In the world of sex dolls and robots, it’s hard to determine morality

6 min readJul 5, 2021

As I grow older, as I grow older, the clear boundaries that existed when I was young, the boundaries between written words (that is, what they said) and words that should be regarded as parody or satire will be difficult to find.

For example, I just read a tweet about the possibility of a transgender woman having a penis, and a tweet from a disagreement with the view that “I can smoke my penis. My first impulse was of course to laugh, but now I must always question this reaction, so I did it.

I would like to believe that this is irony. Of course, even a woman in a trance should know that the word “suck me” will never come from a real woman’s mouth. Women don’t talk like that. An angry woman might say “…if you don’t believe it, you can make a joke, you will be fascinated” or something similar. But she never said, “Suck my [body parts].”

Of course, unless she consciously tries to make herself sound like a man. This is exactly what a rude man said, because most women always ruin their face and say “ewww”. Therefore, I naturally, hehe, this is a brave creature, but he has been touched, he is still unwavering man calibration easy to show a coating, always willing to laugh for his followers.

On the other hand, my experience with female entrepreneurs on Twitter convinced them (or rather the activists among them) that they were seriously lacking in irony. Therefore, this aggressive Twitter may not realize that her domineering masculine discourse is more likely to persuade readers to believe in basic masculinity rather than femininity. Have.

All this is very annoying.

These are the gender identities of social tensions in the preface, and on these pages “When is the time for gay R to be added to LGBTQIA?” I have a similar sarcasm in a quick style or a real “modest ad vice, but I read In the sun’s sunshine and optimism, I am grateful for the non-confrontational views, such as the cruelty and respite of the opening anecdote. I find it strange and exciting, but it does present a phenomenon in real life, and its existence is ironic.

Emmons jumped into her paper and suggested that she be handed over to a “gay” who has a sexual orientation towards inanimate objects (for example, a Korean man married to a pillow). Identity category. I think this article is a satire on the concept of endless gender fluidity and the unscientific belief that biology and gender are not completely connected. I smiled calmly.

But when Emmons argued, my smile disappeared. Emmons’ proposal began to make sense. “Today, having sex with a robot is basically the only meaningful sexual act,” she wrote. In other words, having sex with real people is full of fear of rape and false accusations. Moreover, there is no real family now — children! -Why bother because it is too expensive when the whole world is in trouble? Real sex has many disadvantages, making robot sex look attractive. “No talking, no texting, no communication, no dinner, no drinking, no contraception, no shame.”

Damn, what the author said makes sense! Having sex with a person is incredible. The appearance and behavior of sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic every day. The most important thing is-I will take you back to my opening anecdote robot. There is no gender. On the contrary, they have no biology, so they only have gender, and gender is the gender you assign to them. Of course, not at birth, they are not born, so only their creation is born out of nothing. Just like Adam and Eve. Anyone designed by God, immortal, will suffer the pain of reproduction, so we focus on the entire duality.

But God and the Bible are in the 19th century. Your postmodern genderless “partner” is designed by you! (Of course, I’m not talking about making them here, I’m in metaphysics.) Then you can “assign” gender. Therefore, you cannot “sex discriminate” against them and cause terrible problems in the Human Rights Court. Buying a high-end doll for $5,000 is better than spending $55,000 to express your opinion, can’t a biological man be a woman?

As Emmons said, “Homosexuality is a non-sexual attraction. No homosexual can blame your phobia.” QED. “Humans have a lot of annoying emotions and they often want them to come and go. Such a relationship is meaningless for single lovers,” Emmons said on the spot. Imagine actor Aziz Ansari reading this article with obsession and cha. If he gets a sex doll, he should call her “Grace”. The conversation with the robot “Grace” may be a bit monotonous, but at least she didn’t humiliate him and complained to the world that the skills he proposed were not perfect, just like Grace in reality.

This is not the first time I have acted as a sex doll cowboy. In order to maintain the promise of a clear line between irony and serious intentions, I hereby say that I have ended my interest in this subject and are now seriously considering the issue of sex robots. let me know. Are they good or bad for society?

Two years ago, I wrote a column praising sex dolls as a positive invention. This surprised many conservative readers who agreed with me. As you can imagine, most social conservatives are completely dissatisfied with their ideas. But even if someone regrets the human mistakes they made, they cannot be thrown away as fashion. At least I don’t think so. As I wrote, “Puppet brothels have opened in South Korea, Japan, and Spain. Last year, the Robot Foundation reported that the first robotic oral sex coffee shop opened in London. I am particularly interested in this topic. If anything, it It’s worth noting.”

I am surprised because generally speaking, children do not have a father, and they oppose other sex-related artificial innovations, such as sperm donation, which only give half of their biological identity. However, as I pointed out, sex dolls are “harmless transfection tissues.” They will not harm anyone else, but will please many people who have been sexually deprived in other ways. I see them as a form of “harm reduction”. This is whose freedom is drug addiction is the principle in the realm of love.

On the other hand, affordable and realistic sex dolls will significantly reduce the sex trade. This is a good reason to approve sex dolls. This is a popular solution for people who have suffered tremendous emotional damage due to real-life entanglements such as helplessness, disability, disfigurement, or rape, and can no longer trust their bodies. Prisoners must be able to use sex dolls. This policy has reduced the shameful rate of rape in prisons and significantly reduced overall tensions. In my opinion, sexual deprivation in prison is a violation of natural human rights.

For humans, there is always the issue of “consent”. Obviously, sex dolls can eliminate the need for consent and eliminate widespread false accusations. But what about dolls designed for colds to satisfy compulsive intercourse? How about a childlike doll that attracts children? Are they immoral? Should they be banned?

By the way, they do exist. Japanese sex doll manufacturer Torotra sells child sex dolls made by self-proclaimed pedophile Shin Takagi all over the world. “We should admit that there is no way to change one’s taste,” Takagi told Atlantic in 2016. “I help people express their wishes legally and morally.” Pedophilia is a well-known and irreversible trend.

Myself, a child’s sex doll idea is tired, but the principle of freedom and fairness is freedom. Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once said that the state should move out of the state’s bedroom. He mentioned the legalization of homosexuality. But this principle should also apply here. When people masturbate, the state government will not supervise them, so they will not. Sex dolls are a more complex and satisfying form of masturbation.

Therefore, sex dolls that fit personal fantasies should not be banned. Even if such fantasies are valid for humans, they are considered immoral and fall under the category of criminal law. Please discuss it yourself.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.