Is it normal for women to masturbate?

9 min readApr 29, 2021

There are still many questions and even misunderstandings about female masturbation

90% of adult women will masturbate and meet their sexual needs through masturbation, but this kind of masturbation causes serious harm to their psychology and physiology, especially the psychology makes them feel a certain sense of guilt and guilt In fact, there are certain misunderstandings about female masturbation.

What are the misunderstandings of female masturbation?

1. Female masturbation is a sexual abnormality

In the past, female masturbation was a kind of humble, and would be ridiculed, but with the development of society, there is a correct understanding of female masturbation, women’s moderate masturbation will not harm their health, it is a normal way of sexual behavior , And can alleviate the state of sexual tension, which is the best supplement and replacement for sexual life.

2. Masturbation before marriage will cause sexual frigidity after marriage

Some women think that masturbation before marriage may cause sexual frigidity after marriage. This is actually without any scientific basis. When women masturbate, they have already known and familiarized themselves with their body, so that they can better understand where the body is the most. Sensitivity, how to stimulate and achieve orgasm during sex is conducive to the development of sexual psychology and physiology.

3. Masturbation will break the hymen

When a woman’s hymen is damaged or torn, pain or bleeding will generally occur. Although intense masturbation may cause the hymen to be stretched, the phenomenon of hymen rupture caused by masturbation is very rare. There are many ways of female masturbation. , It’s not necessary to imitate the way men have sex.

4. Masturbation will speed up the development of the body, leading to enlargement of the buttocks and breasts

When puberty is a period of female sexual development, breasts will slowly grow, and the subcutaneous fat will increase, and the pubic carapace will be raised, the buttocks will become larger, and the pubic hair will grow and the labia will become thicker. This is normal. Feminine characteristics. When women have these characteristics, they are caused by sex hormones in the body, and have nothing to do with masturbation.

5. Masturbation after marriage will be cold to the husband

Female masturbation itself is a way of sexual behavior that is different from sexual intercourse. After having a husband, there is no need to masturbate to solve physical needs to achieve orgasm. In fact, moderate sexual masturbation after marriage has a positive impact on couples’ lives.

6. Low-level women will masturbate

Some people think that women with lower cultural level and lack of a positive attitude towards life like masturbation. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Studies have shown that the higher the level of knowledge of women, the higher the rate of masturbation, mainly because their sexual thoughts are open and the sexual information they obtain is more open.

The above are people’s misunderstandings about female masturbation. In fact, female masturbation is a normal physiological response. There is no need to blame or guilt, but you should also pay attention to the frequency. Do not masturbate frequently. Over time, it may cause infections and even gynecological diseases.

Netizen asked: I am 20 years old, a girl, and I masturbate once every two days. Is it too frequent? Do you think it is necessary to control yourself! Every time I lie down on the bed unconsciously stretch my hands to my lower body, and then…

The doctor replied: Everyone’s sexual needs are different, so it’s nothing to masturbate frequently. Instead, don’t have a psychological burden. Some depression may have worse consequences. Embrace your desires and accept them with confidence. As long as this does not affect the state of the next day, it is considered normal. Pay attention to hand hygiene and mental health. Don’t blame yourself. Woman masturbating consumes physical strength and does not consume vitality.

There are still many questions and even misunderstandings about female masturbation. In fact, due to physical limitations, only 20% of women can reach orgasm in natural intercourse, but 94% of women can reach orgasm in masturbation. Therefore, masturbation can be the most effective means for women to obtain sexual release and relieve their sexual needs.

In the past, masturbation, especially female masturbation, has always been regarded as sexual abnormality, and many doctors even cited the terrible consequences of masturbation. However, with the development of society and the advancement of medical science, people finally have a correct understanding of female masturbation: female masturbation does not harm physical health. It is not only a healthy and normal way of sexual behavior, but also can relieve sexual tension. It is the best substitute and supplement for normal sex life. Female masturbation is also a very common physiological phenomenon.

Many people think that female masturbation will reduce sensitivity and can’t feel orgasm better. In fact, the stimulation area for sexual pleasure is in the female clitoris, and both pressing and rubbing can be stimulated. Sexual pleasure in men’s and women’s sexual lives also comes from the friction of the clitoris and the pulling of the clitoral tissues. Women can better obtain sexual pleasure through masturbation, which is equivalent to exploring their own body and can better understand sensitive areas. In the long run, female masturbation can bring sexual pleasure, relieve sexual anxiety, prolong normal sexual life, and have no effect on the quality of sexual life.

According to a survey of 265 women aged 18 to 35 by Masters and Johnson in recent years, 48% of women touch and press the clitoris and vulva when masturbating, 26% use an oscillator, and 10% use an oscillator. This kind of object is inserted into the vagina, 6% of people use pillows, clothing or even the head of the bed and the back of the sofa to rub, 5% of people use the method of clamping their legs, 4% of people use shower water for stimulation, and 2% of them People use other, less common methods. But no matter what method is used to masturbate, it is often accompanied by sexual fantasies.

What should women pay attention to when masturbating?

1. The atmosphere of masturbation is very important. For example, choosing a private place that is quiet and not easily disturbed or bumped into can not only increase the feeling of pleasure; on the other hand, it can also prevent women who are nervous and conservative, who are still worried about masturbation from leaving a psychological shadow. In addition, just like having sex, women watching some romantic novels or adult movies while masturbating can also help to achieve orgasm and arouse sexual excitement.

2. Because the physiological structure of women is more special than that of men, it is necessary to adopt hygienic and safe methods when masturbating. Only by keeping it clean can the risk of infection be minimized. Therefore, no matter what method is used to masturbate, clean hands and genitals are very important. For women who are used to masturbating through their underwear, the hygiene of their underwear is also very important. It is best to put on clean underwear after taking a shower.

3. In addition to washing your hands, don’t forget to remove the ring and other accessories in advance. In addition, do not leave your nails too long. It is best to cut and smooth your nails to avoid scratching the vagina. Because the vagina is a very delicate body tissue, the mucous membrane is not only easy to be injured, but also easy to cause bacterial infections.

4. Some people have special habits and like to insert some kind of instrument into the vagina to masturbate. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the appliance is clean, and it is best to pack a condom, which can not only serve as a hygienic barrier, but also has a lubricating effect. In addition, avoid selecting foreign objects that have sharp edges, fragile, or easily left in the vagina.

How do women masturbate? The best way to masturbate

1. Electric toothbrush

The vibration strength is good, it can replace the ricochet, one of the perfect tools. Similarly, there is a reason for vibrating objects, such as face washers, hand-held massage equipment, and others freely play.


If you are a virgin, you can put cucumbers in the middle of the petals and rub them up and down. The bulging dots, each one can scrape through the gap, the clitoris, and it is estimated that you can reach orgasm in a few clicks.

If you are a woman who already has sex, you can play with the above method first. Then enter the inside, don’t worry, choose the right size, and then slowly rotate in. If you are too anxious, it will hurt.

After entering, play freely. It can be rotated, and the speed and depth are matched. The most important thing is to withstand the meat on the vagina to come in and out. You can rub it to the G point. If you fumble for a few times, it may get wet.

3. Shower

It is estimated that many girls have tried this and can squat or stand. Facing the vulva, the warm and gentle feeling is very good and relaxing, and it can directly stimulate the clitoris and feel strong.

Also free to play, some showers can adjust the intensity of the water volume, this thing may not be for everyone, too much water flow will hurt, suitable for senior players.

4. Handrails (corners, edges) of various stools, tables, and beds

Riding up and riding a horse, sitting against the gap, rubbing back and forth, is also very comfortable, but pay attention to protection, after all, the vulva is very delicate and can not be directly touched, it will be better to wear underwear.

N ways to make you happy

For women, these sex toys can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the desire-satisfying type, and the other is the desire-enhancing type.

Desire-satisfying supplies include: simulation appliances, massage sticks, simulation male bodies, etc.

Desire-enhancing supplies include: erotic underwear, beautiful leg stockings, perfume for sexual desire, and potions to stimulate sensitive parts.

Among the products that satisfy desires, the more common ones are:

Among the adult products that satisfy desires, the more common ones are:

1. Simulation equipment

Most of them are made of medical soft glue, which is soft and smooth to the touch, and has a wide variety of colors. It can be manually operated or equipped with a battery with vibration function. The slightly more expensive ones will also automatically rotate or have a telescopic function, and the vibration intensity and amplitude can be adjusted as you like; some walls are inlaid with elastic meat beads to achieve the best stimulation effect; some are even equipped with a small massage The device can stimulate women’s sensitive areas while using it.

The more special simulation appliance also takes into account the convenience of the place of use. There is a kind of suction cup at the bottom that can be used in bathtubs and other places where women feel more warm and relaxed; while the “riding fun” with elastic airbags at the bottom can be used in sitting postures to bring greater sense of autonomy.

2. Remote control butterfly

Its magic is not only the butterfly-shaped contact with women’s sensitive areas, but also the remote control switch can be used within an effective 30-degree angle and 8 meters distance, and it adopts a strap-on design, which can be firmly worn on the body, so whether it is in You can enjoy the pleasure everywhere.

3. Massage stick

The massage stick has the characteristics of being convenient to carry, and is used for massage of female cheeks, earlobes, breasts, lower body, and even the soles of the feet.

4. Adult inflatable doll

Like the “inflatable dolls” in men’s products, there are also “adult inflatable dolls” in women’s products. At present, this kind of products can already be based on some world-famous male porn stars full-body molds, not only looks “extraordinarily handsome”, but also has a large and strong body, realistic colors and shapes, and overflowing fragrance, which is convenient for women to embrace tightly. In addition to inflatable dolls, there is a more advanced doll that is realistic sex doll. Women can choose male sex doll, which is very exciting. If you feel too heavy, you can choose torso sex doll, which is much more convenient.

More and more women realize that what they need is not only more sex life, but also a better quality sex life, and it is these sex products, sex toys, sexy underwear, etc. that can help them.




Here I will tell you about the knowledge of sex dolls and some sex dolls, I hope you will like it.