If a relationship is good, sex will tell you.

3 min readJan 7, 2022

Whether a person loves you or not, his body will also tell you.

True gender equality should be just that — when a woman really starts to express sex and desire without fear, like a man, she will realise that sex that makes her happy is what counts!

I. Erotic products — not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones

Sex should not just be a physical fight, many reactions to their partner’s reduced desire, small cousins always suggest they use more erotic products, fresh gadgets can always make us look forward to life. Feel a different kind of excitement. The conventional wisdom is always that a partner who asks for a toy will make us feel inferior because we can’t satisfy the other person to give him that choice.

It’s hard not to get bored with sex that is always routine, and erotic products are an essential spice to sex. For erotic products we can not just imitate, seeking the right product for yourself is the key.

Two, erotic lingerie — — show sexy beauty of good props

On a special day, prepare a set of erotic lingerie, a variety of complete, garter lace, stockings, black gloves, rabbit ears … want to arouse the sexual desire of men, nothing more sexy clothing …… goblin temperament temptation unlimited, the face of the most raging desire, only the perfect robe, to carry the perfect release Oh ~

The essence of erotic lingerie is that I am different from what I normally am. If you wear sexy lingerie every day, then those traditional lingerie does not constitute the nature of erotic lingerie. The more absurd and unrealistic things are, the more exciting they are. The clothes, of course, are less important than the meaning behind them, which will lead you and your partner into another world, but the emergence of erotic lingerie can to some extent help the two people who are repressed by routine and fatigue to regain freshness and release.

Wearing erotic lingerie is equivalent to opening the door to a new world for both of them, allowing the girl to discover and reveal a different self, she will fall deeply in love with herself and understand her own charms; for the man, although it is still this partner, but she is different, fresh, stimulating is new, and more looking forward to the next time.

III. Private photos — leaving a loving moment

“Every girl should have a set of photos to document her young body. Soon you will get married and have children, your skin will sag, your breasts will sag and you will slowly start to age. What your body once looked like may not even be remembered by you. The photographs are only about documentation, nothing else.”

My younger cousin sees this as a boudoir affair, far more than a photo shoot itself.

A truly intimate photo is one that should be taken with desire.

The photo is not taken to produce a picture, but because in the process of taking the photo, the man and you, together, feel the release of desire. The photos that come out this way are good photos because they carry emotion in them, not the contrived perfection of an objectified female body.

I hope you can imagine a picture of a man and woman lying naked in bed with their heads on their arms in the early morning after a heated fight. An inch of sunlight pours through a gap in the curtains and onto the woman’s body, her hair is dishevelled, she is drenched in sweat, her face is flushed, she doesn’t even need to be styled, but it’s already a beautiful picture.

Sex Toys

To further flirt you can choose a sex toy, nowadays sex toys are common in many young people’s rooms, they allow us to have better orgasms. There are many women who choose to buy a male love doll to help them reach orgasm in order to satisfy their sexual desire, because a physical doll will never say no. Of course, there are also many female love dolls to buy, because they are one-to-one restored, which can be very realistic to feel the feeling of making love, and at the same time allow us to reach orgasm faster.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.