Inventory of 15 countries and regions where physical dolls are prohibited

6 min readJul 10, 2021

Owning physical dolls seems to be a common thing in modern times, especially as we live in a modern world where the social atmosphere is gradually opening up, and more and more people are committed to challenging religious beliefs.

However, in some regions and countries, physical dolls can still get people into serious trouble. They may be seized and destroyed, or they may violate the law. Perhaps out of religion or belief, they believe that humans are sacred and should live with humans, and these man-made characters are low-level and tasteless, which is a huge taboo.

The following is a list of 15 areas where physical dolls are prohibited:

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the second largest tourist destination in the Middle East. Every year, more than 20 million tourists come to visit the beautiful sand dunes and ancient tombs. However, in addition to banning alcohol and eating pork, this country also bans physical dolls. According to Islamic law, physical dolls and other related objects are forbidden because they are the products of sinful desires.

But there are also so-called “halal shops” in Mecca, but they do not sell physical dolls, but sell scented candles, essential oils and creams, aiming to improve the atmosphere and increase attractiveness.

Iraq and Iran

Both Iraq and Iran are Muslim countries and have absolutely zero tolerance for alcoholism, drug abuse and physical dolls. Since these two countries are strict and tend to keep their laws and management secrets as outside secrets, the punishment is relatively light, but confiscation is inevitable.

In an incident in 2017, the Iraqi army discovered a basement filled with alcohol, soft drugs and physical dolls, and determined that both Iraqi and Iranian citizens were involved in the transaction. The specific details of the punishment were not disclosed to the public, but it is safe to say that these people will not be released easily.


It is rumored that physical dolls will be legalized in Kuwait, however, this has not yet been achieved by 2021. According to reports, the customs found the relevant express, but it was immediately destroyed. The person who ordered the goods was subsequently taken away for questioning and was fined economically for violation of the law.


The Middle East countries are not the only regions in the world with so-called “abstinence” laws. Africa also has clear laws prohibiting the import of physical dolls.

Mauritius is an island country and is famous for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs and animals such as monkeys and turtles that roam the streets freely. It is currently one of the most popular tourist countries. However, the local area is very strict about what is brought into the country, and physical dolls are one of the prohibited items. In Mauritius, if it is found to buy physical dolls, it may face up to one year’s imprisonment and the risk of 100,000 Mauritian rupees (about 16,000 yuan).


Unexpected to see this country on the list, right? In my impression, Mexico is a country full of enthusiasm, but there are some things you can’t do in Mexico, one of which is to buy physical dolls.

On the other hand, Mexico has stores of the same category. However, you can only buy underwear and some fetish items, such as various leather goods and eye masks.


Tropical islands are definitely everyone’s dream destination, but in the Maldives, physical dolls are also forbidden. In fact, you will be confiscated during the courier inspection, and the authorities may even sentence you to jail. Once, a man was sentenced to 6 months in jail for owning a doll.


To say the least, the relevant laws in Panama are a bit strange. It is still unclear whether the physical dolls really violate the law, nor what punishments they will be punished for breaking the law. However, there seems to be no physical dolls in this country, and no company in the industry claims that their products have been sold to Panama.


Thailand and Mexico are the two countries that surprised me the most. Because entity dolls are not allowed in this country called “the city that never sleeps” and “men’s paradise”, but they have the most “third people” in the world.

Thailand is rich in culture, adventure, and food. You might think that their society is free and open, because gender changes are very common there. But this is not the case. The physical doll is illegal here. It is listed as a prohibited item in Thailand. Although the punishment is not very severe, a certain fine will still be imposed.


In 2011, the General Administration of Customs of Vietnam announced that domestic dolls related products will not be allowed to enter the country.

Although the country’s laws have been “softened” and there are related shops, in the short term, the country is still excluded, even if the punishment is not as severe as some of the countries mentioned above.


Malaysia is a very popular tourist destination because shopping is surprisingly cheap.

Although it looks like a laid-back place, it is illegal to own and sell physical dolls under Malaysian Criminal Law. Unlike Vietnam and Thailand, in Malaysia, if you are caught carrying any physical doll-related items, you will be fined and imprisoned for up to 3 years.

Alabama, U.S.

Physical dolls seem to be a problem, even in some parts of the United States. According to state regulations promulgated in 1998, the sale of physical dolls has been criminalized. The act defines physical dolls as any doll products designed or sold to stimulate humans.

Norway (physical doll under 125cm)

If you live in Norway, you are allowed to buy physical dolls, but if you don’t want to end up paying a huge fine or even three years in jail, there is a law that you need to pay attention to.

As early as 2017, the Norwegian Supreme Court signed a law prohibiting citizens from buying physical dolls under 125 cm because of concerns about the risk of child abuse with small physical dolls.


India is a country full of exotic colors, and it is also the birthplace of the Kamasutra, but in terms of physical dolls and other products, India has no lack of strange legal provisions.

Indian criminal law stipulates that any book, picture, person or object that triggers inappropriate thoughts and behaviors should be regarded as obscene, and it will be banned. This means that physical dolls can be legal or illegal, depending on how they look and how they are sold.


Brazil is another surprising country. The country of origin of enthusiastic samba will reject physical dolls. But it must be stated that there are no clear laws and regulations in this country to clearly state the legality of physical dolls.

Physical dolls are not available in Brazil. A related website clearly states that they are illegal, but there is no further information. On the other hand, there is another article saying that Brazil and Norway have similar laws, and only physical dolls that meet the limited size can be purchased. However, the current physical dolls are generally full-size sex dolls that can be customized

The current physical dolls are high-quality sex dolls. She has various types of dolls, including big boobs sex dolls, big ass sex dolls, skinny sex dolls, and fat sex dolls, etc., but some places will still ban it. There is no alternative. After all, state-owned legalists have family rules, and we have to follow the law.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.