Husband cheated and went to such a place!

5 min readApr 30, 2021


My husband cheated. He even went to find a chicken. After knowing the cause of the matter, I just don’t understand. What is it for? I asked all the male friends around me, is it a betrayal of love to find a chicken? Most people say that it doesn’t count, and there is no relationship with a chicken. So let me ask, these men, does it count if your wife goes to the Cowherd’s shop? Forget it, how can you have sex with other men?

A strange idea, why is it not a betrayal of love for a man to find a chicken, and a betrayal of love for a woman to find a duck, why only the state officials are allowed to set fires and the people are not allowed to light up?

On the one hand, he is a man who can’t control his waistband, and on the other, he hopes that his woman will abide by the rules. Why would a man find a lady? And there are very good reasons, those men who seem to be honest and faithful. The process of a man’s first derailment is nothing more than the following situations: 1. Under the instigation of a friend, he slips away for the sake of the man’s face. 2. When a man gets frustrated or gets drunk when he is proud of the spring breeze, he wade down and mix in the water. 3. When a friend treats guests and someone pays for the dignity of a man (what dignity? Just to make excuses for cheating on yourself).

Late at night, the feasting life often numbs the nerves of men and gives many illusions to men who are physically and mentally exhausted in life. In the empty and lonely heart, the mediocre people all over the world, only I am awake, life is plain and lacking those tense and exciting melodies, men in order to numb themselves, pass the empty and boring time, drink and get drunk. When drunk, they climb into someone’s bed. Men who drank alcohol are the stupidest and stupid. Their minds are blank, they have no ability to judge, can’t distinguish right from wrong, and can’t tell right from wrong. They are casual with friends. A word is put on the set, and after the set is put on, it can’t be put down (that is, the people in the circle they often say).

“Let’s go cool, find a place to relax, what do you think?”

“Forget it, I’ll go home!”

“Oh! I didn’t see it, you are quite serious!”

Go! Go! No one knows, it’s all one’s own people

This one

“Let’s go! Hmm

In this way, the two individuals reached a consensus.

200 yuan, my friend paid for you. When it comes to the dim sum, you can’t let it go, and no one knows if it hurts.

As a result, the number of times to find a lady derailed has changed from abnormal to normal after one time. If one day is discovered by his wife or girlfriend, a sufficient reason has also been found.

I don’t know what a man thinks. I really don’t understand that prostitution is very exciting and refreshing. I also don’t want to compare with the 200 yuan lady. Thinking about it makes people angry. Am I not even as good as a chicken? I don’t know if it’s cool to do something like this secretly. After all, I haven’t tried it and I’m not interested in trying it.

Who are you with? They can interact with each other imperceptibly. There is a good friend who has a mischievous life. With the passage of time, you will gradually be infected by your friends, and you will not think that your friends are stealing food. It’s a normal thing. It makes you think that it is normal for a man to be unfaithful to his wife or girlfriend. It’s no big deal. His consciousness told himself: My friend is a good person, but he happened to betray his wife (he and his wife are not in a relationship), no matter how good a man is, he will cheat. Try to keep your men from dealing with “fathearted men” as much as possible.

A man is an emotional animal. He wants to be appreciated by his wife, and he wants women to understand the hard work they put in to do everything well. Men are male animals, and in front of women (female animals) they like to show themselves up, especially in front of beautiful strange women. Women must always praise and consider your own husband, let him feel that you need him, care about him, care about him, and let him feel that you are in harmony with him in spirit. Physical satisfaction is also indispensable. Dissatisfaction with desire is the main reason for their derailment.

A man cheating for sex, in most cases, his stealing is to fill the emotional emptiness. He felt for another woman, and sex followed. Therefore, you should concentrate on making your emotions sweeter and closer, and also care about whether each other is physically satisfied and whether the sex life is fresh enough.

Love requires two people to be absolutely loyal and relatively free. Trust each other without betraying each other. Maybe my husband’s reason for looking for a chicken is a bit innocent and helpless, but here is the result. You can’t repent the mistakes you made.

Now there is a sex doll shop in Shenzhen. The store is full of sex dolls. It is specially prepared for men who are working outside and their wives are at home. It can help them relax appropriately, and occasionally vent about themselves, their styles and types. There are many chubby sex dolls, as well as skinny sex dolls. The dolls in their store are generally high-quality sex dolls that will give you the most authentic experience, so there are always a lot of customers in that store, but this is not the case. Is it derailed? I think this shouldn’t count. After all, he is not looking for a young lady to have sex with a real person, but it is normal for him to occasionally vent about himself when he goes out.

If you want your husband not to cheat, it depends more on how you are. This has a lot to do with your own reasons. So when the relationship between the two of you has problems, don’t rush to blame each other but look for yourself first. Here are the reasons.




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