20 years ago.

In my opinion, real dolls can certainly be used as sex toys, but they are by no means only seen as such. A few years ago there was a questionnaire in the forum as to whether the lifelike erotic dolls should be used as erotic dolls or love dolls. The vast majority of people chose the Love Doll, which I think is the same for most people. She is a lifelike real-life doll that you can have sex with or love.

Of course, lover dolls are mainly designed to make people’s sexual desires beautiful and better in a special way. A real sex doll looks extremely similar to a human being and, unlike the various types of masturbation, it basically gives the complete body. Most masturbation basically just mimics the erotic genital part of a human being, just like a dildo. They stimulate the human genitals and the rest produce fantasies or other additional stimuli, such as the showing of pornography or various pictures or the presentation of certain sexual situations.

Of course, a sex doll can also do this, although it is basically a combination of multiple masturbations. She has a vagina, anus and even some models can perform oral sex. In addition, other parts of the body can also be used to satisfy potential fetishes, such as large breasts or feet for sexual acts. All this is given to the love doll.

Introducing the real sex doll

In fact, a real doll should simulate a human being. It makes people desire to have sex with a perfect partner who visually fits exactly what one wants in bed and perhaps outside. These real sex dolls are not “extravagant masturbation” for me, but they are too beautiful and detailed, and they come in too many forms, just to reduce them.

But it’s not just a collection of erotic body parts. Rather, it is a work of erotic art that has been produced through a great deal of effort, human work time and a complex production process. Above all, it is important to note that it is as close as possible to a human model in all its forms and variants. There are hundreds of models in lovedollshops alone that can essentially mimic almost any human expression. There are ‘mature sex dolls’, pretty ‘student types’ or ‘chubby sex dolls’. None of this is part of the world of love dolls.

Especially in the last 10 to 15 years, it has become increasingly clear that lover dolls have a greater role outside the bed. Many people associate dolls with things in their lives, with love relationships and partnerships with living people — as well as fantasy and abstraction — and they extend their dream ideas of the perfect partner beyond the bed. Real sex dolls then become companions in everyday life, loyal allies in moments of loneliness, or even deep companions, good friends and loving helpers in everyday life.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.