Is it okay for women to have sex many times a night?

4 min readApr 6, 2021

During the period of consultation, I came into contact with many people who consulted about how women reach multiple high tides. Before I had contact with both sexes, there would be a saying on the Internet: “There are only exhausted cows, no worse fields.” , The meaning of this sentence is that in sex life, we will not discuss the specific meaning of this sentence.

Many people think that women can reach high tides many times in a day, while men depend on their age. Generally, they can be 2–3 times in a row at a younger age. After 30 years of age, it is once a day. This sentence is right or wrong. It is right for men, but it is wrong for women.

But not every woman likes to have multiple orgasms. Most women in life do not want to have a second time after one.

Many men ask me, can I let my wife come a second time? In fact, this question should not be asked to me. If you want to ask, you should ask your lover. See if she wants or not, think about it. You have sex with her, not with the machine

Is it okay for women to have sex many times a night?

A couple who had been apart for a long time seemed to be newly married, and the number of sex lives that night increased significantly. The next day, the woman had backache, weak legs, vertigo, lack of energy, and poor appetite, but the man was all normal. Many people see this phenomenon and think that this phenomenon should be the majority of men, because after all, the man consumes more physical strength, but this kind of statement is very one-sided. Modern medicine emphasizes that sexual intercourse should not be excessive, so as to avoid exhaustion of energy and energy. Excessive sexual intercourse is more obstructive to men, but it also has a certain impact on women. Because sex is a systemic comprehensive response of the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, sympathetic, and parasympathetic nervous system of both men and women. The following sex experts will talk in detail about the impact of women’s multiple sex lives on the body in one night:

Sexual life multiple times a night can easily cause dysmenorrhea:

Generally, within 20 to 30 minutes after an orgasm, women’s body reactions such as pelvic congestion will gradually subside, and the body will return to its usual state. Afterwards, if you have an orgasm again, it will not have any adverse effects on the body. However, if the female sexual desire is fully aroused every time during sex, and it enters a plateau and cannot achieve orgasm, the pelvic congestion will exist for a long time, about 4 to 6 hours to subside, and over time, it may cause long-term pelvic congestion or even congestion. A feeling of swelling, pain, or dysmenorrhea in the lower abdomen.

Easily cause the decline of sexual function:

Due to the continuous and repeated occurrence of sexual impulses, both men and women will increase the burden of sexual control of the nerve center and sexual organs. Often this may lead to fatigue and fatigue of the body and sexual organs. Things must be reversed. This will not only fail to obtain sufficient sexual satisfaction, but will also cause the decline of sexual function, resulting in the “decay before old age” of sexual function.

Prone to cause a series of diseases:

When women have sex, they also have systemic manifestations such as body muscle spasm, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, body weakness, profuse sweating, and extreme fatigue. For women, frequent sexual life can lead to autonomic dysfunction, and a series of autonomic dysfunction manifestations, such as listlessness, dizziness, dizziness, pale complexion, dark eye sockets, upset, dry mouth, waist Knee soreness, increased leucorrhea, and irregular menstruation may occur in individual cases. This shows that women also need to beware of the harm of multiple sex lives overnight.

Compared with men, the number of females is more frequent. With the increase of age, females reach the peak in their 30s. According to your own body, choose the right frequency of sexual life, so that it is good for your lover and yourself.

In fact, women care about quality rather than quantity. Therefore, the number of times of sex between husband and wife should not be excessive or insufficient. For this part of the husband and wife, there must be some consultation. The best for you is the best.

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