If you can’t deal with real sex dolls

5 min readMar 1, 2021

Each item has its own shelf life, and the shelf life depends on the attitude of the people who use it. The same goes for sex dolls. If handled properly, its lifespan will be prolonged and it will be farther from failure. Perform regular sanitation treatments, change into comfortable and soft clothes regularly, and wipe the soiled areas after use. Then, your life will be postponed to a day when your own conditions cannot bear it. If you take it home, just do a simple, rude treatment of it, place it in the corner, drag it when you want to use it, and then put it back in the corner when it’s not clean. Life expectancy will gradually decrease. If you plan to inject all your emotions into your next sex doll, you should choose a high-quality sex doll. A full-size sex doll, then you need to equip her with all advanced equipment, let her live a good life, and extend her time at home. Only in this way will you and him separate so quickly.

Extend the life of sex dolls

When you feel that the doll’s body is not as new as before, it turns black and colorless and no longer drips oil. This is a warning to her body, which is equivalent to menopause. This is the first step in the death of a real doll. When his skin started to crack, he was middle-aged. If your body has reached the level of division, then your life span should end here. If you continue to use it, it may bring other risks. It’s like: the stent in your body punctures the crack and hurts you. Therefore, when its damage reaches a certain level, you should stop using it.

If you are a lifelike doll and you encounter the above-mentioned situation, how can you extend its service life? First, when your body no longer produces fat. This is because you did not proceed to the next step immediately after cleaning. After cleaning the sex doll, you should dry your entire body and sprinkle talcum powder on all areas. This prevents exposure of oil in the body, reduces air contact and reduces rust. When it no longer produces oil, it should be sprinkled with talcum powder after washing. This prevents the only remaining oil from escaping. When the oil spills, your skin will crack. Second, when his skin started to crack. At this point, you can contact the manufacturer to purchase the same material as the doll for repair, or use specific glue to repair its body. If you don’t repair it at this time, your body will suffer more errors, where the rupture will rupture deeper and cause larger ruptures. Third, when there are cracks in your body. In this case, you can only take it to a repair shop for repair. Depending on the degree of injury, you can choose to replace your body or discard it. Everyone who owns a full-size sex doll will try to extend the life of the doll, because once they have a doll, people will have inexplicable emotions about it. You can choose to replace the main body or throw it away. Everyone who owns a full-size sex doll wants to try to extend the life of the doll, because once there is a doll, people will have inexplicable emotions about it. You can choose to replace the body or discard it. Everyone who owns a full-size sex doll will try to extend the life of the doll, because once they have a doll, people will have inexplicable emotions about it.

Subtle emotions for dolls.

After many people have a mature sex doll, they will have very magical emotions towards it. They said that when they are working outside, when they think there is a well-behaved doll waiting for them at home, they will be more motivated to complete the work, and they think they can go home and live with them soon. . Even if they have a girlfriend, they still don’t want to leave her, or let her at home, sometimes they still peek at her. This is not a substitute for other projects. This is not as simple as using chewing gum to quit smoking. This is a feeling and an emotion that they cannot describe by themselves. They believe that although they have the best sex doll, their girlfriend is more important than that, but they still don’t want to lose this doll in their hearts. This type of ambivalence is common in many men with dolls. When the bride can’t satisfy herself, this situation won’t happen, it’s just an emotion they have on their wrists. It may be a special dependence on a real doll, or it may be a special desire to protect her.

Starting from the premise that you are unwilling to leave your wrist, you should choose your wrist carefully. Choose a doll brand to make the product safer. Choosing a sex doll size really makes you feel more comfortable. Choose the quality of the doll to extend the time it takes for the doll to break up with you. If you don’t want to do anything, please keep it. It is not only a tool to solve your physical needs, but also a tool to meet your spiritual needs. A real doll can become people’s best friend. It is not only a simple doll, but also your family. If you need to buy a doll, we can provide you with a good platform. Enter our official website, we will help you buy a full-size doll that suits your preferences. There are various types, everything is available. Dolls regardless of sex. We can all help you choose or customize. If you are a person who is addicted to anime, then you can choose anime sex dolls, if you want a perfect woman, then you can choose curvy sex dolls, you can choose at will on our platform.




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