Interview job unexpectedly blessed

7 min readApr 13, 2021

I still remember when I just retired from the army when I was on the outer islands. It was difficult to find a job because of the economic downturn in society, especially for people like me who only graduated from high school. , Not low.

Just as I was wandering at the crossroads of life, my goddess of luck had quietly descended.

It was raining heavily that day, and I was going out from home, preparing to apply for a job in a large company. Although the weather is not ideal, I always feel that something extraordinary will happen today, so I still wear my most decent set Suit and set off on time.

Walking on the fourth section of Zhongxiao East Road, the gloomy sky was still raining, and there were only three or two pedestrians on the road. Just as I was thinking about how to face the interviewer, a black Mercedes Benz suddenly drove past me. , I couldn’t dodge, and the water on the road splashed me all over.

Just as I was about to yell, the Mercedes had stopped suddenly, the rear window was slowly lowered, a woman wearing sunglasses came out of the window, and then the car door opened slowly. The first thing that caught my eyes was a pair of beautiful legs with slenderness, on the beautiful legs. Wearing transparent flesh-colored stockings, her sexy thigh is covered with a narrow flaming leather skirt.

Just as my eyes flowed on her beautiful lower abdomen, and her waist was like a bee waist, she yelled: “Sir.”

I woke up from the whole body and turned my eyes back to her upper body, beloved, this one is even more serious. She only wore a black tulle top, and the black half-breast on the face was clearly visible, two white. It seems that the ball of meat cannot be restricted and is ready to come out.

The rain hit her and violated her black tulle top arbitrarily, causing the almost transparent clothes to fit closer to her masculine impulsive body, and my penis could no longer stand and was raised high.

She said again: “Sir, it doesn’t matter.”

I resisted the scorching heat of the crotch and took my eyes back to her face. Due to the physiological changes, I only dared to scan her with my peripheral vision. Although she is a half-aged milf, she is not diminished by her beauty, with picturesque eyebrows, small nose, and sexy red lips.

It is really the grace that God bestows on the world. I think if I can take off her clothes and make love with her. It is a great pleasure in the world.

“Sir, I’m really sorry, I will compensate you for the cleaning fee.”

“no need”

I have already enjoyed a wonderful meal on earth, so how am I embarrassed to ask for compensation.

“Sir, your measurement is really big, then if you want to get there, just take my car.”

When I wanted to agree or not, she had taken my hand towards the drill, her little soft hands, like green onions, resting on my upper arm, whether it was intentional or unintentional, her ball-like tits were touching mine. My elbow hurt my dick. It was already oozing liquid because it was too irritating, and I got into the car in a muddle.

In the car, because there was a driver in front, my lust was slightly reduced, but my eyes were still on her flawless thighs. “Sir, are you going there?”

“It doesn’t matter, I can’t apply for a job even if I do this.”

“Then you might as well go to me, and I will ask Mrs. Li to tidy up your clothes, so as to make up for my mistake.”

“Xiao Wang, I’m not going to the company, let me and this gentleman go home first.”

“By the way, my surname is Lin, and I haven’t asked your surname yet.”

“My last name is Huang” I replied.

“Mr. Huang, your shoes are wet. Or take them off first. There seems to be a pair of slippers under the car seat.”

Without waiting for my answer, I bent down and looked for it. When she was very busy, I looked deeply from the opening of her collar. The cleavage between the two breasts was deep and the light red areola was slightly exposed from the edge of the cup. , My positive reaction became more obvious.

Suddenly she raised her head and found that I was dishonest, not stunned, but instead showed my teeth and smiled.

“Found it, let’s change it”

But I was ashamed and quickly bent down to change shoes to hide my blush.

When I was about to replace it, I accidentally saw her white lace pants from under her red leather skirt, which were so transparent and thin, faintly fading out of the original shape of the black forest. One or two hairs have been exposed out of the pants.

She seemed to know my intentions, but she didn’t open it up. Instead, she opened her thighs to let me enjoy it. My cock became hard and throbbed, so she arrived where she lived in the spring. .

“Xiao Wang, you come to the company first, and then pick me up at 12 o’clock.”

“Mr. Huang, please follow me up.”

This is a high-end building in Qidan. She wrapped my arms around me. She seemed to be a pair of lovers. The electric ladder went straight up to the tenth floor and came to Block B. The one who answered the door was a woman about forty years old.

“Sister Li, clean Mr. Huang’s clothes.”

After speaking, he pulled me into the bathroom and told me to take off my shirt and pants in a way that seemed to order the child. When I took off the panties, the glans had already exposed my crotch, and the front of the red glans had already leaked water, and her eyes Feihong, smiling, I quickly explained that it was rain. Believe it or not.

“Sister Li, take the clothes to the laundry and wait for them to be washed before taking them back.”

While I was taking a bath, I paid attention to the fact that there seemed to be no human voice outside, and the woman had already gone out. I was very uneasy, and I just wanted to wash it up quickly.

Suddenly the door opened with a brush, and Lin was already standing naked in front of me, rubbing my chest with soft tits.

“Let me wash it for you so that it can be cleaned.”

She rubbed my penis with her hands, rubbed my scrotum with her left hand, and then used the middle finger and index finger of her right hand to rub the three fingers with soap on it. Lin looked at the stiff rod and wondered its diameter. No matter how old I was, I was not to be outdone, so I grabbed her breasts, rubbed them as I pleased, and put my fingers into her small holes. Pick up and down.


“My little hole is itchy.”

“You are so bad, it makes people itchy.”

Speeding up the movements of the hands while talking.

Suddenly Lin knelt down, flicked the two testicles with her mouth, and rubbed my cock with her hands. The tongue of her sensual lips licked around the edge of the crown of meat, and sucking the cock from time to time made me more excited; one Will spit out the penis again, rubbing around my roots, and then sucking and spitting in my male roots.

Soon I had the urge to ejaculate. I held her head tightly with both hands, and my waist twitched back and forth. I screamed, and it shot in Lin’s charming mouth…

Regardless of the fact that the water on my body was still not dry, I picked her up and went straight to the bedroom. I put her on the bed and divided her legs with both hands. The beautiful little holes were clearly presented in front of my eyes. I tried hard to please her with my tongue. Her reaction was quite intense, and she wiggled her slender waist gently… While licking the plump labia, Lin’s abdomen wriggled into the pussy to cater to her. Holding the tip of my tongue, holding my head in both hands, I don’t know if I want to resist me or want me to lean closer to her.

I continued to lick, the honey in her cunts became more and more, and my cock regained her erection at this time. I lifted her legs and raised her waist, and the cock poked her into her cunts homeopathically. Ah, she seemed to vent all the joy in her heart, and she automatically nudged her tits with both hands, and gently rubbed my testicles with her hands, and rubbed her pussy with one hand. I felt that Lin should She has very rich sexual experience, but her cunt is very tight, which makes me wonder. Anyway, at this time, I care about her so much, it’s fine to have a cunt.

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