Imagining the perfect life sex doll to help you

4 min readJan 11, 2022

When we think of masturbation we often think of a man, his hands, and a quick zigzag and tug. For many men, the key is to get up fast and either relieve the pressure at the end of the day or release it when they wake up in the morning. I know many men who like to spend time enjoying the female body, but they are not familiar with spending time masturbating.

As a woman, this always surprises me. I like to masturbate. It’s not just after releasing an orgasm that I do this. I love the sensations and fantasies that lead to orgasm. Why, I often ask myself, do so many men seem to ignore this?

Beautiful and realistic sex dolls will change that for you. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking of the cheap and sometimes silly inflatable dolls that are often ridiculed in the movies. These dolls are far from that. These are silicone dolls with a solid skeleton that makes them perfectly poseable. They look lifelike and touch each other, giving you the sensation of gripping real flesh as you hold your doll.

A novelty story.

Perhaps I should recount naval history. tpe sex dolls are not new, they are simply innovative. The first known sex dolls were used by French and Spanish sailors in the 17th century to avoid feeling lonely on long voyages. The production of modern sex dolls began in the early 20th century and was not only suitable for men, but also for women. Women even exhibit simulated ejaculation.

Bringing fantasy to life

With a rich history and an emotionally charged future, what can you do with a realistic sex doll? The obvious answer is to use one, but for these cute beauties who need great value for money, you don’t want to spend your time on one that turns into twisted, pulled and stretched silicone.

tpe love dolls sex

Sex slaves

Have you ever wanted a sex slave who you could order to do whatever you want, kneel or lie down in humiliation and let you do whatever you want? It is possible to find a living, breathing woman to fulfil this fantasy. It is something that takes a long time to build. You and she need to take the time to understand and trust each other so that you can successfully realise each other’s fantasies (with your own imagination).

However, this all presupposes that you want to have this relationship with a real woman. If you like to fantasise but don’t want to keep the woman next to you as your sex slave, then a teenage sex doll is the perfect choice for you. Take Kelly as an example. This beautiful, fully poseable silicone college girl is ready for any fantasy you can imagine. Whether you want to be a professor or a mature man who teaches her how to please men, she’ll take on any position and do whatever she’s told to do.


Many couples talk about threesomes, but the reality can be complicated. Maybe your wife or girlfriend isn’t sure how attractive she is to women. Maybe you both care about emotional entanglements. Even if you get over the fear of threesomes, you still need to find someone who is willing, especially if you only want to try it once. This doesn’t take into account the problems that can arise. For example, what if a condom breaks and your third is in a more complicated situation?

If you’ve talked about threesomes from the start but can’t get past anxiety or other complications, consider using a real Japanese sex doll. anita is one of many who can inspire you both and explore the idea of being with another person without fear of jealousy or emotional complications.

Women enjoy detailed fantasies with drive and momentum. Let’s say Anita is a lonely housewife. She has a successful husband who spends more time on the street than in bed. He probably has his secretary to accompany him on business trips. What’s wrong with her? She prepares you and your partner to keep her bed warm for at least one night. Explore Anita’s body with your partner and enjoy the sensation of touch as you both talk together through your imagination. Switch between your partner and the sex doll and don’t worry, because you will both enjoy completing the discussion. Sex dolls are now available as full size sex dolls and torso sex dolls, for a better experience you can choose the one you prefer.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.